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Damage report

Posted on Sat Sep 30th, 2023 @ 10:34am by Captain Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Maria McMahon

Mission: Double Dealing
Location: Ops Office

While the Leto was in combat, Maria had taken up station in her office coordinating her staff, as she received damage reports from all over the ship. She began to prioritize the more critical damaged systems. Maria sent out her repair teams to fix them.

As soon as the reports came in with the details of how bad the damage was, Maria knew that her teams could handle them. She opened a a channel and spoke =/\= McMahon to the Captain,=/\=

=/\=Sterling here, go ahead=/\=

=/\= Damage reports are minimal at this time,=/\= Maria stated as more reports came in. She continued, =/\= will keep you informed, McMahon out=/\= as she hoped the damage would stay this light.

=/\= Yes our damage was very light but our escort vessel took a lot of heavy damage. I have sent them a damage control team to get them up and running and we are towing them with tractor beams. Do you need anything else, Maria It seems we entered a war zone. This is a worse situation than I thought=/\= Maia said.

It took less than an hour to repair the damage done to the Leto, the crew of the vanguard, those who were not wounded were escorted to guest quarters. Casualties were surprisingly light on that ship only four dead still with a crew of only 25 a loss of 4 crew members was 16 percent of the crew dead. especially in what seemed to Maia a mere skirmish. She would have to ask T'Plana'Hath to analyze the weapons used.

Hopefully, Lt. Barth and his damage control team would be able to save the Vanguard. If not they would be just one more escalation in a war that should never have happened in the first place. The crew of the Leto were now in a very precarious situation.



A post by:

Captain Maia A. Sterling
Commanding Officer
USS Leto NCC-80916


Lieutenant Maria McMahon
Chief Operations Officer
USS Leto NCC-80916


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