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Lieutenant Gavin Ross

Name Gavin Trent Ross

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 181 Lbs.
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ross is 29 years old. An independent review of Medical records states Gavin is physically and mentally in total health. He has a more significant than average percentage of muscle deposits on his 6’1” frame.

Gavin usually has trimmed dark hair; when left, it can grow shaggy long. He shaves almost every day. He is often left with a 5 O’clock shadow at the end of a long day’s shift.


Spouse Dating Reagan Quinn
Children NA
Father Conrad Ross
Mother Claudia Ross
Brother(s) Benjamin Ross is Gavin's younger brother by two years. At 26 years, Benjamin explores the Galaxy. Ben is an opportunist with crime syndicates. An interloper on freighter shipping lanes throughout the Federation and Romulan space.

Due to Benjamin's scant communication, Gavin has little to no contact with his biological brother. Benjamin has not spoken to each other in years or the Ross Family.

Sister(s) NA
Other Family Nanook - "Nan" - Six year old. Family Husky, turned sole pet of Gavin's. Nanook is a sassy, independent, treat-seeking character.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gavin was born on March 04th in the year 2365. His parents are Conrad and Claudia Ross. He has a brother, Benjamin, two years younger than Gavin, aged 26. Gavin spent most of his childhood living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Earth., Sol. System., United Federation of Planets. He spent much time in the nature and wilderness around him. He has a passion for mountain biking and camping.

The Rosses are a tight-knit bunch who often get together whenever they can.

Having completed general Starfleet Academy training programs in the Science Officer streams, Gavin graduated in 2386 with full honors. Gavin received commendation awards for off-world study programs. Non-Federation member worlds of Alto’s II and Hangol Prime received humanitarian supplies and Science support to combat an outbreak of Veshol Fever.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Ross has extensive Federation Academy knowledge-based education and experience in languages, training, and technical abilities.

Having served numerous assignments, Gavin has developed communication and people skills, analytical problem solving, and defense skills.

Science Officer Ross has unique attributes, such as dependability, flexibility, friendly, hard-working, expressive, formal, punctual, and team player.

Gavin has been paramount, offering advice on various ventures of Science Emergencies, Plagues on Federation Off worlds.


Ross is patient to a point. He believes in teamwork, and that teamwork should flow smoothly; this should be steadfast and efficient. He will not tolerate delays.

Sometimes he can let his emotions show, such as anger, annoyance, or anxiety over a situation. He does his best to tolerate incompetence, often resulting in a rare outburst. He believes a Science Officer should be patient as science demands.
Ambitions Ross is tall. Many find he can be a reliable, good friend, and even buddy.

His personality is soft, quiet, unassuming, and outgoing when the time strikes, just like his Husky and pal.

Gavin cares. He pays attention to his Science projects and Doctors for laboratory work for expressed concerns or needs. He will not tolerate bickering or crewman who doesn’t act within a framework. His ambition is to search the Cosmo’s for any science relevant, unique, unknown, or even the mundane for Starfleet.

He loves a wild game of Hockey and has participated in and won a few Federation Cups in previous seasons.
Hobbies & Interests A trip to the holodeck with blazing sun-drenched beach, waves, and a lot of alcohol usually are needed for Gavin to de-stress at least once a month.

Gavin also enjoys sparring in dojos and spending tournaments on other vessels. Gavin is an avid Mountain Biker and Enjoys Federation Boot Camp competitions.

Personal History The Ross Family is a tight-knit bunch and often gets together whenever possible. They have a cottage back on Earth in the Canadian Rockies. Nanook is also a part of Gavin’s family as the canine is a cantankerous six-year-old Husky with a penchant for shenanigans and treats.

Every time Gavin has shore leave, he spends it at the family cabin in Alberta, Canada.
Service Record Having completed general Starfleet Academy training programs in the Science Officer stream, Gavin graduated in 2382 with full honors. Subsequently, Gavin received commendation awards for off-world study programs. Non-Federation member worlds of Alto’s II and Hangol Prime received humanitarian supplies, and Science supports to combat an outbreak of Veshol Fever.

Service Record
2382 – 2386 Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, UFP
2386 – 2388 – Science Officer, USS Palo Alto
2388 – 2389 – Science Officer, USS Winston
2392 – 2389 – Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Orlando
2392 – 2394 – Chief Science Officer, USS Dreadnought
2394 – Current - Chief Science Officer, USS Leto