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Posted on Tue Aug 30th, 2022 @ 7:26pm by Captain Maia Sterling & Sergeant Saul Humphries & Lieutenant Steve O'Carroll & Lieutenant Commander Sheena Toran & Lieutenant Commander Robert Hendon & Lieutenant Maria McMahon & Lieutenant Gavin Ross & Lieutenant Marianna Grant & Lieutenant Commander Havri Belbre & Captain Karyn Somers & Lieutenant JG Rick Gibbs & Lieutenant JG T'Plana-hath

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: USS Leto NCC-80916
Timeline: 239508.04

Captains Log Stardate 239508.04

The starship Huron has left with the refugees from the starship Rutledge. The Starship Leto has resumed course for Omicron Delta. Lieutenants Gibbs and Raal are analyzing the strange girl Alice that came over from the Rutledge. She seems to be a similicron from Omicron Delta. She has the mind and experiences of the character Alice directly out of Alice in Wonderland. Engineering has advised that all damage from the attacking Orion pirates has been repaired. I have reviewed the logs of the original starship Enterprise's mission to Omicron Delta and have decided to make planetfall. Fortunately, the Leto is streamlined to land on the surface. I do this because if we are in orbit the planet's AI computer can drain all power from a starship in orbit. I believe our answers lie there.


"Captain approaching Omicron Delta".

"Helm takes us out of warp and calculate course for atmospheric entry," Sterling said.

Maia turned to Commander Belbre.

"Are there any other ships in the vicinity, Havri?" Maia asked.

Havri replied, "Sensors show none we can detect. But there is some interference with the sensors in the area where the pulsar star exists. Due to radiation interference. And the radiation levels would not allow most life forms to be there very long even with shields at full strength

But I am picking up numerous warp signatures. They are too old to determine who left them."

"It seems that a place where your dream could come true would have a lot of traffic. I would have thought there would be some ships in orbit." Maia was getting a very uneasy feeling.

"Perhaps they were all chased off," Maia added.

Ross stood at his science station I and II analyzing the recent warp signatures. At a moment’s notice, Gavin reconfigured and recalibrated sensors for specific command intelligence. Gavin directed the lower sensor clusters of the Leto to zero in on the recent activity.

“There is a subspace buoy being picked up on the stellar spectrometer. It may hold a record of vessel activity. Do you wish me to tap into the subspace buoy Captain?” Ross offered.

"Please do Lieutenant" Maia stated.

Maria sat at the Ops station making sure that all departments were ready for landing, she knew that it would be a rare occurrence for the ship, but it was a test she needed to pass, so she said "Captain, all departments ready for landing,"

There was a glance up and then Rick's voice rang out, "I could put out some holos and exciting and fanfare music going once we start down to make it look all epic." Giving a cheeky grin.

"Why not, this is going to be epic". Maia said

Rick raised an eyebrow, figuring that he would get a no. He was kind of kidding after all. "Alright."

Ross turned from his sciences display II and reported as the data he tapped into the buoy was starting to stream in. "Captain." His eyes scanned. "As Lt. Commander Belbre stated. There have been recent beam downs to the planet in small groupings, northern hemisphere. Little more than weeks ago, and vessel sizes and signatures are... Indeed." Gavin was surprised. "Numbering in the 20s of recent warp signatures. The freshest data shows that a lightly armored merchant ship was in orbit; after that, the buoy was wiped."

T'Plana-hath sat at her station in the Intelligence suite, the lighting low changed ever so slightly as the blue bands of light came on around the room. The computer voice activated =^=CONDITION BLUE. All hands prepare for planetfall landing. CONDITION BLUE=^= T'Plana=hath reach for the safety straps in her chair and fastened them, then returned to her duties. She saw that Tactical was performing a scan of the area for warp signatures and also was retrieving data from the subspace buoy. She watched as the stream of data came through to the various stations. Old warp signatures, old and difficult to determine what ship left them, but not which species. She began running the data through the proper filters to see what species of ships had been in the area. She also reviewed the data from the subspace buoy. She grew concerned, the identities of each of the past twenty or so ships visiting the region had been altered in the buoy's informatics system by a highly skilled individual. The fact that the last entries had been all wiped concerned her. She needed more information and sent a request for both tactical and science to begin doing low-grade scans for chronitons, tachyon, and residual antiprotons.

"Angle the deflector shield for a glide path approach. We are going to land in the northern hemisphere where the freighter was detected. I want to use as little power as possible." Maia stated.

Belbre sent a message to all Security Personnel, Condition Blue. Man all security stations and stand by for further orders. "Captain all security teams are standing by. and all security stations have reported in. I am scanning the area around the proposed landing area not. So far no threats showing. Mostly native animals to the planet at this time showing.

LT Ross do you see anything from your station at this time?

"Other than the Monk Vessel. Its emission radiation indicates the ship had been in off mode for over two weeks now. So whatever they are doing on the surface, they are about. Something to think about Captain." He then tapped a few other landing codes and science updates. "Landing site is optimal from a Science standpoint. Nothing of concern at this point, Ma'am." Gavin Ross replied confidently.

"Very good, Commander please put the ship on yellow alert." The captain said.

Belbre responded, "Aye Captain. All Hands Yellow Alert. Prepare for landing."

"Helm, take us in" The Captain ordered.

She had said sure after all. As soon as they started moving, Rick piped into all of the speakers. Putting on, though not to loud, something akin to "Flight of the Valkyries," or another type of music that would be played during an epic scene in a movie or television show. Other close examples that could be compared to, "Duel of the Fates," or the like. Just grinning ear to ear and still keeping tabs on the tactical console.


