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Operationally Speaking

Posted on Tue Sep 6th, 2022 @ 2:58pm by Lieutenant Gavin Ross & Lieutenant Maria McMahon

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: USS Leto, Operations Department
Timeline: Current


MD: Current
TIME: 0800 Hours
SCENE: Operations Department

Entering the Operations Department, a few officers at stations and panels were working. The department did… Well, operations! Almost everything on the USS Leto went through the operations department.

“Lt. McMahon.” Gavin acknowledged the Chief of Operations in the room.

"Yes" replied Maria looking up from her terminal and smiling at the officer, she continued, "What can I do for you, Lieutenant?"

“I’ve come to request astrometric resources, time allotment. I will be working on some… Yeah, Spatial sub-gnomonic anomalies. Recent data download from Starfleet; they want updates on the Omicron System.” Gavin explained his reasons for the visit. If none less, he was there meeting the Operations personnel.

"I see" replied Maria looking back at the officer, she looked up quickly on her terminal to see if this was true, and she said, " I have not been informed of this," and did not like being kept out of the loop like this.

"My apologies. I forwarded data to involved parties in the sciences department. I was certain my operational requests were registered." Ross scratched at the side of his head perplexed. "I will be using all wide field sensors, upper and lower arrays." He stepped to the Operations Officer's desk.

"Next time check and double-check before sending the memo Please," replied Maria looking back at the Lieutenant, she asked," How long will you be needing the sensors for Lieutenant?"

"Operationally speaking I trust there are no conflicts." Gavin took a seat. "The Leto will be on the surface when Sciences is carrying out the scans of the sector."

"No there will be no conflicts Lieutenant," replied Maria as she wanted full co-operation from all the departments on the Leto, she finished, "Next time please let me know ahead of time that is all I ask for,"

"I am Lieutenant, by checking in with you. That is all. Thank you. You have been notified." Ross had nodded in reply.

Maria was not happy with the attitude that she was getting from Lieutenant Ross, after all, she had asked him nicely to inform her ahead of time so she could allow for the request, but; he had not gone through the required channels. she replied, "you are dismissed, Lieutenant,"

Ross scoffed off the attitude he was sensing. To appease McMahon he simply stated. "Acknowledged." So simple of communication it was, something rubbed him the wrong way.


LT Maria McMahon
Chief Operations Officer
USS Leto


LT Gavin Ross
Chief of Science
USS Leto 80916


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