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Lieutenant Commander Ryan Blake

Name Ryan James Blake

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 183cm/slightly over 6’
Weight 88kg/194lbs.
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ryan is a athletically built man who maintains his physique through a regular exercise regimen.


Father Captain David Blake, Starfleet Command - Chief of Staff, Office of Strategic Operations
Mother Ambassador Amanda Blake, Federation Council Delegagte
Sister(s) Doctor Samantha Blake, Geologist under the auspice of the Federation Science Council (attached to the USS Leto).

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ryan is a dedicated Starfleet officer who generally is reserved until he gets to know a person.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong analytical mind for strategic and tactical situations.

Ambitions Ryan aspires to the Captain's Chair, but his ultimate goal is to make Admiral and head up the Office of Strategic Operations Command
Hobbies & Interests History
Theatrical Performance
Track and Field Sports

Personal History Ryan James Blake was born in San Diego, California on the North American continent of Earth. His father was a Starfleet officer and his mother a member of the Federation Diplomatic Corps. His childhood and adolescence was spent living on various planets, starbase and even a few starships as his parents worked different assignments.

Ryan (RJ to his closest friends) developed an uncanny knack for picking up languages and could speak fluenty in Klingon, Vulcan, Bajoran, Cardassian and Talarian by the time he enrolled in middle school. He liked sports and became quite adept at various athletic competitions (most notably track and field, gymnastics and fencing). His academic performance was considered above average all around, but his true affinity was in social studies and linguistics.

Ryan's parents returned to Earth so he could have some stability for his last three years of high school. He joined a number of extracurricular activities including the debate team, theater and dramatic arts club, track and field team and the gymnastic squad. He even graduated on the honor roll (top 10% academic achievement list), though just barely.

Ryan knew he wanted to join Starfleet at a young age. Starfleet Academy wa one of the toughest educational institutions with which to gain entry though. The pre-academy entrance exam proved to be tougher than he thought.

Ryan failed his first attempt during his junior year in high school, thinking that his chances for admittance were over before it started. His parents encouraged him to work hard and try again during his senior year mid term break. He spent half a year redoubling his efforts and taking the entrance exam again. He sat throughout winter break wondering what the outcome was this time. He was just returning for his final semester of high school when the Starfleet Academy acceptance letter arrived.

Ryan arrived at Starfleet Academy for the summer indoctrination and orientation classes shortly after graduating from high school. The 6-week training cycle focused mostly on physical fitness, drill and ceremony and basic Starfleet discipline and protocol. It was quite similar to enlisted basic training for the most part.

Ryan's first two years at Starfleet Academy were spent learning the core officer development skills and general watchstanding protocols. He developed good relationships with his fellow cadets and the Academy faculty. He had the makings for a good security officer, but his true abilities for strategic assessment and tactical development were key areas that sent him down the track to become a strategic operations officer.

Ryan dreamed of commanding his own starship someday. He knew that only the best and the brightest actually made it to the Captain's Chair. He hoped to get a great assignment after graduating, to journey across the heavens and accomplish great things. He did journey to the stars after graduation, all the way to Starbase 51. He has spent the last four years working as a staff officer for the strategic operations department.

Ryan spent his first year as the signal intercept officer. His duties revolving around the detection and decryption of communications of foreign powers or outlaw bands.

His second year at the station saw him moved to the analysis division to determine what was true and what was false in the communiques of his old divisions intercepts. He performed in an exemplary manner, but it was a far cry from the adventurous hopes he had from his Academy days.

It was in his third year at the station, right after his promotion to Lieutenant (j.g.), that his Department Head learned of his excessive use in the astrometrics lab and use of the holodeck during duty hours. The Department Head and the First Officer arrived at the holodeck, prepared to formally reprimand Ryan, only to discover he was using the holodeck to perform three dimensional simulations of recent battles to study and counter hostile forces battle tactics.

Ryan's unique, outside the box, strategies garnered the attention of the Base Commander. He was immediately reassigned as the Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer, a post he has served in for the better part of the last two years.

Ryan excelled in his new billet. He would often be the officer conducting briefings for the Starbase 51 Command and Diplomatic Corps staff on potential threats in the Area of Operation (AO). He even got to realize his dream of shipboard assignment, though only as a Temporary Duty Assignments (TDY). He was able to obtain training enough to pass his bridge certification. He has not yet had the opportunity to stand watch as a bridge duty officer however. He hopes to have the opportunity on his next assignment underway.

Ryan has been happy serving aboard the USS Leto for the last several years. He is currently engaged to the woman he met a year after graduation and is pleased to have his sister aboard as a scientific consultant.
Service Record SD 238605.22 to SD 239005.15: Starfleet Academy: Cadet

SD 239006.07 to SD 239106.20: Starbase 51, Signal Intercept Division Officer

SD 239106.21 to SD 239204.07: Starbase 51, Strategic Analysis Division Officer

SD 239204.08 to SD 239307.20: Starbase 51, Threat Assessment Division Officer

SD 239307.21 to SD 239408.15: Starbase 51, Strategic Plans and Operations Division Officer/Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer

SD 239408.15 to Present: USS Leto, Chief Strategic Operations Officer/Second Officer