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Leto launches

Posted on Thu Nov 19th, 2020 @ 12:46am by Captain Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheena Toran & Lieutenant Commander Ryan Blake & Lieutenant Angelina Brannon & Lieutenant Jamie Dougherty & Lieutenant Doctor Ayasha Laith D.V.M., OB/Gyn, M.D. & Lieutenant JG Nishu Yalet & 2nd Lieutenant Joseph Bailey & Sylestia Laith C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA & Lieutenant JG Samuel James

Mission: The Thorion Conundrum Mission Brief
Location: Bridge
Timeline: 239410.31


Now that the presentation was over, and the festivities had concluded it was time to get this ship out of space dock and start her mission

Maia changed out of her dress uniform and put on her duty uniform then made her way to the bridge.

“Captain on the bridge!” The duty officer exclaimed.

“At ease. Report to duty stations, it’s time we got underway.” Maia announced.

“Navigation, set a course for Thorion IV.” Maia said.

=/\= Engineering is the intermix set?=/\=

=/\=Yes sir, =/\= Dougherty replied. =/\=Warp speed available at your command. =/\=

::Meanwhile – Sickbay::

Doctor Tamara and Sylestia entered their very own sickbay. The place was deserted. The pair looked at each other, and it was almost as if their thoughts were in synchronism. “I’m going to get changed then I think it would be acceptable to monitor things from the bridge. What do you think?”

Sylestia just play-bowed and wager her tail.

=/\=Sickbay to the bridge. Captain, permission to observe the departure from Sci II on the bridge my daughter has never gotten to see this before and she’s very excited to.=/\=

=/\=Permission granted Doctor.=/\= Maia said.

“Number one contact starbase control and inform them we are ready for departure.” Maia ordered.

=/\=Starbase Operations, USS Leto is prepared to depart for her mission=/\= Sheena said.

Just then Doctor Tamara and hir daughter joined the crew on the bridge. Silently they crossed over to and crewed Sci II. However, shortly Sylestia peered up at her guardian. She couldn’t see.

“Clear all moorings and gravitational and power support systems, thrusters at station keeping.

“All stations report” Maia ordered.

“Thrusters ready to maneuver from docking port and impulse engines on standby when we’re clear Captain.” Lieutenant Junior Grade James responded, his hands flying across the monitor in from of him, ensuring the helm was ready.

“Activate Holographic viewscreen.”

Doctor Tamara silently lead hir daughter off to the side out of the way, but where she would have a better view of the screen. ~Be quiet little one, and stay out of the way, if for any reason something unexpected happens retreat to the relative safety of our quarters or sickbay, I’ll come and find you as soon as I can.~ S/he instructed the youngling telepathically.

Lt. Brannon smiled, her favorite part, departure. “All weapons ready and able when needed Captain. I double checked all calibrations personally.”

“Captain, Starbase Operations has cleared us to depart for Thorion IV, and they added, Good Luck!” Sheena said smiling at Maia.

Ryan piped up, “Strategic Ops is ready sir,” he said smiling at Sheena.

“Science ready sir. All scanners and sensors online and functioning,” Samantha Blake said quickly.

Doctor Laith returned to Sci II, and confirmed what s/he already knew to be true for Sickbay. “Sickbay is clear captain, and ready. No reported casualties.”

“Ops ready captain,” O’Carroll said cheerfully.

“Number One, has dock control given us clearance to leave?” Maia asked.

“Dock control advises we are clear for departure, Captain.”

“Aft thrusters, Mr. James, 250 KPH” Maia ordered. “Take us out.” Maia added.

Lt. Brannon replied, Long Range Sensors are up and working at this time Captain.

“Aft thrusters, aye sir.” The moment of truth for any helmsman, Samuel dragged his finger up the slide bar on his console to engage the thrusters at a slow increase, his other hand angling the ship away from the structure and spinning them towards open space.

A few moments passed as the scenery began moving at a faster pace, moving them away from their moor at the Starbase. “We have cleared the dock Captain, currently at 250kph.” James reported. “50 seconds until we’re clear to move to impulse.”


Lt. Dougherty smiled as the warp core hummed and crossed her arms under her sizable chest. She leaned against the ‘pool table’ taking a glance at the impulse system monitors and the thruster relays. ~Everything’s working perfectly~ she thought to herself, ~Gotta say this little flatiron of a ship is working out well so far. If we bring it back in one piece, I’ll be happy as a clam.~


“Aft angle on the viewer.”

“Full impulse power at your discretion Mr. James” Captain Sterling said. “Take us out of the system.” She added.

The helmsman increased the speed at a sizeable rate and switched the viewscreen to effectively watch Starbase 50 become a fading image in their rearview mirror.

Maia watched as the Starbase rapidly shrank from the view. When it was gone, she ordered “Viewer ahead.”

“Viewer ahead, and we are at full impulse, sir.” Sam reported, setting up his navigation systems for the journey ahead. “Setting course for Thorion IV.” Having now been able to judge the actual thing firsthand, he looked back to Commander Sterling with a smirk. “She handles well, sir.”

“I had hoped she would Mr. James.” Maia said.

Sheena looked at Maia, “Well, we are on our way and hopefully it goes off without a hitch,” she said, but then again nothing ever goes off without a hitch. It was only a matter of time before the inevitable happens.

“That’s why they sent us, Number One. They knew we could handle it. A shame we didn’t get a regular shakedown cruise.” Maia stated.

“Mr. James once we get 5 AU’s outside of the of the system gravity well, you may engage at warp 5 to Thorion IV.” The Captain Added.

“Well maybe this will be considered this to be her shakedown. Now would be a good time to do it while on our way to Thorion IV, wouldn’t you agree Captain?” Sheena said.

Samuel turned in his seat, “Aye aye, sir,” he said, turning back and began the computations.

Lt. Brannon smiled, “A couple of nice asteroids would be a good test of the weapons systems Captain. And there are several asteroid fields along the way to Thorion IV.”

“I think we can take the time to test our tactical systems Lieutenant. Why don’t you schedule a series of drills for the crew, I mean we are a ship of peace but we must always be ready for war.” Maia replied.

“Yes, well said captain, better safe than sorry” Sheena said.

James looked back through the course he’d plotted. “There is an asteroid field relatively close to our route, Captain.” He reported, nodding at Lieutenant Brannon. “At warp 5 we’ll be there in just over a day. The stop should only add five or six hours onto our journey, on top of however long we stay there?”

Maia looked over at Lt. Brannon.

“Will that meet your requirements for target practice, Lieutenant?” Maia said to her Security Chief.

Lt. Brannon replied, “Perfect Captain, I only need a couple of shots to make sure the calibration of weapons is good. Would rather find out on an asteroid that the weapons are off a little than in the middle of a fight. I am sure you feel the same way Captain.”

“You are correct Lieutenant.” The Captain replied.

“Helm when we are within range of the asteroid field drop is out of warp.” Maia ordered.

“Course corrected and laid in. We’ll be approaching the Beyhridhe asteroid field in 27 hours, 18 minutes.” Sam announced as he adjusted the ship’s heading.

“At least it’s on the way.” Maia sighed.

“Yes but……” Toran shakes off a creepy feeling, “……can’t help but think ‘something wicked this way comes’” Sheena said softly, just within ear shot of Maia. Hoping her old security gut feeling wasn’t getting the best of her, not now, but she knew nothing goes as planned in Starfleet, especially missions.

Interesting Maia replied.




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