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Whose this guy?

Posted on Tue Aug 30th, 2022 @ 7:28pm by Captain Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheena Toran & Lieutenant Commander Ryan Blake & Lieutenant Jonathan (Jon) Riley & Lieutenant Commander Havri Belbre

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Ready room (or appropriate location)
Timeline: (current)


The courier ship arrived almost on schedule, a crewman whose name slipped Jonathan's mind escorted him to his quarters where he launched the bag through the door, he figured he was better off if he checked in with the Captain soon as possible, he didn't want to make too much of a wrong impression. He hadn't been aboard a Norway class ship, as he found the correct turbo-lift he thought about it, this was only the third ship he'd been on, as he walked down the corridor to the lift he'd caught the attention of a couple of female crew, one giggled as he walked. He paused thinking his shirt was untucked or something. Then he clued in and kept moving.

The whine of the turbo-lift was short-lived as he entered the bridge next to the door clearly marked at the ready room, he looked around before turning to press the door chime.

"Enter," Maia said.

Jonathan walked forward as the door opened, "Lieutenant Riley reporting for duty."

"Come in Lieutenant and take a seat. Tell us a little about yourself." Maia asked.

Jason walked over taking a seat, "I've spent the last eighteen months working with intelligence tracking Romulan ship movements, Prior to that I worked a few different field postings mostly involving fleet movements and some counterintelligence activities."

Belbre saw someone unknown go to the CRR, she went over and rang the chime and waited. She wanted to be sure that Captain Sterling was safe.


Belbre entered, "Just making sure everything is ok with you Captain. I was not sure if we had a situation or not is why I checked with you."

"Havri, come in I want you to meet our new Chief Intelligence officer, Lieutenant Jonathan Riley. Jon this is Lieutenant Commander Havri Belbre our Chief of Security, "
Maia said.

Jon smiled "Hi"

Hello, welcome to the Leto, Jon. You can understand my checking on Captain Sterling as it is part of my job. And I did not recognize you and it made me want to check.

Jon smirked "That's fine, nice to meet you."

Ryan stepped off the turbo-lift onto the bridge and crossed the short distance to Maia's Ready Room and depressed the chime and waited for permission to enter.

Sheena was right behind Ryan and tapped his shoulder. "Fancy meeting you here," she said kissing him on the cheek.

Jon paused interesting dynamics already "I'm Jon Riley the new intelligence Chief."

Ryan looked at Sheena with affection as he jiggled a PADD in hand. "Just bringing the shore leave and duty roster summaries for the Captain's final approval."

"Hello, captain....ah who do we have here?" Sheena asked, all professional-like. Sheena was caught off guard as the doors opened showing the tail end of her kiss to Ryan.

Jon shifted "Jon Riley, Intelligence."

"Pleasure to meet you. I hope you find our little ship and family a great bunch of interesting people. I am Lt. Cmdr. Sheena Toran, Executive Officer," she said. Then turning to Ryan, " This is Lt. Cmdr. Ryan Blake, Second Executive Officer, and our Strategic Officer," she added. Sheena was still excited about their upcoming wedding and the fact that she was going to have a baby boy as well, and she was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Ryan held out his right hand to Jon. "Pleasure to meet you. I am also acting as interim Intelligence Department head until a suitable officer comes aboard or a current staff member steps up."

"I brought you in here to interview you Jon and to introduce you to the senior staff. You will be working with all of them in one capacity or another. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself." Sterling requested.

"I graduated from the academy three years ago, I spent six months as a communications and encryptions specialist at outpost twenty-two, we spent most of our time tracking Romulan refugees and militant groups. We came up with a tracking model based on their comm traffic and lack thereof, when my methods caught the attention of a couple of captains at intelligence HQ, I got brought back to earth where I helped use that system, too expand the tracking network. I worked under Admiral Wallace most of the time, even on some special projects," Jon said.

Ryan gave a knowing nod. "My first billet was as a Signal Intercept Officer. Mostly deciphering Orion and Klingon communiques' before handing things off to the analysis and threat assessment divisions."

"The Admiral pushed me too do more, I have a Bridge officer rating, I only ever did a handful of watches though and those were on board intelligence frigates on short hop missions not full tours." Jon added, too the conversation.

You will most definitely get your chance for bridge duty here, Doctor. Captain Sterling said.



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USS Leto NCC-80916


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