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Losing his legs/replacement and recovery Pt 2.

Posted on Thu Jul 29th, 2021 @ 12:30pm by Captain Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Ryan Blake & Lieutenant Commander Robert Hendon & Lieutenant Angelina Brannon / Havri Belbre & Lieutenant JG Samantha Blake, Ph.D & Lieutenant JG Steve O'Carroll
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Mission: The Riixian Insurection
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: 239507.12



Hendon looked at the padd in his hands.

" Well this should cheer you up. Your new legs are nearly ready. So you should be mobile very soon indeed. I'll get someone to bring you something tasty." Robert said.

"Thanks". Steve replied.

Samantha stepped into Sickbay and asked the Duty Corpsman where to find Steve O'Carrol. She received an escort back to the area that had been partitioned off for him. She stepped through the curtain and approach him quietly. He appeared to be sleeping, his eyes closed, but she smiled warmly at him as they opened. "Hey there."

"Hi Samantha, I'm really glad you made it out in one piece, Hey after I get out of here with new legs I would really like to take you out for a drink and maybe dinner?" Steve asked.

Samantha gave him a nod with a warm smile. She place a hand on his. "I'd like that." Her smile became a slightly seductive grin. "If things go well, perhaps I will make you breakfast in the morning. If that is okay with you."

"That sounds great I may even let you feed me." Steve said.

Samantha chuckled softly as she shook her head. "You, sir, are a grown man. I will have no intentions of coddling you like a baby."

"I am half a man at the moment/, but I'm drinking milk and soon will be able to stand on my own two feet again." Steve joked.

Samantha leaned down and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. "Get better soon." She then left quietly.

Steve watched her go admiring the swing of her hips as she left.

Seeing that Steve was busy Robert walked over to the bio replicator. Robert checked the monitor screen. Steve’s legs would soon be ready. The last of the hair follicles were being inserted. He was glad to see the machine had gotten the correct number of toes. The last time Hendon had done something like this. Which had been on his last ship. The machine had given the left foot an extra two. But thankfully the Lego’s machine worked properly.

"Hey Doc the legs look great how are you going to attach them?" Steve asked.

"Will I be able to take any girl dancing?" He inquired.

Robert took a step back as the machine beeped and a green light flashed. He pressed a number of controls then moved back to Steve.

" Using the muscles and nerves you already have. That is why we took a DNA sample from you. You won't even know your mother never gave you them. Not only will you be able to dance but you will be able to do the San Fransisco fallen Starfleet officers memorial marathon. So are you ready for your new legs or do you wish to wait until after the award ceremony?" Robert asked

"No I think I would like to get this show on the road, The Captain needs me and so does Lt McMahon". Steve said.

"It will take at least two weeks to get to Betazed and I would like to be on duty by the time we arrive." Stave added.

Robert clapped his hands together.

“ Then let’s give you your new legs.” He replied.

Steve was transferred to a operating table. Robert preferred operating tables with real wheels instead of anti gravity units. So Steve was wheeled into surgery. The operation to attack his new legs took an hour. At the end Hendon was very pleased with the result.O’Carrol would be out for a while. But all early indications showed a complete success.

After sending a report to the Captain Robert sat down and ordered a green tea from the replicator slot. He then took a sip and smiled.

Steve was unconscious, and he dreamed. He dreamed he was a wolf padding through a forest looking for lunch a nice fat rabbit or maybe a small dear would do. He ran for miles and miles through the brush picking up many scents. He smelled wild turkey, wild boar, deer and another wolf a female wolf. Naturally his instinct steered him towards her. Her scent was heavenly. A heavy must that told him she was ready to be bred.

The female wolf led him on a merry chase. He must have run 40 miles. He finally caught up to her in a clearing on a beach, she went out into the water and turned into a mermaid, she had beautiful blue hair and was well formed. He followed her into the water and turned into a man. In his dream he had strong legs. He wasn't just a man he was an Atlantian, capable of living underwater and he swam to her. He was able to keep up with the mermaid as hey swam through underwater mysteries of the deep. It was a very pleasant experience.

Robert looked at the bio bed readings. O’Carrol was dreaming. Hendon could see slight twitches in his legs. That was a very good sign. If Steve’s subconscious was already moving his legs. Then there was every change his awake brain. Would do the same , this would half. His time in physical therapy quite substantially.

About 8 hours later Steve stirred from his slumber, he looked down at his legs and feet, He tried real hard but all he could do was wiggle his toes a little. Believe it or not that really tiered him out. It was dark in his part of sickbay probably the recovery room.

"Hello is anyone there"? Steve asked.

Robert was at Steve's side in warp speed.

" Welcome back. How do you feel?" Hendon asked

"I feel like I have legs again, and they are just a little cool. I was able to slightly wiggle my toes last night. I mean thats progress isn't it? or was it the neural calipers sending random pulses through my new nerves? Oddly I thought it would hurt but it doesn't. it just feels strange." Steve replied.

