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An unwelcome greeting

Posted on Sat Sep 30th, 2023 @ 10:03am by Lieutenant Rick Gibbs & Captain Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheena Toran-Blake & Lieutenant Commander Ryan Blake & Lieutenant Commander Robert Hendon & Lieutenant Colin Barth & Lieutenant Maria McMahon & Lieutenant Paisley P'Rar & Lieutenant Jonathan (Jon) Riley & Lieutenant Commander Havri Belbre & 2nd Lieutenant Saul Humphries
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Mission: Double Dealing
Location: Outer system of Farius Prime
Timeline: 239509.06
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Captains log Stardate 239509.06

The Leto has reached the Farius system and has come out of warp. The Farions have sent one of their destroyers out to meet, greet, and escort us. they have warned us of hostilities between Farius Prime and the colony on the moon Triton. The Tritonites have sued for independence and have taken up arms against the ruling clans of Farius Prime, Hostilities have broken out and tensions are high. I have put the Leto on red alert and have assigned the crew to battle stations. Log out.


The Leto came out of warp and were hailed by a Farion warship.

"Federation Starship Leto, This is Major Krawl of the Farion Destroyer Indefatigable, I have been ordered to escort you to Farion Prime. I must also warn you that hostilities have broken out in the last week. This system has been declared a war zone. We have been subject to pirate and marauder attacks. I am sorry to have to welcome you in such dire circumstances. Please lay in a course of 092 Mk 4 and proceed at 1/2 impulse.

Farion Destroyer Indefatigable, this is Captain Maia A. Sterling of the Federation Starship Leto, we come to serve. Please escort us to Farion Prime.

"Navigator, adjust heading to 092 Mk 4," Maia said.

"Helm 1/2 impulse power," Maia continued.

"Commander Belbre take us to red alert all hands to battle stations, Maia ordered.

Sheena got up from her seat, "Captain, I'm heading to engineering. They could probably use another hand down there ", she said, and headed for the turbo lift.

Aye Captain Red Aleert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Captain Multiple attack craft approaching, their weapons are hot,"

"Mr Gibbs please put the tactical situation on screen,"

The ships looked like something the Maquis used to use before the Dominion War.

"Are those ships Orion, Mr Gibbs," Maia asked.

Rick didn't even have to look down to check, "Yes. Those are two Orion Interceptor class vessels and one D'Var heavy cruiser class ship."

"They look a little different to me, like something the maquis used to use before the dominion war," Maia said. Perhaps military surplus," Maia said.

"Helm evasive maneuvers increase to 3/4 impulse," Maia ordered.

The Farion destroyer was making similar maneuvers staying with the Leto. Major Krawl was attempting to warn them off.

The hostiles fired at both the Leto and the Indefatigable. Both ships rocked.

"Mr. Ryan, I think we've been patient enough, these people obviously mean business," Maia said.

Ryan opened a hailing channel to the hostile attack craft inbound. "Hostile vessels, this is the Federation Starship USS Leto. Break off your attack immediately or you will be fired upon."

The Leto's shield was well able to absorb the damage but the Farion destroyer was another matter. they were taking damage and were on fire.

"Helm put us between the hostiles and the Farion Destroyer. I want her protected," Maia ordered.

The small craft continued to prosecute their attack with no reply to Ryan’s hail a moment before. "Captain, the small craft are continuing to press their attack."

"Target the hostiles but I want them disabled not destroyed," Maia said.

Ryan, while Belbre and Gibbs were busy with the actual combat systems, initiated active scans of the attack craft.

"Why does no one think third dimensionally?" Gibbs shook his head. "Helm, bring us about, 163 mark 45, full starboard rotation. Hold for half a second, then ventral push 90 degrees. All engines stop and drift us the other 90 degrees.
Belbre, fire on each arc as we pass through. Hold torpedoes until the last second!"

Belbre replied,"lAye Captain, weapons locked. Steady hold position. Firing Now!!!!!!!!!!!!
Direct hit." as explosions could be seen from the target area.

=Operations Office=
While the Leto was in combat, Maria had taken up station in her office coordinating her staff, as she received damage reports from all over the ship. She began to prioritize the more critical damaged systems. Maria sent out her repair teams to fix them.

