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Lieutenant Marianna Grant

Name Marianna Grant

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 124
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Slim athletic physique with slightly large hips, like her mother and other ladies of her family. Shoulder blade length hair is usually up in a pigtail when not in uniform, otherwise a ponytail or hair band to keep it out of her face.


Father Dr. Alan Grant- Paleontologist/Archaeologist
Mother Commander Melissa Anne Knotingham- Grant (retired)
Brother(s) Allen Grant- Paleontologist (36)
Richard Grant- Dentist (25)
Sister(s) Mellissa Grant Schomaker- Homemaker (34)
Other Family Onyx Schomaker- Niece (17)
April Grant- Aunt (34)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet and friendly normally except when she is in a mood and plays the bagpipes.
Strengths & Weaknesses +can handle stressful situations
+Respect for the nurses working under her.
-Beautiful or smart or talented women make her weak in the knees
- Doesn't like chauvinistic Men.
Ambitions Not many as of right now other than to see her niece graduate high school
Hobbies & Interests Women
The bagpipes
20th-century medicine
Motorcycles (20th century)
Dinosaurs (thank her dad and brother)

Personal History Born in Billings Montanna to a retired teacher/paleontologist and a retired Starfleet nurse. Second youngest of 4 children, her Dad basically raised himself, with help of his sister Aunt April. Mom spent 22 years in Starfleet deployed to every part of the Federation and then some. Retiring a Commander. Dad retired 6 years ago after a 10-year career teaching at a State college and over 30 years in the field.
She did not have a normal childhood spending a lot of it on dig sites, usually in Utah. She would play nursemaid to the on-call medics or water girl to her Father and his staff on site. When she was 13 it was when her brother Allen and the Medic both got heat stroke that she knew what she wanted to be. With the guidance of the medic, she was able to stabilize both men, until they could be transported to the nearest hospital. The doctor was impressed.
All through high school, she was obsessed with medical classes and biology. She went through her high school's CNA program and got a part-time job at a local Clinic. Having the experience and the drive Dr. V’Lol a Vulcan doctor was impressed enough to write a recommendation to Starfleet.

At 18 joined the academy to begin her training as a nurse. She enjoyed her time at the academy her Roommate Mirada McStine a red-haired lass from Scotland, taught her the bagpipes which she fell in love with. The pair were known as the “Fire hearts” because they were flirts and would set men's and women's hearts ablaze. That is when she realized her attraction to women and presided many relationships with other Cadets, unaware that her best friend and roommate also felt the same. They remained roommates for the three years they were in San Francisco. It wasn't until their 4th year that they split. Mirada went to the USS Stien and Marianna went USS Mercury both ships in deep space. After the Cadet tour, she was assigned to Deep Space 3, working her way up to Head Trauma nurse. It wasn't until she was on her way to the USS Grafton that a message caught up with her that USS Impulse was destroyed with all hands lost including Mirada. An that Mirada had left a message for Marianna, confessing her crush and love for the woman. It devastated her for many years, keeping her from finding another partner. This also let her perform her best work as a nurse and the CMO of the Grafton took notice and recommend she head back to the academy to get her Doctorates degree. She was ecstatic and went for it, 2 and half years later she was about to graduate but was caught in bed with Admiral DeHazes daughter, Chelsea. He was the Deputy Chief of the Academy and almost had her kicked out of Starfleet. The Dean of the Academy reminded his old friend the Admiral of his time at the academy and they decide to assign her as far away from the Admiral's Daughter. So off to the Rutledge she went. Spending the last 6 months as Assistant Chief Medical Officer and head nurse as it was only three medical persons onboard the small freighter.
Service Record 2384- Entered academy to become a nurse. 3 years at Academy
2387- 1 year Cadet Cruise USS Mercury nurse trainee
2389- 2 years on Deep Space 3 as trama nurse
2391- 2 years on USS Grafton Head Nurse

2393- 2 ½ years Academy to get Doctorates -(Assigned to the Rutledge as a discipline punishment)
2395- 6 months on the Rutledge ACMO/CMO