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Evacuating the Vangaurd

Posted on Sun Oct 29th, 2023 @ 5:16pm by Captain Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Steve O'Carroll & 2nd Lieutenant Saul Humphries & Lieutenant Commander Ryan Blake & Lieutenant Commander Robert Hendon & Lieutenant Colin Barth & Lieutenant Paisley P'Rar & Lieutenant Jonathan (Jon) Riley & Lieutenant JG Marina Tanger & Lieutenant Rick Gibbs & Lieutenant Commander Havri Belbre & Lieutenant Isabelle Raal

Mission: Double Dealing
Location: USS Leto NCC-80916
Timeline: 239509.06

Captain's Log Stardate 239509.06

We have beamed over 18 of the 25 crewmembers of the Vanguard. Lt Barth and the damage control team as well as the chief engineer and some of the senior staff of the Vanguard remain on board trying to head off the warp core breach. The damage was far more than we thought. I have released the tractor beam on the Vanguard and moved us off to maximum transporter range to beam the rest off if necessary, My crew is doing everything they can to assist with the wounded and trying to make sure the crew of the Vanguard is comfortable.



Captain Sterling was on the bridge waiting for an update from Mr. Barth and the damage control team to see if they could bypass an apparent warp core breach of the vanguard. Maia had ordered the tractor beam released and had moved off to the maximum transporter range of the Leto 44,000 miles.

"Put me through to Mr. Barth."

=/\= Sterling to Lt Barth, What is your status down their=/\=

=/\= Captain, we're gonna need a Scotty miracle to pull this one off. =/\=

Maia turned to Mr Blake.

"Must be a lot worse than anticipated," Maia said.

Ryan spared a momentary glance at the viewscreen before turning to Maia. Safety protocols for Starfleet vessels and non Starfleet Federation vessels were very stringent. "I am not sure this is a result of battle damage. My gut is telling me that it's sabotage."

Maia looked at Ryan in Aghast. "Sabotage?"

Barth was starting to get a bit frazzled. He knew of only one way to save everyone on the Vanguard.

=/\= Barth to Leto, better tell the transporter room to be ready to beam over the survivors. Maia, don't worry I will be there soon. =/\=

=/\= Acknowledged away team =/\=

"Sensors keep a lock on that ship. Transporter room, keep a lock on all life forms on that ship."

=/\= Mr Barth if you don't think your team can pull it off then we will beam you back now, you call the ball =/\= Maia said.

=/\= Lock onto the team and beam us back. We can't salvage the ship. The core is gonna breach in 5 minutes. Mr. Gibbs once we have the team back on board lock photon torpedoes on the Vanguard. =/\=

"You know, we can control the explosion. At least a little bit," Rick glanced up from the Tactical console. "If we can calculate when the core is going to go, I can fire a torpedo, so if timed right will destroy the ship. The ensuing explosion would be way less dangerous than the core's explosion."

"No, we can't," Paisley piped up. "It'll cause blowback, and only the Prophets know what that means," she said. "Blackholes, torus anomalies. I agree that the core going down is gonna suck, but we can't just torpedo things. Plus, the atmospheric readings out here are high in radiation. It can set other things on fire. There's a few moons close by," the CSO glared at the man. "You can't just play fast and loose with firepower, Lieutenant," she said, with a deep sigh. Was he trying to kill them all?! Over her Carjoran body!!

"We will be lucky to get the rest of the crew off that ship when the time comes. Fortunately, there aren't any planetary bodies close enough to take any damage," Maia said.

"Lt P'Rar, is this region of space that weak that an antimatter explosion will cause an anti-time reaction?" Maia asked.

"Parametric and subspace scans do not indicate it, Captain."

As the minutes ticked down, Maia finally came to the conclusion that the away team would not be able to salvage that ship.

"While the scans don't indicate so, antimatter isn't always predictable. Do as you wish, but just remember that I, as Chief Science Officer, warned you if something goes untoward," the Bajoran/Cardassian hybrid said. Men. She put a hand to her temple.

=/\= Transporter room beam the away team off that ship =/\=

Helm, move us to a safe distance once the away team is onboard," Maia said.

"Aye, Captain," the helmsman responded.

"Mr. Gibbs, that is not a Federation Starship out there. We can't fire torpedoes into her without causing another diplomatic incident, " Maia said.

"I beg to differ, Lieutenant. We've seen this. Well not all of us have seen it personally, but we've seen this before many times. What happens when we destroy a ship out of pure damage? Even if the core has started to overload. It just explodes along with everything else. When a warp core explodes from a breach the scale of the surrounding area damage is 10 times worse." Rick, left his side of his case there. It was up to Paisley if she wanted to retort. Readying the torpedoes. "Armed and locked, Captain."

"Is there any way we can beam the core into space and leave it particalized?" Maia asked.

Jon looked at a readout, "Bad Idea, it might cause problems for us when it detonates, we could dump the fuel to slow things down."

Belbre was working to set up security teams and to also arrange quarters for any survivors that may be found. She had just finished and returned to the Bridge. "Captain everything is ready for any survivors that may be found. Also, I am ready to raise shields as soon as everyone is beamed back to the Leto. This will protect us from severe damage when it blows up."

=/\= Hendon to bridge come in please =/\=

"Torpedoes still locked, Captain." Rick glanced up and tapped his console.

"Go ahead, Hendon."

=/\= We have just had an emergency beam up. Three people in bad shape I am afraid , two might make it but the third. I am not sure we can fix this amount of damage.=/\=

On the viewscreen, the Vanguard went up in a blaze of glory.

"Back us off and resume course to Farius". Maia ordered.



A Story by

Captain Maia A Sterling
Commanding Officer
USS Leto NCC-80916


Lieutenant Rick Gibbs
Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer
USS Leto NCC-80916


Lieutenant Steve O'Carroll
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Leto NCC-80916



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