As soon as the reports came in with the details of how bad the damage was, Maria knew that her teams could handle them. She opened a a channel and spoke =/\= McMahon to the Captain,=/\=

=/\= Sterling here go ahead OPS =/\=

=/\= Damage reports are minimal at this time,=/\= Maria stated as more reports came in. She continued, =/\= will keep you informed, McMahon out=/\= as she hoped the damage would stay this light.

=/\= Acknowledged bridge out =/\=

Jon sat at a computer watching events unfold, =^="Bridge target the impulse engines, it might their reduce capacity to fight"=^=

=/\= Acknowledged, Tactical target impulse engines on those ships I wasn't casualties kept to a minumum=/\=


Sheena walked into engineering and did a double take. True it had been a while since she doubled with engineering, but had it changed that much? Looking at the master display board, she quickly found several small damaged sections as her display board lit up. She started to direct crews to repair them quickly.


"Captain, I am receiving a hail from the lead hostile", the comm officer reported.

"Put it on screen, Sam," Maia said.

=/\=Starship Leto, I am Commander Syreble of the Tritonian warship Vanguard. We wish to inform you that you have entered the disputed territory with an enemy Farion warship.
We regret firing on your vessel, please change course to 237 Mk 4 and resume your course. We will cease hostilities upon compliance. As a gesture of goodwill, we will power down our weapons systems=/\=

Maia looked at Ryan, then over her shoulder at Paisley,

"Are they powering down their weapons science officer," Maia asked.

The CSO closed her eyes but shook her head. "Not yet, Ma'am. I will keep watch...I suspect that they may just be tracking us, but...I am not certain. Should I send a probe out?" She asked.

"No, I don't think so, We know who and what they are," Maia replied.

"Aye," she said, and returned to the Console to watch the ship.

Colin walked into the Operations center on the Leto. He looked around and found a station unmanned. He sat down at the station and tapped his com badge. "Captain," said Barth, "Lieutenant Barth here ma'am. I am in Ops right now. Seems that the hostile group isn't just tracking us. They seem to be scanning us to see if we are really Federation officers or not.

"That's what I thought they are just making sure we are who we say we are".

The Tritonian vessel powered down its weapons and left.

The Farion cruiser required a tow as they were not as resilient as a Federation ship of the line.

"Lock a tractor beam on the Vanguard and set a course of 237 Mk 4," Maia ordered. "1/4 impulse power and find out if the Vanguard needs a damage control team on their ship", Maia said.

"Captain," said Barth, "I can lead a team over there to help them with repairs." Colin was just trying to be a good part of the crew.

"Very well Mr Barth please do so".

=/\= Leto to Vanguard We are sending over damage control teams, meanwhile we will tractor you out of the area until your ship is up and running=/\=

=/\= Vanguard acknowleges =/\=

"Mr Barth please keep me apprised of your progress," Maia said.

"Yes Ma'am," said Barth as he headed towards the transporter room. Barth was sure he could fix the problems over on the alien vessel. As he got close to the transporter room, he started to feel dizzy and collapsed as he tapped his combadge.

"Barth to Captain Sterling," he said before he passed out.

=/\= Sterling here, go ahead Mr. Barth=/\=

"Captain," said Barth, "I just had a spell. I am ok now. I am over on the Vanguard. We might have an issue over here." Barth was looking at the layout of the ship's engine room. "They might be going warp core breach soon. I suggest we evac the crew now if we can't fix the breach."

=/\=Understood, Mr. Barth, have them prepare to evacuate.=/\=

Maia turned to Commander Ryan Blake. "Number one make the preparations and get those people beamed over fortunately there are only 25 of them," Maia said..

Ryan got on the comms and alerted the transport chief to immediately begin bringing the Vanguard's crew over. He sent word for security teams to be dispatched to the transporter rooms.


Robert rushed around the sickbay getting supplies and bio beds ready. Already a few of the crew had come in with the usual sprains. You got when people were rushing to get things done. Before the ship started to get knocked around. He hoped that no one would be too badly hurt. But if there were casualties he was ready.


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