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Assigning Quarters

Posted on Wed Apr 7th, 2021 @ 2:13pm by Lieutenant Kasey Tanger & Lieutenant Commander Sheena Toran

Mission: The Thorion Conundrum Mission Brief
Location: USS Leto

- ON -

Lieutenant Kasey Tanger left the captain's mess and reported to Lieutenant Commander Toran to get his quarters assignment.

Since he does not own much in personal affects, he had stored his three duffels in a locker in the transporter room until he could get quarters. Most of his personal affects were all stored in energy patterns in a special devices to take up next to no room during his move. There for he could have them stored for a longer time and still carry them with him.

"Hello, Commander Toran." Tanger stated when he arrived in her presence.

"Why hello, Mr. Tanger, fancy meeting you here. Can I help you?" Sheena asked.

"I was directed to get in touch with you for my quarters assignment." Tanger answered. "Also, it is nice to know there are other Betazoids on the ship."

"Ah yes, there are a few of us onboard. I haven't had a chance yet to meet all the Betazoids, but there are a few. Now about your quarters......," Sheena said, pulling up the list of quarters available on the ship. Looming down the list she found a suitable one. "Found one close to the diplomatic area of the ship. Decent sized quarter's, all the comforts of home," she added. "Shall we have a look see?" she finished.

"That would be great." Tanger replied. "I appreciate the proximity to the Diplomatic facilities."

"Good I am glad you agree," Sheena said as they approached the quarter's. "Here we are," she said, as the doors whooshed open revealing a large room with blue curtains and various blue shaded furniture. "Hm....cozy.....wouldn't you agree?" Sheena asked.

"Thank you, this is more than I expected on a starship." Tanger replied. "I appreciate you escorting me to my new residence. I already feel at home on this ship and I but just arrived more or less."

"Well I assume it is but just another part of my job as XO/Ambassador," Sheena said chuckling. "However I am glad to have you with us," she added.

"Thank you, I am looking forward to the many adventures of being part of a crew on a starship. I have only served on planetary duties since the academy and this is a whole new aspect to my duties." Tanger replied. "Glad to be here and hope to serve the captain and crew to the best of my abilities.

"I am quite sure you will fit in nicely here on the Leto. If you need anything else just holler at me or the captain. Should you need furniture modifications holler at engineering," Sheena said smiling.

"Thank you for your assistance and I will get in touch with engineering about the furniture issues if there should be any." Tanger replied. "Hope the rest of your shift is a good one."

"You as well Lt. Tanger," Sheena said as she watched him leave. Walking out of her office, she headed to the bridge. "Well that was taken care of quickly, captain, what's going on? Anything new?"


Lt. Cmdr. Sheena Toran
USS Leto


LT Kasey Tanger
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Leto


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