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A Proper Reunion

Posted on Mon Oct 12th, 2020 @ 8:17pm by Lieutenant Ryan Blake & Lieutenant Commander Sheena Toran

Mission: The Thorion Conundrum Mission Brief
Location: Sheena's Quarters
Timeline: SD 39409.12 / 1930 hours

Ryan made his way down the corridor to Sheena's quarters. He was clad in a fresh uniform following a shower after finishing up his day's in-processing. He carried a PADD in one hand under the pretext of delivering a report should he encounter an officer or crewman in the corridor. He reached Sheena's quarters and depressed the button announcing his arrival on time.

"Enter" Sheena said, looking at the door. She was expecting Ryan, so she had cooked his favorite dinner, steak, potatoes, and corn on the cob. For desert, she had an apple cobbler, freshly baked. Sheena was dressed casually, blue billow pants, light blue chiffon blouse, and barefoot.

Ryan entered Sheena's quarters and smiled at her. She looked great clad in the loose fitting clothes. Definitely more comfortable attire than his uniform. He gestured at the uniform. "I thought it would be best to wear this since I am supposed to be delivering a report to you."

"Of course, being professional outside of quarters is the whole idea. Come here you handsome has been a while," she said. Sheena wrapped her arms around Ryan and kissed him deeply. It had been a while and just having him in her arms again was so comforting.

Ryan returned the embrace and kissed her back ardently as well. It was probably a good minute before they broke the kiss to catch their breath. "Been a long couple of months."

"It truly has. In honor of this auspicious occasion, I remembered to bring your casual outfit that I always keep on hand for times like this," Sheena said chuckling, handing him the bag. "Go change and be prepared to taste some good home cooking. I fixed your favorite food," she added.

Ryan raised an eyebrow and smiled. He ducked into the bedroom, emerging about two minutes later clad in more comfortable attire. He stepped over to her replicator and ordered two glasses of wine. He took them both, handed one off to her then slid a hand to the small of her back.

It was wonderful having him finally on board permanently. She had hope that one day they would be together finally, and that day had finally arrived. "I am so happy we are together finally. Now you look more comfortable in the clothes, and feel more relaxed I'm sensing my love," Sheena said, feeling his hand around her waist and on her back. She always felt more secure with him around her.

He looked at the set table and realized he was famished. He gave Sheena a gentle squeeze. "How about we eat and talk about our respective day?" He released her to pull out a chair at the table.

Sitting down in the chair, "Thank you my love," she said calmly. Watching Ryan walk to his chair, brought back the memories of the good times they had. "So, how are you finding it here," Sheena asked, serving the steak to Ryan.

Ryan smiled wide. "My first real starship assignment. That alone is great." He reached across the table and took Sheena's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Being able to serve on the Leto with you makes it all the better."

Blushing badly, "Ryan having you here makes me happier than you really know," Sheena said returning the squeeze. Passing the plate of baked potatoes to Ryan as he passed the steak back to her. "How did you end up in the tactical division? I figured you would end up in the intelligence field?"

"Strategic Operations has an enormous amount of overlap in the tactical, intelligence and even diplomatic departments." He took a fair helping of potatoes and handed the serving bowl back to her.

Putting a modest amount of potatoes, she set the bowl down and passed the veggies to him. "Wow, so inter woven the departments are dealing with Strategic Ops. I never would have figured all that out on my own," Sheena said, as she began to eat. "Oh I hope you haven't lost your love for the peach cobbler. It has that lasting flavor all the way to the boudoir........oOhope he remembers what I meant Oo, you remember what that word means, right?" she added giggling.

Ryan's smile broke into a light chuckle as he nodded. He gestured at the spread on the table. "Good thing you set a hearty meal. I have the feeling I will need the calories tonight." He punctuated his statement with a sly wink.

Nodding in agreement, Sheena dug in with a ravage hunger that it surprised even her. She had no idea how hungry she was. "Yes I believe so, both of us will need the extra calories," she winked back with a sly smile.

Ryan dug into his own plate. The dinner was fantastic and he didn't realize how hungry he was due to his skipping lunch. He poured each of them another glass of wine as the dinner was winding down. "So what plans do you have for us after dinner?" His expression was one of coy interest.

"Well first the peach cobbler, then more wine, and finally......well ME!" she said with a sweet smirk. It was going to be a night to remember as far as she was concerned. Now that they were together finally, they could share more off duty time together.

Ryan breathed in deeply. He grabbed the dinner plates and platters. "Sounds heavenly. I'll clear these while you get the peach cobbler." It felt good to be back together with her and for longer than a few days too.

With the peach cobbler in hand, Sheena walked deliberately past Ryan, sticking the plate of cobbler just under his nose walking past him. "Smells heavenly doesn't it?" she said, setting it on the table.

"Indeed it does." He leaned and gave her a quick kiss before straightening up. He then looked at the cobbler and back to her. "The cobbler smells delicious too by the way." A grin crossed his face as he winked at her.

Finishing up the last of the cobbler, Sheena cleared the table, grabbed two glasses and sat on the couch. "Ryan come, let's finish the bottle" she said pouring the wine into both glasses, handing him one as he sat next to her. "Cozy isn't it, " she said turning the lights down and turning on her holographic fireplace.

Ryan settled in next to Sheena on the couch, slipping an arm around her as he snuggled in. He took the wine glass in his free hand. "It most certainly is." He lightly tapped his glass to hers. "To new beginnings." He took a small sip.

"Yes, to new beginnings" she said taking a sip. Her eyes looked deep into his and felt the love that he had for her. "Imzadi" escaped her lips.

Ryan took a second sip of wine before setting his glass down on the coffee table and wrapping his other arm about her. He gave her a lingering kiss.

"I wonder if maybe we should like spend our night wrapped in each others dreams and arms? I have installed a small holoprojector in my bedroom.....and we could go anywhere we want" she said, leaning in for another kiss and connecting with Ryan's lips. The kiss was deep and sensitive.

Ryan slipped his other arm under Sheena's legs as their kiss deepened, their half full glasses of wine all but forgotten. He hoisted her aloft and slowly made his way to her bedroom door. Whatever holographic scenery she chose was going to be fine. He planned on giving her his undivided attention anyway.

Softly she whispered, "Imzadi let our love be never ending, I love you my Imzadi". Sheena was going to allow Ryan to be her Knight in shining armour for all time. All she heard was the running brook and the birds from her bedroom holo program as Ryan entered the meadow carrying her.


Lt. Cmdr. Sheena Toran
Executive Officer
USS Leto NCC-80916


Lt. Ryan Blake
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Leto NCC-80916


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