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Embassy site

Posted on Fri Mar 19th, 2021 @ 1:17pm by Captain Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheena Toran & Lieutenant Angelina Brannon

Mission: The Thorion Conundrum Mission Brief
Location: Thorion IV
Timeline: 239503.7

Captains log Startdate 239503.7

The Leto has arrived at Thorion 4 and is now docked inside Thorion Starbase Liberty.

We have umbillicals hooked up and have reduced our reactor to minimum power. The hull of Starbase Liberty is plated with carbon neutronium, So the ship will be safer than if we were in orbit. I have ordered two away teams one commanded by Commander Blake who will scout out and reconnoiter Thorion-3, while most of the rest of the crew start building the embassy. the team commanded by Mr Blake has already departed with full Ambassadorial privileges to scout out the situation and ferret out any pirate activity.

I have left a skeleton crew on board to maintain security and systems integrity.

Maia A. Sterling, Commander
Commanding USS Leto


It had been approximately six weeks since the site had been surveyed

Several landing parties had already beamed down with personnel and materials for building the embassy. The site was picked for its beauty and relative location to Capital City.

There were daily visits from the command staff and progress was moving fast. The land had been leveled and the frame had been put up and the floor was being laid. the walls would be made out of Thermalcrete and Thorion marble. Most of the crew was camped out in tents. Replicators provided food water and the other necessities of living. Security was tight as Security officer Brannon along with Thorion authorities kept careful serveilance of the site.

Maia could see the Ballista's in low orbit running constant scans if anything at all threatened them it would be blown out of existence. No matter how one looked at it though this was a very dangerous mission both the Orion Syndicate and the Orion Pirates were completely against a Federation presence in what they considered there space. Maia was cautious too, one of the first things she did was set of a 50 gigawatt force field over the entire area as an added layer of protections.

Lt Brannon was constantly working. She beamed back and forth between the embassy site and the Leto. Helping be sure the security was tight and also seeing to the security patrols to protect both locations.

She had requested Marines for security of the embassy due to the fact it was protocol for the Marines to provide security at the embassy's. And they took pride in doing it.

This allowed Brannon to continue her investigation into the attack on her as well. She had some possible suspects. A check of quarters at the time of the attack showed the were 6 people not in their quarters that were not assigned to the Leto crew. She was looking into their where abouts quietly.

She hit her communications device, "Captain the security precautions are coming along nicely and are on schedule as we speak. I am doing some investigations into the attack as well. I sent you a secure message with the information and details if how things are going."

=/\= Were you able to get the field modulators that Lt Taggert sent you set up, Lieutenant =/\=

Brannon replied, "Aye,Captain they are up and working. Engineering is making the final adjustments now. Should be at 100% soon."

"Good, Taggert seems to think they will interfere with any phase or dimensional shifters that might try to assaasinate you.." Maia stated,

Brannon replied, " =/\= Aye Captain. But there are still a lot of good hiding places her with all the equipment, supplies and of course the terrian as well. I plan to stay vigiliant.=/\="

"Yes Lieutenant there is but we have special sensors set up around the perimeter if someone tried to use a dimensional shift device we will know about it." Maia said.

Brannon replied,"Aye Aye Captain."

Sheena was busy with the security of the work and crews on the ground. Fortunately Brannon was also on the planet with the marines. It was a plus as she also had to work with the ambassadors and the construction crews. Yes, there was a lot going on on the planet. Sheena was hoping she could keep up with all the rushing around.

Maia saw Sheena talking with some of the construction crew so she walked over.

"Hello Number One how are you doing?" Maia asked

"The installation of the power plant should be complete by 1800 tonight. We should have plenty of power of shields and replicators." Maia added.

"Yes and in addition I was thinking about a certain type of dampening field as well. One especially for weapons. If we could design one that would make all weapons inoperable, except for certain Federation issued type one phasers, it would be of great value to keeping the ambassadors healthy. It would negate the potential for one to assassinate an ambassador," Sheena said looking at Maia

"What about projectile weapons or bladed weapons? I had thought of something like that too, but the range of weapons would be too narrow.



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