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Lieutenant Kasey Tanger

Name Kasey Tanger

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color brown
Eye Color black
Physical Description average appearance of a male Betazoid, proportionally built and in fit form


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Rex Tanger (Betazoid) (deceased)
Mother Melonna Reese (Betazoid) (deceased)
Brother(s) not aware of any but thinks his parents had some children before him who were kidnapped and never retrieved.
Sister(s) Marina Tanger, he was not aware of any siblings until recently. He always thought his parents had some children before him who were kidnapped and never retrieved, which turns out he had a twin sister was kidnapped literally hours after their birth. This twin sister was never mentioned to protect what they had established as their family and estate.
Other Family Not aware of any as his parents did not talk about their families, so no known relatives. He knows he had an Aunt and an Uncle who lived in the traditional family estate on Betazed and he recalls meeting them twice but never really knew them. He lets the family of the staff live in the estate and he visits very infrequently but it is still his family's estate until there is not more Tanger family members alive then it reverts to the chief of the estate's staff.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tanger is a good natured, down to earth sort of guy who is fairly easy going. He takes his job very seriously but knows when to switch off that drive and make friends. He is an emotional man, who tries not to act upon the feelings of his subordinates and his shipmates. Has been rated a very high telepath.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: ability to translate alien languages due to ability to see the thoughts and images in the alien's mind as he hears the spoken word; very technically minded; Linguistic Abilities: can learn languages quickly due to his strong telepathic ability to see the images the alien race projects as they talk so he knows the meaning of the word thus can then speak their language back to them.

Weakness: Telepathy sometimes it can get in the way; very critical of himself and over analysis his own faults.
Ambitions Wants to be an Ambassador some day in the future but until then he wants to see more of the universe and have adventures getting to see what is out there...
Hobbies & Interests Listening to Jazz (as long as it is not the Romulan or Vulcan versions)
Favorite Holodeck/Holosuite programs involve fantasy elements and old Earth comic book heroes...Superman, Batman and Green Lantern for starters.
Also loves to go hiking and likes to be naked whenever possible as he does not really like the confinement of his clothes
Translating languages without the universal translator can speak over forty languages without the aid of the universal translator

Personal History Kasey Tanger was born in Jo' Kala in the Musilla Province on Bajor as his parents were assigned their at that time. His father and mother were both members of the Federation Diplomatic Corps. His childhood and adolescence was spent living on various planets as his parents worked different assignments. It is rumored that he had a twin who was kidnapped within a few moments after birth and his parents never shared this with him; however, the staff whispered about it on and off.

Kasey had an uncanny knack for picking up languages without the universal translator. He somehow tapped into his telepathy to see the language of whomever he met and thus could reply vocally in their language. He can speak Bajorian, Klingon, Vulcan, Tellarite, Cardassian, Federation Standard, Betazoid and many others (over forty). He liked to keep active but did not like competitive sports but did well in martial arts and defensive practices. He enjoyed games of the mind and strategy, but mostly he enjoyed negotiating. His academic performance was considered above average all around, but his true affinity was in being diplomatic and having the knack of his linguistic skills.

Tanger's parents never lived on Betazed during his childhood but they had hoped he would go to the University of Betazed after he graduated high school. He wanted to join Starfleet and continue to have grand adventures in any way he could. While they really wanted him to not go to Starfleet Academy, they gave in and let him attend as they did want their son to be happy.

Kasey was accepted on his first attempt to get in the Academy, He arrived at Starfleet Academy for the summer indoctrination and orientation classes within a few weeks after his high school graduation. The 6-week orientation cycle focused was to train the cadets on the basic Starfleet disciplines and protocols. There was also emphasis on physical fitness, drill and ceremony.

Tanger's first two years at Starfleet Academy were spent learning the core officer development skills and general diplomatic protocols. He developed good relationships with his fellow cadets and the Academy faculty. He had the makings of a strong diplomat, but his true abilities for defensive techniques and linguistics were also beneficial to his diplomatic studies. He also took engineering and medical courses while at the academy to help round out his education.

It was the summer before his final year at the academy, his parents were on a transport headed to Bajor and it experiences some malfunction. While they waited for assistance a team of Orion pirates, highjacked the transport and stole the air scrubbers. Meanwhile all on board suffocated before help could arrive. To note: Tanger still is in ownership of a large familiar plantation of sorts on Betazed that has been in the family for generations, and yet he never really lived there but his parents vacationed there while he was growing up.

Tanger would like to fulfill his dream of one day becoming a Federation Ambassador and be stationed on a new planet not yet discovered by the Federation. He hopes to get the proper chain of assignments to help steer him on the path to a bright future. Once he graduated, the Federation Ambassador to Andoria picked him to serve on his staff. So as an Ensign, he headed to Andoria. He more or less was a receptionist for the Ambassador's office. After very short time, he was transferred to Tellar Prime to replace that Ambassador's Aide who had a baby and resigned to be a full-time parent.

Tanger's next assignment was when he was transferred to Vulcan as part of the Ambassador's Entourage. His duties were to be with the Ambassador as his right-hand to help guide the talks and help the ambassador with the details of treaties and contracts. While on Vulcan he was able to partake in learning the Suus Mahna.

His third tour of duty was when the Ambassador he worked with on Vulcan transferred to Earth and asked him to move with him. Tanger was now the Ambassador's Head of Staff and ran the office on Earth. He was also the one who would be in constant contact with the Ambassador on all Diplomatic functions. It was this time he was promoted to full Lieutenant. While on Earth he used his free time to take time to study more about engineering and defensive techniques along with learning new methods of first aid and basic medical procedures. He also enjoyed visiting the tropical area of Earth for the hiking.

Tanger's new orders now have him as the Head Diplomatic Officer on the USS Leto and he hopes this will open the proper path for him to once day reach his dreams. However, his dream my change along the way and he just wants to see where this adventure may lead.
Service Record SD 238605.22 to SD 239005.15: Starfleet Academy: Cadet

SD 239006.07 to SD 239106.20: Federation Embassy on Andoria, Ambassador's Staff (Ensign)

SD 239106.21 to SD 239204.07: Federation Embassy on Tellar Prime, Ambassador's Aide (LT JG)

SD 239204.08 to SD 239307.20: Federation Embassy on Vulcan, Ambassoador's Entourage (LT JG)

SD 249307.21 to SD 2394.15: Federation Ambassadorial Staff at Federation Headquarters on Earth (LT)

Present: USS Leto, Diplomatic Relations, Chief Diplomatic Relations Officer (LT)