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Getting Engineering Up and Running

Posted on Sun Nov 15th, 2020 @ 3:32pm by Lieutenant Steve O'Carroll & Lieutenant Ryan Blake & Lieutenant Angelina Brannon & Lieutenant Jamie Dougherty & Lieutenant JG Nishu Yalet & Captain Orin Thrix & Master Sergeant Tovin Hex

Mission: The Thorion Conundrum Mission Brief
Location: Engineering, Around the Ship
Timeline: After meeting the captain



Lieutenant Dougherty thought it was high time she got things in order. She didn't want to disappoint her new captain, especially after that incident on the promenade landed her in a sickbay and a detention cell. Sometimes Nicci can be such a spoilsport.

oO The question is what in the world do we need to build an embassy, Oo she thought to herself as she looked over the master situation display in engineering. oOPerhaps I should just ask the department heads. They know best what they need. Just gotta prioritize whom to see.Oo

"First thing's first though," she said as she rounded up the senior staff she had in engineering so far. Two humans, a Trill, a Vulcan, and a purple-skinned alien. Lieutenants and Ensigns. There were a few warrant officers in a few specialized fields, and plenty of enlisted.

"Thank you for meeting me here," Jamie began as she tucked some of her wild red curls behind an ear. "Let me make sure I have everyone. William O'Brien, Ensign. Arlen Bowen, Lieutenant, JG. Both from Florida, and Arlen, you're mom's from Guam, right?"

"Yes ma'am," he nodded. He was 5'11", curly black hair, green eyes, slightly tanned skin. "I specialized in the Plasma Transfer Conduits and electrical work. Billy here specialized in the audio-visual systems, holodeck imaging systems, that sort of thing."

"Good to know. T'Lar, you're specialized in the sensor systems?"

"Yes, for over twenty earth years," she said, not betraying a hint of emotion, true to the Vulcan way. "I did not expect that we would have an engineer with...your this department. Given other crewmembers, it is possible to be a liability to morale."

"Kling aklami buffik, T'Lar," Jamie replied in a near native accent, getting a raised eyebrow in response from the Vulcan, not expecting Jamie to know Vulcan. (OOC: "Nobody's perfect, T'Lar" - I watched Star Trek 2 a lot as a kid)

"Elin Vox, you're our resident weapon expert, I take it," Jamie continued, seeing the tall black haired, blue eyed trill (OOC: an old Tom Welling) smile.

"Yes ma'am," he replied. "I figured this life I'd give a new field a try. I've had eleven other joinings, studying various other engineering areas, and I hadn't done weapons yet, so I thought I'd try it out."

"You're on joining number twelve? Wow," Jamie said, raising her eyebrows, impressed. "That's a lot of lifetimes."

"Lots of wives and lots of children and lots of presents on my birthdays," he joked.

"So you've never been a woman?" Jamie asked.

"No, not yet," Elin replied.
"Maybe you should try it some day," Jamie said with a smile. She turned to the last one, the purple-skinned alien (OOC: Looks like Noell Coet), who had dark purple hair, pointed ears, light purple skin and magenta eyes, and was swishing her tail around. "And you're Talia Tvenna. Computer expert."

"Yes ma'am!" she said with all the excitement she could muster, saluting quickly.

"At east, before you strain yourself," Jamie said wryly. "Okay first thing's first. We have three rotations, three shifts, starting 0800, 1600, and midnight. As Chief, I take 0800; Vox, I want you on 1600, and T'Lar on 000/2400. I value your experience and your steadiness, and want to make sure everything runs smoothly."

"A logical decision," T'Lar absently commented. Maybe that meant she didn't totally hate Jamie right out of the gate, not that any Vulcan would admit as much.

"From our mission brief, we're heading to Thorion IV, which the Tomcat visited last year, and establish an embassy and diplomatic relations," Jamie reported, reading from the PADD, then looking at the senior engineers she had available. "I'm not expecting combat, but as my mother's family says, nunquam non paratus. We have an old K-7 station in orbit, so we should work on ways of buffing up its defenses and offenses," she said, nodding towards Elin. "We also have possible piracy and criminal activity in the area due to Pergium being discovered. So we'll need our sensors running in top form. I know you can do it T'Lar," Jamie nodded towards her Vulcan officer. "Maybe we can work on preemptively countering scrambling or masking efforts just in case."

"I will begin presently," T'Lar replied, using an older word to mean 'right away.'

"Billy, Arlen," Jamie said. "I want you both on second shift. Let's make sure the holo systems are good in case we need the EMH. Maybe we can work on an engineering hologram, now that I think of it. Might be helpful in some situations. Anyway, pull up everything you can on the K7 and see what you can do to beef it up in every way that counts."

