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Posted on Sun Sep 3rd, 2023 @ 3:25am by Lieutenant Maria McMahon & Lieutenant Commander Robert Hendon

Mission: Monsters of the Past
Location: Sickbay- USS Leto


=Sickbay, USS Leto=

Upon waking up from being knocked unconscious on the bridge whilst the ship was trying to break free, now here she was rubbing her forehead and trying to sit up on a bio-bed in Sickbay, she looked around the room to see who was nearby her, this was the second time in as many months that she found herself in Sickbay. The first time she woke up here was after having a bomb in her head, now this, she thought oO why is it I keep ending up here? Oo as she called out “ Hello, anyone here?”

It was lucky that Robert had been on the Bridge at the time. He was able to do a site-to-site transport of Maria as soon as the accident had happened. Her head wound was very deep and had cut into her skull. He was worried her brain may of been hurt. But the Great Bird of the Galaxy was looking down on her. Her frontal lobe was untouched.

“ Careful that was some bump your noggin took. Can you tell me your name please?” Robert asked checking to see if Maria had suffered memory loss.

While still Struggling to sit up Maria responded “Lieutenant Maria McMahon,” looking back at Doc Hendon, as she asked, “How long have I been out Doc?” as she hoped that the Leto had broken free from the docking port and had escaped the station, she asked, “have we broken free yet?” looking back at him.

“ Just a couple of hours thankfully. To be honest I do not know. We had to leave the Bridge you were losing a lot of blood and a head wound to boot. Always a serious thing for any injuries to the head. Now let’s test your vision. How many fingers am I holding up?” Robert asked.

" Four," replied Maria looking back at him as she hoped that she would get the all-clear to return to the bridge, however; she knew that the Doctor would be through with the examination before letting her leave sick bay.

Hendon ran a probe over her head.

“ Well, your vision and memory seem to be unaffected. Try and stand up.” Hendon said

She swung her legs around slid off of the bed put her feet on the floor and pushed up from the bed, After a couple of moments while trying to get her balance, Maria tried to let go of the bed and her head started to spin. She said “Woh, Doc, my head is beginning to spin”

Robert guided her back to the biobed.

“ Looks like your inner ear was damaged. Fear not an easy fix just lay still.” Robert said as he placed a headphone-like device over her head.

“ You’ll feel a slight tingle let me know if it starts to hurt,” Robert said.

"Ok," replied Maria, looking back at the chief medical officer, she knew that having to get cleared before the next mission was her priority. She asked," Doc, Am I fit for duty?"

Robert looked over her readings and nodded.

“ Yep. You are all good to go.” He said


Lt.Cmdr Dr Robbert Hendon
Chief Medical Officer
USS Leto


Lieutenant Maria McMahon
Chief Operations Officer
USS Leto


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