Marianne gripped the nearest bio bed after securing the patient she was helping. Looking over at the other members in sickbay. "Do we do this often?" Very nervous.

“ Actually this is my first time on the Leto when she has landed on a planet. But then again I have not been a crew member all that long. Compared to the others.” Hendon said

"Well let's just hope it doesn't happen very often and when we have a sick bay full of patients," she said still gripping the biobed.


“Captain,” Ross replied after a moment through the blue lighting. “There is a conical trail of emissions emitted from the freighter. According to sensor and buoy readings….” He furrowed his brow. “The freighter vessel has taken down in the northern hemisphere, around 200 km from our landing area.” He tapped in for more information on the vessel and its inhabitants.

“There is an open manifest. It is a vessel full of H’Ecleck Regional Monks. Why would Monk’s land on a planet, a pilgrimage of sorts?” Ross had openly questioned. “Their vessel’s weapon systems are in sleep mode, no life signs onboard.”

T'Plana-hath was belted into her seat when the condition Blue was announced, now the blue bands of light around the room were joined by a yellow band. =^=All Hands Yellow Alert. Prepare for landing. =^= came Lieutenant Commander Belbre's voice over the ship-wide intercom. T'Plana-hath sighed so much for my request for low-grade scans for chronitons, tachyon, and residual antiprotons. The captain is too obsessed with 'rest and relaxation for herself and the crew, and not concerned enough about the threat this sector is under. She is ignoring a very troubling issue with this planet, where are the other visiting ships? . The computer binged on a new set of information, sparking T'Plana-hath's interest. A freighter with H'Ecleck Regional Monks.

"Maybe this was the end of their journey? Something happened?" Rick gave a shrug, and also turned the music off. "They could be attacked, killed. Hiding something."

=/\=LT T'Plana-hath what are your sensors showing at this time? asked Belbre. Security scans are showing no threats visible in this sector. =/\=

T'Plana-hath regarded the data =^= There is a debris field in the region of the northern hemisphere. There are also several smaller ships in the vicinity, readings show they are AC-205 Mk I Valkyrie fighters, five in number. =^=

"Now why would Mk1 Valkyrie fighters be here? Could it be possible that they are rogue pirates looking for anything of value? I hate to be the one who mentions the Syndicate, but we have to look at the possibilities," Sheena stated.

T'Plana-hath was fine-tuning the data she was receiving the Mk1 Valkyrie fighters had their transponders and Friend/Foe identifiers turned off and apparently disabled. She was also picking up an unusual energy reading of chronitons, tachyon, and even some residual antiprotons. =^= Bridge, be advised the Mk1 Valkyrie fighter's transponders and Friend/Foe identifiers are turned off and may actually be disabled as I am unable to get them to respond to Starfleet Intelligence override codes. Also, there appear to be some unusual energy readings of chronitons, tachyons, and even some residual antiprotons. I advise precaution as we approach. I am not detecting any humanoid life signs. =^=

"Just going to put it out here then," double checking the specs on the Mk1s for a moment. "There's a reason those are turned off. All three of those energy readings are completely consistent with time travel." Rick made a little bit of a frugal expression. Leaving it so T'Plana-hath could hear him as well. "Given that tachyon particles actually move backward in time while going faster than light suggests that they are actually from the future. It's not that we're so far behind them in when we picked up the signatures by a couple of days they have degraded." Look at that, Rick wasn't just a pretty face that only knew how to pew pew things.

"I hate to admit it but, what I do know from the engineering perspective, Rick is correct. Tachyon particles do move backward in time. Chroniton's open up subspace rifts, so you have both ingredients for a jump backward in time. Residual antiprotons could be from the type of engine discharge in their time period," Sheena said.

T'Plana-hath sighed and spoke up as she listened to the conversation going on between the officers on the bridge. =^= You will pardon my interruption, but there is also another explanation for the energy readings of chronitons, tachyon, and even some residual antiprotons. Many of the Romulan star ships use singularity drives that also are used in their clocking devices. While I am not discounting the other theories, one must also take into account those enemy ships capable of clocking that use singularity drives. =^=

"That is entirely true as well. It could have overloaded, or that and something else gone wrong with it to have caused a localized time dilation." Rick thought about it out loud more.

"Captain, I am getting feeling of apprehension about landing the ship from the crew," Maria stated as she started to pick up on the emotions of the crew, she continued," Which is interfering with me trying to find who flew those fighters," she finished.

"Both of you are correct and while I agree, I am going to advise against landing the ship on the planet. We do not have a clear enough picture to warrant sending down our people if they were in danger," Sheena said. "Not to mention it, but, Maria is quite correct. The emotions of the crew are in a worried and concerned state," she added.

"Sheena that planet has the ability to drain our power and force us to crash by landing on the planet I am actually eliminating a danger to the crew." The captain replied.

"Aye Captain," Sheena replied.

"Captain I am detecting a tractor beam has locked on to us and is guiding us in." lieutenant O'Carroll said.

"Good, I was hoping something like this would happen," Sterling said. "Sit tight and enjoy the ride." She added.


A story by:

Captain Maia a Sterling
Commanding Officer
USS Leto NCC-80916


Lieutenant Steve O'Carroll
Asst. Chief of Operations
USS Leto NCC-80916


Lieutenant Junior Grade Rick Gibbs
Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer
USS Leto NCC-80916


LCMD Havri Belbre
Chief of Security/Tactical Officer


Lieutenant JG T'Plana-hath
Intelligence Officer
USS Leto NCC-80916


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