"Yes Ma'am," both said in unison.

"What about me?" asked the purple ensign in a cute voice.

"You're going to make sure our computer's got every bit of information on the Thorion system, the traffic around the region, interstellar politics of the area, and embassy construction and security measures," Dougherty instructed. "T'Lar, you're in charge while I'm out. I'm going to check on our department heads, make sure we're covering what they need."

Having left engineering, Lieutenant Dougherty finally found Lt. Brannon and Lt. Yalet.

"Lt. Brannon, Lt. Yalet, it's a pleasure to meet you both," Dougherty said with a smile, extending her hand for both to shake.

Nishu shaked her hand with a smile.

Nice to meet you too Lt Yalet.We will have our hands full this ship because sometimes we will have alien life forms that don't get along. So we have to keep the peace but be diplomatic at the same time.

And also protecting the ship and the senior staff too.aww

Nishu smiled,"Thats for sure." she said in a friendly way.

"I'm your new Chief Engineering officer, and since we're still docked, I thought I'd come to you both to find out what you might need worked on or prepped for the mission to Thorion 4," Jamie said, as she fought to put some of her thick red curls behind her ear. She really needed a hair tie. She did look like Merida if it weren't tied back, even if she hated the comparison.

Nishu nodded to the Chief Engineering officer."Welcome aboard." Nishu smiled.

It Brannon smiled nice to meet you as she shook hands.

Nishu smiled as she shook back." Hope you enjoy your stay here." Nishu said.


Once she'd made her notes and excused herself, she located the Chief Ops Officer, Steve O'Carroll. She paused a little and she took a surprised breath. He was taller than she was, and she had to admit, was quite handsome. She felt her pulse quicken, but she took a steadying breath so that her out-of-control pheromones would remain in control. Luckily she'd gotten her inhibitor shot from the doctor already, or he'd be in trouble.

"Lt. O'Carroll, I'm Lieutenant Jamie Dougherty, the new Chief Engineer. It's a pleasure to meet you," she said, extending her hand to the man before her.

"Its nice to meet you too Lieutenant Dougherty. Welcome aboard! How can I be of service to you this fine morning?" Steve asked.

"I just got transferred here, so I was looking to see how I can make sure Ops runs smoothly during our mission to Thorion," Jamie replied. "Anything noteworthy you need or want?"

"Well its actually my job to make sure ops runs smoothly, but thank you for your kindly offer. Actually I been running checks of all the systems and we seem to be i pretty good shape. How are the power systems?" Steve said.

She wasn't sure he understood what she meant by offering to pre-emptively fix any issue he might have before launch, but decided to broom it. "Power systems are good. Everything's working within normal parameters. But let me know if you have any tweaks or upgrades you want to sensors, shuttle systems, computers, or whatever else. Just want to make your job easier."

" I will indeed, thank you." Steve replied.

--(Strategic Ops?)--

Having finished speaking with O'Carroll, Dougherty finally located the Chief of Strategic Operations, Lt. Blake. He had help split her up from Nicci, thank God, but it was a bit embarrassing to lose control like that, so she was a bit uneasy seeing him again. oO But you're a professional and you've got to get over that kind of crap sometime, Oo she told herself.

Ryan was jacket off and elbow deep in work with his small department getting their work area organized and functional when Jamie arrived. He was working on the small situation table he had installed in the bullpen amidst the desk work stations. He handed off the calibration tool to a warrant officer and stepped out of the bullpen to the small waiting area. "Lieutenant Dougherty, pleasure to see you again. What do we owe the honor of your visit?"

A few eyes from the enlisted personnel, mostly male, tracked the very attractive woman that entered, but resumed focus on their tasks at hand when Ryan went to greet Jamie.

"Lieutenant Blake, I guess it's good to see you under better circumstances," she said with a little laugh. "I just came to check on your department, engineering-wise. What're you looking at for the mission? And what can I help you with to get it done?"

Ryan looked back at the activity in the the bullpen before turning back to Jamie with a friendly expression. "Not sure of anything at the moment. Our secure communications network is all set up, I have my electronic Intelligence specialist working on the computer interface we need, and the holographic simulation display table should be up and running by the end of watch." He looked at me the small table near the back desk that he had claimed for his work station. He turned to Jamie again, a light hearted smile still on his face. "Only piece of equipment I really need is a big coffee maker."

"So you made unauthorized power requisitions, data line access, and equipment requisitions?" she asked in a mock serious tone that could only be taken as playful. She was leaning against the table, arms crossed. Given her sizeable endowments, she could only place her arms underneath, which had the unfortunate side effect of lifting them up and emphasizing them, not that Jamie minded. Sometimes distractions could be helpful.

