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Setting the Stage

Posted on Sun Sep 4th, 2022 @ 7:30pm by Captain Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Steve O'Carroll & Lieutenant Commander Sheena Toran & Lieutenant Commander Ryan Blake & Lieutenant Commander Robert Hendon & Lieutenant Gavin Ross & Lieutenant Jonathan (Jon) Riley & Lieutenant JG Marina Tanger & Lieutenant Commander Havri Belbre & Lieutenant Isabelle Raal & Lieutenant JG Rick Gibbs & Lieutenant JG T'Plana-hath

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Omicron Delta
Timeline: 239508.30

Captains Log Stardate 235908.30

The Leto has landed safely on Omicron Delta. The planetary AI has carried us through the atmosphere with a tractor beam and had settled us in the northern hemisphere where a known starport is said to be. We are waiting for some sort of signal. I have ordered engineering to power the ship down. That way our energy reserves would not need to be drained. The Planetary AI seemed to want us to land. I believe it is still setting the stage for whatever purpose it has in mind for us. I informed the crew about this planet's strange properties warning them that whatever they thought or daydreamed about could become a reality. I did this to minimize mishaps.


Alice was in bed taking a nap when she was nudged awake by the white rabbit.

"Come along Alice we have work to do". The Rabbit said.

The rabbit formed a portal in the wall and he and Alice stepped through it and onto the bridge.

"Please we mean you no harm put down your weapons, I have a request from Odie.". The rabbit said.

"Who is Odie"? Captain Sterling asked.

"Odie is your host, the caretaker of Omicron Delta and he requests that you and your crew disembark and follow me to rendezvous with him. He needs your help and the help of your fine crew, Captain Sterling." The rabbit said checking his pocket watch.

Rick turned a round and smiled to Alice. Then addressed the Rabbit. "I don't believe any of us raised any weapons," shaking his head. "Alice. You could have just called for me to come to get you."

"Perhaps Sir, But Mr. Rabbit came and woke me up and brought me to you instead," Alice said.

Jon was groggy from the crazy schedule change, looked around "I know I've never used any psychedelic drugs, what's with the talking rabbit?"

The RAbbit cocked his head, "I am here to facilitate your meeting and get you to where you need to be. Hopefully, on time," Mr. Rabbit said checking his watch again.

Isabelle offered a smile as she looked toward Riley. “Think of it as living characters from Alice in Wonderland.” She looked toward Alice offering a warm smile.

“Can’t say I ever read Alice in Wonderland” Marina grinned. “Guess if I haven’t read it I can’t conjure up any characters from it. Not that I was planning on going off the ship anyway.”

"Please Captain Sterling, I have a strict schedule to keep, what is your decision," Mr. Rabbit asked.

Maia looked around weighing her options, she really didn't have any.

"Fine take us to your leader, Mr. Rabbit," Maia said.

Mr. Rabbit twitched his tail and whiskers and then opened a portal.

Please all of you follow Me and Alice," the rabbit said stepping through the portal.

Alice quickly followed him.

Both Isabelle and Marina waited for Maia to lead through.

T'Plana was sitting in the 'Dark Room' using the ship's sensors to scan the surrounding area. The sensors began picking up unusual Multiphasic energy currently centered on the bridge. =^= Bridge I am picking up a strong source of Multiphasic energy centered on the bridge. is everything okay there? =^= she inquired.

Jon stepped back =^="You might find this had to process but there's a talking rabbit on the bridge."=^=

=^= Do you wish me to call security? =^= inquired T'Plana-hath. She was troubled by what she had just heard, especially given the history of the planet.

"And..down the rabbit hole here we come." Rick shifted a little bit from his spot to head and go over by Alice.

Belbre gets up quickly as they come on board the Bridge. She gets up quickly and starts to shout. "Security to ................" Captain Sterling raises her hand a stops her mid-sentence. She stands by till further orders are given.

Bebre hits her communications badge, =/\= Lt T'Plana standby till you hear from me. Everything is good. Join us on the Bridge. You will have to chuckle about this one.=/\=

=^= Understood. I am on my way. =^= T'Plana reached under her workstation and grabbed the type-1 phaser and a combat dagger, tucking it into her left boot. She then made her way to the bridge; she was going to be sure she was not unarmed should something occur that required combat.

“Captain. This is highly unusual.” Ross stated bluntly. He didn’t appreciate the display that all the other officers seemed to see as entertaining and innocent.

“What happens if we meet the Mad Hatter at his tea party for a celebration of….” Ross paused, keying in more scanner codes and analyzing what was in front of him. He stood up from his workstation and innocently walked within berth of Alice and Mr. Rabbit. Hands at his side, eyes scrutinizing.

“I’m detecting metaphysical interferon proteins based on an AI matrix lattice schism. The inhabitants are indeed real.” Tagging his science tricorder data to his central workstation on the bridge, the Science Officer readied at the portal on the bridge. “I must meet this leader as well, Captain.”

"Let's just run with it and see what happens, long as it's not weird." Jon commented

Looking at the scene as it unfolded, keeping a tight bridle on her thoughts, " are not leaving my sight! I am going as well...." Sheena said falling into line.

Ever since they had landed Robert had been walking on eggshells. A planet where any thought became real. Fine if you were single but if you had a pair of 7 year old twins. Not so. He had gone to the bridge to check the ships sensors. To see his children and not thought up anything to kill each other with while he was on duty.

“Captain I would feel easier if you took me along as well. Medical assistance might be needed.” Robert said

Belbre replied, "Also Captain, security is supposed to accompany you when you leave the ship. If not me then take one of my security personnel with you to provide protection for you."

T'Plana-hath arrived on the bridge and viewed the portal, as well as the 'Rabbitt' and Alice. "Captain, how would you like to proceed and what would you like me to do?" asked T'Plana-hath.

Belbre replied, "Standby LT T'Plana-Hath. Do not do nothing and enjoy what is going on."

"Excuse me, Commander Belbre." Rick turned around, "I've been here the whole time. Your assistant Chief. I've also spent time with Alice. Captain Sterling has protection."

"I think they meant us all to go, follow me," Captain Sterling said.

Maia stepped through the portal.

Belbre walks forward and stops then smiles, "here we go for some fun."

Jon tried to not smile, "I think I'm going to enjoy this assignment."

Marina sighed before following on, with Isabelle not far behind her.

T'Plana-hath was intrigued and decided to follow through the portal, however she did not share Lieutenant Commander Belbre nor Lieutenant Riley thoughts this was going to be "fun". She checked to ensure she had the type-1 phaser and combat dagger as she stepped through the portal.

Checking he had a medic pack. Robert followed them through the portal.

Ryan had been busy in a department meeting with the strategic operations staff going over the analysis of recent developments. He had been hoping for a rather relaxing chance for shore leave with Sheena, but events were looking as if to put a delay on that. He was finishing up the meeting when the computer alerted him of the imminent departure of Maia, Sheena and Havri. He tapped his commbadge. "Captain Sterling, Lieutenant Commander Blake here. You are leaving the ship?"

Checking his Sciences pack haphazardly grabbing whatever he could from his central bridge work station, Ross squinted. The portal that everyone was going through was... Well "Here's to Alice!" He walked forthwith the team through the portal.

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