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New Places & New Faces

Posted on Thu Sep 15th, 2022 @ 12:16pm by Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn & Lieutenant Commander Robert Hendon

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Sickbay



"Commander Hendon?" Reagan inquired of the stocky brown-haired man dressed in medical blue. She imagined most might have passed him over, assuming that a man of his stature wasn't a doctor but instead perhaps a security officer, RJ had read his file. The photo seemed to match relatively closely with the man standing in front of her, but one could never be too sure.

"I'm Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn, newly transferred over. I brought my files down," she said with a smile holding out a padd. Truly, the act was unnecessary. RJ could have just sent her medical records through the ship's secured messaging channels, but she felt it was best to get around and get to know everyone before work consumed her in engineering.

Robert had heard there was another new officer joining the Leto.

“ Ah yes our new Assistant Chief Engineering Officer. You realise of course that you will need to have a physical? Are you free now?” Hendon said

"I am, though I've had what feels like a million physicals in the last couple of months," Reagan let out a small sigh. Since she had been rescued from their last mission on the Dreadnought, she had spent a significant amount of time in sickbay recovering from the torture she'd endured. "The details are in here," she handed him the padd which she had walked in with. "Though you're welcome to scan me with your fancy devices anyway," she forced a smile, understanding that transfer physicals were part of the standard operating procedures.

Hendon noticed two things straight away. One her gait was wrong and two there seemed to be something wrong with her hand.

“ Yes. I think you need a check up. Are you happy with me doing it or should I get a female medic?” Robert asked

"I have no problem with you doing it, but thanks for asking," RJ replied.

Robert ran a probe over her hand first. He could see extensive tendon scaring. The same readings came up when he scanned her legs.

“ Not good. But fixable. Oh yes. Fixable. We’ll sort out your hand and gait first. Why was none of these injuries properly treated at the time you were hurt?” Robert said as he ran a tissue regenerator over her injured hand.

"Well, for one thing, I was stuck in a cell and they weren't entirely keen on fixing any injuries at that time seeing as how they were the ones that caused them. I was told the delay in care meant that some of the damage might be permanent," she shrugged. "After the rescue, I took a leave of absence. I just needed to get away for a while and regroup. If had stayed longer I suppose the medical team probably could've fixed it over time."

Hendon shook his head.

“ Well you were lied to. The delay may slow up the healing process but you will be fully healed in a few weeks. Try your hand now.” Robert said

"To be fair, they only said it might be permanent," she smiled and lifted her hand. Movement was definitely smoother and she could rotate it with better precision. "That's a lot better, thanks! This'll make engineering easier again." RJ said with appreciation for the doctors skills.

“ Now let’s look at your leg problem. This may take a little longer. There is quite some substantial tendon and muscle damage. The achilles is a little to enlarged for my liking. That may have to be replaced. We have your DNA on file so growing a new one will be simple. But that will be if plan A fails.I am going to put my hands near your feet. I want you to kick them. First your left then your right.” Hendon instructed.

RJ raised a brow at his request. "As long as you don't court-martial me for assault on a superior officer," she chuckled before kicking his hands as instructed. "Question though, when you say grow a new one and replace it, what exactly does that entail?" She felt she knew the answer, some sort of surgery, but she prayed there was another answer.

“Oh it’s nothing too sinister. Using your DNA plus a few fresh cells from your body. We feed all that into a bio replicator. It then produces a new limb. Which we then attach to you. Your body won’t even know the difference. Plus with it watching your skin colour nether will you. Now push down harder with your left foot.” He said

RJ did her best to push harder but there wasn't much more to give. "I'm afraid that's all I've got," she said. "Can we back up for a second though? Did you say LIMB? As in like a new leg?!" She asked, now seriously concerned with what lie in her future. "So then what, you cut off the old one and put the new one on? How does that work?"

“ This is only if plan A fails. Due to you having this leg injury for a while. If it does not heal then all the tendons will need to be replaced. Plus your leg muscles have been weakened due to the longevity of the wound. It’s far better to replace everything. You won’t even know it’s a new leg. But considering how much pressure your putting on my hands with your feet. That’s a course we probably won’t need to do. Unless you want a new leg?” Hendon replied

"Nope," she replied a little too eagerly. "Thanks for the offer, but I think I'd much prefer keeping the old one. So where do we go from here?" RJ asked.

“ Very well. Plan A. I have to warn you this may hurt. Tendons don’t take to kindly to be repaired. Your going to feel some discomfort so be ready.” Hendon said

"Understood," Reagan nodded and braced herself for whatever was to come. There was no way it could be worse than what had created the problem, she thought.

It took quite a while to correct Reagans leg problem. But finally Hendon was pleased with the result.

“ Ok. For the next few weeks your have to wear a leg brace. It can be worn over or under your clothing. It will do two things. Help you get used to your new gait and strengthen your tendons. You’ll need to learn how to walk again. Due to you having that injury for to long. You need to get used to standing and walking properly again. But. With all that. Your’ll be out of here in a couple of days.” Hendon explained

"Wait, what? Out of here in a couple of days? As in, I'm stuck here for the next couple of days?". RJ asked, wondering if a new leg really would've been the easier option. Though she wasn't excited about a brace either, at least she could wear that and still work in engineering.

“ Sorry I meant a couple of hours. Not two days. Thinking about Ensign Vol it hurt a tentacle. A lot harder to see back on. Nope give us a couple hours well
Jane you up and about. May even just be one.” Hendon said

RJ breathed a sigh of relief. An hour was doable. "I don't suppose the couple weeks of wearing a leg brace happened to be a slip either? Maybe just a day or two?" She asked, hopeful that it too was a lesser sentence.

“ Not unless you wish to be stuck in here for two days. But once it’s on and under your uniform no one will ever know. You can ever climb and run in it. So we would not know it was there. You see because this injury was not treated for a while. Your body got used to the damaged limb and your gait was knock out. When the injury fixed your gait needs correcting. As your not having a new limb. This is the best way.” Advised Robert.

"Got it," she nodded. "So are there any restrictions at all throughout this process? Can I go swimming for example?". It was a pointed and eagerly asked question.

“ Actually I would strongly encourage it. Swimming is very good for the muscles.But be careful your find your buoyancy will be different now your leg is fixed. There is a holodeck program of the Dead Sea on Earth. The high content of natural minerals and salts. Will not only help you get used to your new muscles but will help your skin.” Robert said

"I don't think buoyancy will be much of a problem. I prefer surfing honestly, and I'm good enough at it that I mostly stay on the board," she chuckled. "So what happens now? Am I free to go?"

“ Yes. Your free to go. Any problems please let us know.” Robert said

"Thanks for your help," RJ smiled at the man with genuine appreciation and left the room.


Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn
USS Leto


Lieutenant Commander Dr Robert Hendon
Chief Medical Officer
USS Leto


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