Ryan's eyes perked up as he met her gaze. He wasn't adverse to a little verbal fencing. "Well, my work order requests were submitted and approved by the chain of command prior to your arrival. I tapped into a friend of mine on the starbase to obtain portable fusion generator for powering all my systems." He pointed to the door that would have been his office and then to the desk he had set up for himself in the bullpen. "My department will draw a negligible amount of power through the ships normal distribution system. I will be prepared to go to internal department power networking should the ship face a power drain or combat situations necessitating a shutdown here."

"And check your encryption. My algorithm logged as '3x Alpha' is about 8% more efficient in encryption/decryption speeds than standard. That might help when it comes to crunch time," Jamie said with a smile from her larger than normal lips, as she leaned on one hand, looking sideways towards Blake.

Eyes surreptitiously tracked Jamie from the bullpen. The male population of the bullpen were enjoying the show.

Ryan gestured over his shoulder to an enlisted man with a Electronic Intelligence rating. "I have a guy in the department that can handle most, if not all, my technical issues." He glanced over his shoulder. Gordon, you mind explaining to me Lieutenant here what you've done."

Gordon stumbled over to the counter and mumbled something about the work he'd done. His eyes constantly tracking back to Jamie's special endowments.

"My eyes are up here," Jamie said, raising one eyebrow, pointing two fingers at her eyes, unknowingly imitating a famous DC comics character, Power Girl. "So, Mr. Gordon. Take a the encryption algorithm, not me. It's listed in the public files under encryption, you'll find me marked as the creator, last updated within the last 24 hours. Run some tests, see if it helps y'all out. Use it or not, your choice. Just trying to help a fellow Starfleet soldier out." Her tone was kind of like a tutor guiding a student to an answer, so not mean at all. oO Good thing I didn't enter Miss Starfleet last year, Oo Jamie mused to herself.

Gordon nodded, blushing from ear to ear. It was difficult, but he kept his eyes on her face. He bookmarked the files for review later and returned to work.

She returned her gaze to Ryan. She narrowed her eyes a little. A subtle expression, but a little playful. "Feel free to check out my portfolio. It's on the computer core.

Blake nodded as well. "I will do that. I am always interested in studying new encryption software. Never know when it might come in handy."

"Luckily we in Starfleet get to play with all the best toys," Jamie said playfully. "Besides, it pays to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best right?"

Ryan chuckled. "True. We do have some of the best technology in the Galaxy. I am really looking forward to seeing how well the holographic display table does." He gestured at the unfinished device. "I would appreciate if you you wanted to lend a hand getting it up and running."

"Happy to help," Jamie smiled. She jumped off the table, leaving her with a little bounce in her endowments and her large mass of red curls. "Let me make a few rounds and I'll come back around."

Ryan waved to Jamie as she left to continue her rounds. "See you soon." He turned back to the situation table and started the calibration of the Holo emitters.

She gave a friendly wave as she looked back. Jamie caught a few of the men staring as she left. oO I hope I look as good going as I did coming Oo she mused to herself as she smiled over her shoulder.

--(Marine area?)--

Jamie had a pleasant time catching up with Blake. She thought they might work well together on this ship. It wasn't big, so it was important to get along with everyone. She glanced at the names of the Marines on the ship. Thrix? Hex? Are they Trill? They sound like Symbiont names.

She took a while before she finally found the Marine area of the ship, and came up their Captain Thrix, and she froze, like a deer in headlights. It'd been nearly two years but the sight of an Orion still caused that fight-or-flight fear reaction in her. Her blue eyes dulled and began turning brown as he approached her.

"Can I help you?" Came an angry sounding voice from her left.

It took her a pregnant moment to stammer out a response, "I'm...the Chief Engineer. Lieutenant Jamie Dougherty," she said. Another moment before she very hesitatingly shook his hand back.

"Aren't you lost? This is Marine country." Said a mad sounding man walking toward her. This man was Trill. He looked old, and mean.

"That will be all Master Sergeant. Dismissed" Came another voice. The Trill walked away. leaving the visitor in capable hands.

"He may be a pain in the ass. But he is one hell of a top shirt. I'm Orin Thrix. The Marine CO." Said the Orion offering her his hand.

It took a moment for her to register his extended hand, but she recovered and returned the gesture. "It' meet you," she said, hesitantly. "So, you run a tight ship here?"

"Well, let's not go that far. I'd be pretty lost without that crazy Trill you just met," said Thrix.

"I feel safer already," she said neutrally. "I wanted to be a good chief and offer my help however you and your leathernecks need it for our mission to be a success."

"I appreciate that. I will let you know." Thrix said.



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