Robert was quite amazed that Steve had been able to wiggle his new toes. But the doctor was concerned when he mentioned his legs felt cool. This plus the report that the new limbs felt strange.Hendon had really hoped they would be lucky and not have this. He knew what the problem was. Thankfully it was not the legs themselves but Steve.

“ Ok. Firstly it is great that you can move your toes. It means that the new limbs are going to work just fine. However. Your body is still remembering the accident that cost you your old ones. Steve you were trapped for some time. It’s going to take a while for your system. To forget what happened and move on. This means there could be muscular flashbacks. You could be walking along and suddenly your legs could lockup. Now I have no idea how long it will take for things to settle. One month , three or a year. So as well as the cane you have to wear leg braces. They’ll kick in if anything happens. But you never know this might go away after a day or two.” Hendon said trying to sound hopeful.

"Like bionic leg braces? At least I will get my exercise as I learn to use my legs naturally again." Steve said.

"When do we begin physical therapy?" Steve asked.

“ Now if you like.” Robert said.

It was best to get Steve up and going as soon as possible.His body needed to get used to having legs again.

"Okay what do You want me to do first?" Steve asked.

" Ok. We're going to work on your legs in stages. Starting from your feet then working up to you standing , then walking. Well put the marathon on hold for a short while. We need you to sit up and move yourself over. So your legs are dangling over the side. Do not attempt to stand yet or move your legs. We need to work on your feet first. Please." Hendon explained to Steve.

Steve did as he was told, he put the bio bed up a bit so that he was more or less in a sitting position. It was a lot harder than he thought it would be especially with dead weight below his waste. He used his arms to get him upright, and then swung his legs from the waist, he nearly got a muscle cramp doing that, but his feet were now dangling.

"Like this?" Steve asked.

Robert’s eyes widened in surprise. The fact that Steve could dangle his legs. Was a very good sign.

Lt Brannon had been extremely busy preparing for the next mission. She finally got a little bit of time and went by Sickbay to see Lt Ryan. He was sitting on the side of the bed with his legs dangling. She smiled, "Hey keep that up and you will be running marathons in a month. So good to see you doing so much better LT Ryan."

"Hey Angelina Nice to see you!!" Steve said.

“ Oh he’ll be doing a marathon a lot sooner. This is incredible the way he is dangling them like that. Ok now I want you to wiggle all the toes of your left foot for three minutes. Then rest for one minute then the same for your right.” Hendon said

Robert watched. Everything seemed ok with the left but Robert noticed a slight stiffness in the right big toe. Once Steve had stopped. Hendon ran a probe over the right toe. He then pressed the toe with his fingers.

“ Tell me how hard can you feel my fingers?” He asked

"I can feel it Doc but its a little tingly, like its asleep or maybe its not getting enough blood flow. Let my shift a little.." Steve said.

"Ah that feels better.." Steve added.

Robert ran a probe over Steve's right toe. He then fiddled with a hypo and pressed it to Steves right foot.

" Yes. Slight imbalance but yes.....that's the ticket. Ok do all that again please." Hendon said

Brannon goes over and gives him a gentle hug. "I am so glad you are doing so well. I hope you continue to recover this quickly. And are back on duty soon."

"I'll play raquet ball with you soon Angelina." Steve said.

This time Steves toes wiggled like normal. Hendon felt like kissing Steve. But felt that was inappropriate.

" Excellent!!! Actually Brannon could you give us a hand for this next bit. Steve I want you to very slowly stand up. Angelina if you could hold onto his hands. But don't pull him. Ready Steve?" Robert asked.

"Pretty tall order, I will try to place my feet on the ground first I doubt I could hop off this table just yet, just give me some time." Steve said.

Steve with difficulty inched his way to the edge of the bio bed his legs felt normal, but he had very little control just yet, he wondered if this was how a baby felt standing for the first time.

He could feel his feet planted on the floor at least he wouldn't be trying to stand up on an ankle. The exertion was making him breathe hard and beads of sweat were on his forehead, it didn't hurt but he had almost no energy or strength, he would in the future condition his body more.

He leaned forward placing more weight on his feet, the floor was cold to him, he hoped that was a good sign.

He closed his eyes concentrating hard as he could, why was the gravity on so high...

He opened his eyes and was standing.

But just as he was a about to shout for joy his knees started to buckle. He just didn't have good enough balance.

He was really breathing hard with the exertion. like he just ran a marathon.

LT Brannon goes over to encourage him and to help support him if he needed it. "You are doing great keep up the good work", as she offered him a drink of water.

Slowly Robert helped him to sit down. Then he ran a probe over Steves legs. Checking the readings he smiled.

" Excellent absolutely excellent. I bet you feel like you just ran the Starfleet fallen Officer memorial marathon? Don't worry it will get easier for you. But I think we'll call it a day for today. Maybe later when your rested you can do some more toe wriggling. But for now rest." Robert said.

Breathing heavily Steve responded.

"Yeah, whew! I can feel some of my strength returning though," he said, heavily panting.

"I can already tell I will be sleeping good tonight, Doc" Steve said in a positive tone of voice."

[End Part 2]

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