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Training LTjg Yalet on security and Tactical protocols

Posted on Tue Oct 27th, 2020 @ 3:50pm by Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheena Toran & Lieutenant Angelina Brannon & Lieutenant JG Nishu Yalet

Mission: The Thorion Conundrum Mission Brief


Angelina had learned her assistant in Security and Tactical had arrived. She always made sure to meet anyone under her command so she could personally see what they knew and what they needed to be trained on. While waiting for her to arrive, Angelina was taking the liberty of target practice in the holo-suite. No matter how good you are you can only get better.

Tapping her communicator, =/\= Lt, Brannon to LtJg Yalet, report to Holodeck 1, as soon as you can.=/\= Brannon ordered.

Nishu heard she was needed,=/\= I'm on my way.=/\= Nishu said as she took the Turbo lift to where holodeck 1 was. Nishu waited and then got off the Turbo lift as she hurried to Holodeck 1.

Sheena was strolling down the corridor when she saw Lt. Jg. Yalet disappear inside Holodeck 1. Wondering, she also entered and was surprised to find Lt. Brannon already there with Lt. Jg. Yalet. "Well, what have you cooked up for today Lieutenant?" she inquired.

Brannon tossed her a phaser, "Let's start with target practice. Computer target practice level 5. So how do you like the Leto, Nishi? Getting settled in?" As the targets started flying around Angelina shot a couple.

"Target practice is important for Security Tactical. Never know when you may need to protect the CO, XO or the ship with phasers." Brannon stated.

"You are welcome to join in if you like Mr. Toran".

Angelina offered up a phaser to the Exec.

"I am planning to work with the LT and get her up to where I can trust her to protect you or the CO on a mission. Never know when both of you may have to be in a different location at the same time." Brannon stated.

Commander Sterling decided to go to the training as well. She was well aware of the training schedule and she wanted to watch Lt. Brannon do her thing. Who knew she might learn something new herself.

"Good afternoon ladies" the Captain said.

LT Brannon snapped to attention, "Captain on the deck!!!
Welcome to the class care to join us in some target practice Captain? We are set on level 5." As she offered a phaser to her.

Maia took the offered phaser, checked it then said, "Alight lets get started." Maia said.

"Do not point the phasers at anyone or anything you do not plan to fire on. Keep your phasers on Level 3 stun. This is more than sufficient for the range and if the bad thing happens in about 10 minutes they will get up. Do not fire across to an area outside of your Sector as it will increase the chances of an accident. The field of fire is 30 degrees to either side as you are standing and there is a little bit of overlap in each field of fire. The same way that you would do in an actual fighting situation. "Any Questions of anyone?," she asked.

"Yes can you explain what this weapon is and what it does? Maia asked.

Sheena, being ex-security, kept her mouth shut as Maia knew that she was very familiar with the weapon and the exercise. Double checking her phaser and made sure it was set on level 3 before the exercise started. Smiling slightly, she watched in silence.

Angelina started, "Yes the phasers have settings that range from low stun the heavy stun and even will kill on the highest setting. If you look at the phasers in your hands, be sure to point them in a safe direction, and you see the setting switch and the display setting as to how the phaser is set. Below that you see 2 arrows, one pointing up and the other down. For the exercise I want you to set it so there are only 3 bars showing, This is a low stun setting and will just slow them down while you catch up to them. This is good to use if you want to have them walk with you when you get to them, she finished saying.

"On normal away missions we use heavy stun which is 5 or 6 bars depending on the orders of the CO, XO, or the Commander of the away team. If in a full combat mode due to someone boarding the ship and attacking we try to use heavy stun. If in a battle and the ship is being boarded then we can at the Captain's order set them to kill and go to maximum setting this will cause them to vaporize" Angelina said.

"I personally try to stun when I am patrolling the ship. This way we can interview them to see why they were trying to do something bad on the ship. Be extra careful when using the high setting it can cause an overload and the phaser will explode and kill anyone within 20 meters. If in overload the phaser gives a high pitched squealing tone. You can stop it by lowering the setting if you react quickly," Angelina explained.

Nishu nodded as she listened to who was talking, and listened to orders.

Sheena was waiting for the fun....well, the exercise to begin as she as due for her routine practice time. It was a bit strange to find the captain here but she figured that it was one of her daily routines.

"Shall we begin Lt Brannon." Maia asked.

"OK here we go, Captain you and the XO stand in the middle about 3 meters apart. LTjg Yalet take the right side I will take the left. This is the standard way of standing on away missions to be better able to protect the CO and XO LT. Computer Level 5 skeet targets to start. Begin simulation computer" said Angelina waiting.

