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Promotions and Transfers

Posted on Mon Mar 22nd, 2021 @ 10:42pm by Captain Maia Sterling & Captain Jasmine Somers

Mission: The Thorion Conundrum Mission Brief
Location: Captains quarters
Timeline: 239403.17


- CRR - USS Leto -

Maia was in her quarters relaxing having sent various reports and logs to Starfleet command when her comm panel her. She had incoming secure communication, a message from the Starship Tomcat. "Computer open the channel from the Tomcat authorization Sterling Gamma Alpha 2. On the screen was Colonel Alex Somers. To say Maia was surprised was an understatement.

=/\= Hi Captain, how are things going in the Thorion system? =/\= She asked and then added =/\= I am on a secure channel so sync your communications to keep up =/\= the Colonel said.

=/\=Colonel Somers a pleasure to hear from you. The Treaty is signed and we are breaking ground for the embassy now. How are things on the Tomcat? =/\= Maia replied.

*Smiling* =/\= I am glad something is working out in the Thorion System, oh I found out that Lieutenant Winchester disobeyed a direct order from the Fleet Captain about handing over the codes for the CIOs job, so I demoted him a grade and put a note for Jasmine to look into it when she returns. Also, one of my Security Officers broke Federation telepathic laws and read another mind without permission and to top it off she was being insubordinate and conduct unbecoming, so I arrested her and threw her in our brig and removed all her clearance codes. The officer she intruded on mentally is okay, just a little shaken, so apart from that nothing major =/\= the Colonel said and then added =/\= Any crew problems on the Leto? =/\= the Colonel asked ending with a question.

=/\=Maia chuckled. Welcome to command Alex. The list of things to do never ends nor to the problems. Winchester is a good man, we all make mistakes. however, security must be maintained. I am surprised at him. He is usually more efficient. I have four Betazoid's aboard the Leto I feel as though I'm the only non-telepath on my ship. One of them my security chief has had threats on her life from some Betazoid faction I've never even heard of but they seem to be able to utilize dimensional shifting in their technology. My chief engineer is rigging a detection system for them eventually they will make a mistake and will be captured. My MCO has been transferred to the Thorion Embassy. So I am currently without and officer to lead my Marines. I would even take a 2nd lieutenant at this point. =/\=

Now Alex was smiling a little bit more* =/\= The main reason as to why I am contacting you is to let you know a new Second Lieutenant has been assigned to the Leto, this officer was promoted from the ranks like I was, mainly due to the fact there are no seasoned Marine Officers out this far, so the Fleet Captain put the Rifleman's name forward and the promotion was granted. I would advise you to let this new second Lieutenant get used to being an officer before doing anything more. But the El-Tee being assigned to the Leto is experienced in combat, it is about time she got a change of scenery she has been cooling her heels on Starbase 51 for too long =/\= Alex said being cryptic, well she hoped she was being so.

=/\=That's excellent news send her out to Thorion-4, I will make arrangements for a visa through the Thorion Embassy.=/\=

=/\= Excellent, do you not want to know who your new MXO is Maia? I have given all this cryptic information and you are not one-bit curious! I am surprised, to be honest, you are usually more inquisitive, but I will put down the distractions at Throion =/\= she said with a smile and to allow the Captain to ask Alex deviated off-topic slightly =/\= So I take it we will soon have us an embassy at Thorion then? =/\= she asked.

=/\=I am understandably curious=/\= Sterling said.

*Alex smiled* =/\= newly promoted Second Lieutenant Karyn Somers my little Sister will be with you within a week, I know you have not spent much time working with her, but she is dutiful and she was a Chief Warrant Officer so she knows her stuff, but the officer bit may initially trip her up, do you have any dogs or canines on the ship Maia? =/\=

=/\= Negative, no dogs or anything like that. Send Karyn over. She will get a fair shake with me.=/\=

*Smiling* =/\= That is good she has an allergy to canines, she tends to sneeze as much as a pregnant Bajoran female would do around dogs, either way, look after my little sister will you Maia?" =/\= The Colonel responded.

=/\= Of course, I will, you know that Alex =/\=

=/\= Okay, well I have a feeling you are busy, so I will let you get to your task at hand, but wanted to let you know Lieutenant Karyn Somers should be with you in about a week or so, she will be bringing a type 2 shuttle to the Leto =/\= Alex added.

=/\=Thanks Alex I look forward to her arrival Sterling out =/\=

With that, the link was closed both women returned to their duties on their respective ships.


Captain Maia A. Sterling
Commanding Officer
USS Leto NCC-80916

Lt Colonel Alexandria Somers [P: FCapt Somers]
Acting CO
USS Tomcat


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