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Lieutenant Commander Sheena Toran

Name Sheena Analise Toran

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 55

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Black Long
Eye Color Hazel Brown
Physical Description When on duty she has her hair braided and kept neat. Tattoo of her pet bird on her shoulder covering a scar from a plasma burn. Several other scars on her back from security work and battles.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Lt. Cmdr. Vaughn Toran
Mother Lt. Verinnia Ria Analise
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various relatives in Starfleet Security and SFI.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sheena is very fast in making friends. She has an uncanny ability to get even the most quiet and shy people to talk with her. Being a good listener, she helps her friends with problems they normally keep to themselves. An excellent security officer and a promising career in that field.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sheena is a devout security officer. She does not play or goof off when it comes to her job. However, she will work on the case until she finishes it regardless of how long or until she drops.
Sheena goes out of her way to make sure her friends are ok and happy, but she will put her life on the line to protect them just as much as she would to save her ship.
Conscious of people's feelings but not to her own.
Ambitions Sheena wants to be the best Chief of Security she can be and eventually the CsO of her own department.
Hobbies & Interests Sheena wants to be the best Chief of Security she can be and eventually the CsO of her own department.

Personal History Sheena was born on Altair lV in the middle of the planet's civil war. Her parents held positions in the military's Department of Security and Intelligence. Both her parents did not believe they should raise their daughter in the middle of a war. It was dangerous and unyielding during the first days of the war and finally her parents had the opportunity to leave Altair IV and return to SB 375.

Once back on the station her parents could breathe without having to look over their shoulders. Life returned to normal and by then Sheena started her education. With both her parents in SF Security and Intelligence, her schooling was already teaching her beginning security procedures and intelligence. She had a genuine love and aptitude for security procedures. With the permission of the base commander, her parents were allowed to take her with them when they went to work. Between schooling and working hands on, she learned all the necessary security procedures and Intelligence basics quicker than her classmates.

The growing concern of incursions from the Klingons, Romulans, and Cardassians, had security very tight on the base and limited Sheena's movements so once she reached the proper age, they sent her to the Academy.

In the Academy she took her majors in Starfleet security protocols. She also took courses in hand to hand combat, hostage negotiation. She learned the many aspects of the security field and took additional classes in the basics of intelligence work. She learned from her Betazed professor how to control and use her abilities and soon found out that hers were slightly stronger than the average individual. In no way a super Betazoid, but for her it was real enough for her to see, hear, taste and smell. It was soon discovered she had a talent for virtual dreaming. So, with the added help of Dr. Morlin, her psychology professor, she learned how to control and use it to her advantage. It was suggested that she take the officer's school training. Sheene had the makings of quite possibly becoming a command officer as she exhibited those qualities of a leader. So she also entered into officer command school while in her final two years of the Academy. Sheena finished the Academy without incident and with honors in Security. Graduating in the top 5% of her class she had a large choice of assignments to choose from. She chose one ship, USS Kipling which would be one of two ships she would serve on.

Two months after she graduated, the Federation entered the War with the Dominion. Now she would learn first hand what it was to be in the middle of a war. Having to constantly keep her mind closed off from feeling others pain and sorrow when the casualty lists went up daily, was difficult at best. Yet she did cope and did her job excellently. The bottom of her world dropped from under her when Betazed was attacked by the Dominion in 2374. That threw her world upside down fast. With relatives on Betazed, she asked for a transfer to a front line ship to fight for the liberation of Betazed. It was denied and she had no choice but to remain where she was. Fighting the war was bad enough but to do it with your relatives on home soil was worse. She felt for the Bajorans as well because she met and made friends with a number of them. She learned a lot of history from them, especially things from the occupation. What the Cardassians did was no joke and for her to listen was even more horrifying.

While on the Kipling, the captain was seriously injured and the XO assumed command, and much to Sheena's surprise, she found herself acting XO! Suddenly being thrust into a command situation gave her the chance of a lifetime. It was a chance to prove she could command and do it well. She served the rest of the war as the XO and did it as she was trained to do.

Thankfully the war ended and her relatives were alive and her life returned to some normalcy but the scars would last a lifetime. She transferred to the USS Sojourn and was made CsO with the rank of Lieutenant. Sheena loved working in Security of the Sojourn, a Galaxy class ship right off the line. New and not broken in yet, the Sojourn had its bugs and problems as with all new ships. After nearly a year of shake downs the Sojourn was ready for her first mission.

On the Sojourn, Sheena made many friends especially in Security. Working alongside her crew, she learned many different approaches to new techniques and a host of old tricks when needed. It was exciting to watch the work and be a part of that crew's journeys. Well into her tenure on the Sojourn, she faced many ups and downs and some that were horrifying.

Being Betazoid, she found that keeping her mind closed kept her from falling into many traps empathically. However, there were two occasions where she was asked to use her abilities and in both cases she got hurt badly. Being asked to help locate several lost children on one away mission she found them but in the process nearly drove her crazy with grief and pain. The children were held by Orion slave traders who were going to sell them to a brothel on New Cestus. The second time was equally horrible only this time it was an entire crew of a freighter who were being held hostage by a group of terrorists who were demanding arms and medicine. The levels of terror actually drove her mad and needed a neural blocker to bring her out of the feud. Sheen bounced back fast but it did leave scars and with her virtual reality gift it does make for troubling nightmares. Still all in all she survived and for her incredible bravery she was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and a promotion to full Lieutenant.

As fate would have it, Sheen was asked by her captain if she would become his XO and a promotion to Lt. Cmdr. She gracefully agreed but asked him why, and his reply was, "Your record from your Academy days and your tenure on the Kipling has given me all I need to know for you to hold this position." Sheena was shocked as he pinned the third holo pip on her collar. Thanking him, she saluted him and took her new appointed place on the bridge. As she was taught, so did she carry out the duties of a competent executive officer, including the one order that would be sending people into danger knowing they may not come back. True, as she was taught that the decision would be a hard and troubling one, she nonetheless carried it out with a degree of compassion that most officers don't possess. She learned a great deal from her time with her captain and also learned what it was to be an ambassador when needed.

Sheena served her time on the Sojourn until she was decommissioned following a battle with the Orion Syndicate in which Sheena lost many of her close friends. It was then she decided to put in for her next post...USS Leto. She asked for the transfer and is waiting for her orders to come through.
Service Record Served USS Kipling three years. Promoted to Lieutenant . Chief Security Officer

Served USS Sojourn 10 years. Promoted to full Lieutenant. Awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for Bravery for saving the lives of children held and freighter hostages.
Promoted again to Lt. Commander with the position of Executive Officer