Maia took aim and hit all the gold orbs, she didn't miss any at level 5.

Smiling and then winking at the Captain, Sheena took aim, fired at each gold orb and didn't miss one. Level 5 was easy for her to do.

Brannon took her shoots and then nailed all 5 of the orbs. "Your turn Yalet."

Sheena walked over to Maia, "Nice shooting Captain. Been doing it long?" she said chuckling.

"Yeah almost 20 years, Sheena. What a long road it seems so short but when you say 20 years you wonder where all the time went", Maia said.

Brannon smiled, "Computer level 8 and this time we all fire at the targets in our sector at the same time.

"Level 8, well I guess I can come down to that. Send them up! Ready Captain?" Sheena said, again chuckling. Taking aim, she waited for the exercise to begin.

"Ready, Let her rip Lieutenant" Maia said.

Brannon smiled, "Computer begin simulation 30 targets each. Here we go everyone."

Watching the golden orbs that started to fly, Sheena picked out each one, not missing her mark. When the exercise was done, she had hit all 30 of hers. " Well captain, either our aim is getting better as we get older, or the computer is getting slower," she said laughing quietly.

Maia scored five hits without even breathing. then five more as she breathed.

LT Brannon smiled, as she took out her last target. "Looks like everyone is doing good, Captain. Especially you."

"Yes well I do try to get in my practice, a combat officer never needs to lose her edge". Maia said.

LT Brannon smiled, "I get up early before duty and practice everyday to keep my skills sharp and after that i go through a hard workout. Then shower and eat breakfast before going on duty. This keeps me on top of everything."

"I spend at least twice a week here doing target and real time firing. Keeps me sharp in distinguishing the enemy from civilians," Sheena said smiling.

"I run a lot of scenarios when I am guarding the Captain, you or some dignitary and have a rogue enemy attack them and I have to stop them before they are successful. It keeps me on my toes and also makes me more observant in crowds. Anything can happen Commander. And where I am Betazoid I have telepathic powers and I will be honest I use it when I am not sure of someone's intent," replied Brannon

Nishu nodded to him as she continued to listen. "Well being a Trill I just carry a worm." Nishu chuckled.

"Star Fleet itself frowns on me using my telepathic powers on anyone, But I am sure that if I did do it for a good reason that Commander Sterling and LT Commander Toran would not complain too much. I only use it in certain situations. Like to protect a visiting dignitary or a high ranking government official for example. I don't do it to everyone." stated Brannon.

"How are the qualifications Lieutenant?" Maia asked

Tag brannon

"You are Betazoid Lt. Brannon? Well so am I. Pleasure I'm sure," Sheena said smiling at her. "I used my abilities as well when I was the Security chief years ago, and you are quite right in that Starfleet does frown on us reading the minds of others. However now, things have changed and I only use it when necessary," Sheena said.

LT Brannon smiled, "Nice to get to know someone from Betazed. My parents died when I was young and I grew up on Starships and Starbases along with time on earth. My adoptive parents gave me their earth name. When they adopted me as a baby. I grew up knowing I was different till I was 16 in earth years and strayed across the adoption papers when my adoptive father died.

I learned my Betazoid name from them. My last name on Betazed was Belbre. My parents were killed under suspicious circumstances. My adoptive mother told me they gave me their last name to protect me from danger.

We live under the Code of Sentience. It reads:

The Code of Sentience guides Betazoids in their use of telepathy among non-telepaths. Individual Betazoids follow it to a lesser or greater degree, each according to his or her nature. Like any social code, it outlines what is acceptable, proper behavior, to both reassure non-telepaths and safeguard Betazoids:
Reading the mind of another without his knowledge is taboo.
Even when permission has been granted, the code forbids reading thoughts separate from the purpose of the mind reading.
The code discourages a Betazoid from divulging what he reads to another without permission.
It is considered rude for Betazoids to communicate telepathically with each other in the presence of non-telepaths." Brannon quoted.

"Yes, quite correct. That code exists for that reason. We do not break that code, unless so ordered, or in certain circumstances where the lives of others are in a life or death situation " Sheena stated.

Angelina smiled, "And believe it or not one reason for the ship's counselor position was so the Betazoids could advise the CO in matters of negotiation. with ships as to whether the CO on the other ship was hiding something or was maybe attempting something others may not sense. That concludes this training and I hope everyone had fun. I know I did. And perhaps we can get together sometime and talk about Betazed sometime. I only know what I have been told about it," she explained.

Everyone is dismissed.



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