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Chosen Man Program

Posted on Fri Oct 16th, 2020 @ 8:58pm by Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheena Toran & Lieutenant Ryan Blake & Captain Orin Thrix

Mission: The Thorion Conundrum Mission Brief
Location: Captains Ready Room
Timeline: Mission day 6


Today was the day for meetings.

Commander sterling wanted to start the chosen man program aboard the Leto. However she wanted to make sure her senior officers knew what it was all about.

=/\= Lt Commander Toran, Lt Blake and Captain Thrix please report to the Captains ready room =/\=

Maia prepared herself for what she wanted to say.

Ryan had just gotten to his quarters after his bridge watch. He had planned on having a quick meal and heading to the Strategic Operations offices to review the final updates from Starfleet Command before their leaving on the mission. He tapped his commbadge. =/\=Blake here. I'm on my way.=/\= He turned halfway to the replicator and headed back out the door.

=/\= This is Captain Thrix. On my way. =/\= He said in response to the request of his presence.

=/\= Sheena here, be there in a flash.=/\= She said as she left her office for the bridge. It took Sheena all of three minutes to enter the ready room. "I'm here Maia," she said smiling at her friend.

Maia smiled.

Ryan stepped out of the turbolift onto the bridge, crossing it quickly to the Captain's Ready Room. He activated the chime and entered after receiving permission to enter. He nodded first to Maia and then to Sheena. Second gathering today. I wonder what's up,he thought.

Before the door of the ready room could close, Marine Captain Thrix entered the room. "Sorry Ma'am, the door was open." He said with a smile as he barely fit through the closing ready room door.

"Come in Mr Thrix, Mr Blake. Thank you for your attention in this matter."

"I called you in here to initiate the chosen man program", Maia said.

OOC: a little historical perspective.

A Brief History…

The duty of a Chosen Man was once equal to that of a Lance Corporal in the Army during the Napoleonic Wars, the White Cord they wore on their arms signified this. This Elevation was unique to the Rifle Regiments, but used mostly with the 95th Rifles, who wore green jackets instead of the usual Red tunics with white piping that other British Empire Soldiers, wore. The Rifles were the best of the regular Regiments and those chosen were given the Baker Rifle, at most the weapon user a well trained user of the weapon could comfortably fire two rounds a minute, the really experienced ones the occasional 3 shots a minute and the Rifle Regiments was the British Empires answer to the US Skirmishers as the Rifles themselves were skirmishers. In the 1800s units like these were common as armies fired powder and shot either from muskets or Rifles, a standard battle like Waterloo for example armies would stand on the battlefield and aim their muskets at the enemy it was said that during combat you could hear gun shot and not see anything through the gun smoke, the muskets were not good at long range and both sides suffered a lot of casualties.

Today there are Rifle Regiments in the British army, but these regiments are Ghurkhas the most loyal of British troops. The Chosen Man and White Cord have since vanished from use and only exist in re-enactment groups that re-enact old wars as a hobby.

Within the Fan Trek universe that originated on the Tomcat Sim, the Title of Chosen Man and the White Cord of Courage has a new meaning, where it was once given to those troops who proved themselves in battle, here in the sim world it is a little different, below are the requirements that MUST be achieved in order to earn the White Cord and be granted the title of Chosen Man which can be either Fleet Officers or Marines, but the following requirements are decided by the ship commander and if they have been satisfied.

"So, basically your taking an antiquated idea, and using it as a reward for courage or valor to be given at your discretion? Is that correct Ma'am?" Asked Thrix.

"Well it is historical with a historical perspective antiquated as it sounds the 95th Rifles still exist, and so do the traditions of that unit." Maia said.

"So here are the requirements to be a Chosen man." Maia said.

The Requirements are as follows:-

Initiative: The Simmer that can show Initiative in posts and leading away missions shows qualities for such an award and must also be regular posters.

Decency: This means the simmer has to be able to deal with fellow simmers in an honorable and decent polite manner and show respect; if it cannot be sorted out at their level then they must show that they can go to a senior Officer.

Honesty: This requirement speaks for itself.

Good with People: For a simmer to be considered for such an elevation they have to be good with others both IC and OOC’ly and be patient with the more difficult members as everyone learns at a different pace and must have the intelligence to be able to do this.

Ability: Those who are to be considered for such an elevation must have the ability to do all the other requirements and do a decent sized entry into the posts they are part of one line sentences will disqualify them. Also they must have the ability to move the post they are part of forward if it gets stuck and to handle others, all of which are part of the requirements to be granted the Title of Chosen Man.

There are currently four key people who hold this elevation, they are Fleet Captain Somers CO USS Tomcat, Commander Maia Sterling former First Officer and now CO USS Leto and Lieutenant Dodd CEO on the USS Tomcat, the title is not given often and the requirements not easy and can only be granted by the Captain of the ship. with recommendations by the senior officers, that would be the three of you.

"So, this program is open to both Starfleet and Marines alike?" Asked Thrix

"Yes Captain Thrix, but its mostly aimed at our Marines, who are the best of the best." Maia replied.

"They will be when I'm done with them Ma'am." Said Thrix.

Ryan considered Maia's words carefully regarding the Chosen Man Program. He was familiar with the historical significance, it being akin to Starfleet Academy's Red Squad. "You want us to monitor the officers, crew and marines and determine who is Chosen Man material?"

"I do Mr Blake" Maia replied.

"Any other Questions? If there are no other questions you are all dismissed." Maia said.

Sheena stood still, "Maia, I am puzzled by one thing, are you telling me that you are including me in this Chosen Man as well," she said, now turning to look at her friend. Now the onset of curiosity had just hit her and hit her hard.

"Yes if you feel that you are up to the challenge." Maia replied.

"My men will be in a state of training for right now. Anything like this for them could undermine that as it is intense training. But, when that is over, I can assure you. My Marines will all be deserving of this honor." Said Thrix.

"I would expect nothing less from you, Mr Thrix". Maia replied.

"I will do my best Captain to make you proud of me," Sheena said. Sheena's world just came to a screeching halt. To be given this opportunity was, well.....incredible, to say the least. Getting the call to be her XO was a shock in it's self, but now this! This was an honor to be included in consideration for the Chosen Man program.

"It is indeed Quite an honor, One that I bring with from the Tomcat." Maia said.

Ryan pondered the significance of the program the Captain wanted to initiate aboard the ship. It was ambitious and could go a long way to elevate morale. His only concern was what would happen to those individuals that strived to make the cut, but still didn't achieve the goal. He kept his concerns to himself for the moment.

"I will say this, may the best man win", she said smiling. Sheena would do her best, but, if she did not get the appointment she would buy the man who won, dinner.

"If there are no further questions you are all dismissed". Maia said.



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Lt. Cdr Sheena Toran
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