Captains log Stardate 239403.17

Posted on Sun Mar 21st, 2021 @ 10:24pm by Captain Maia Sterling

Captains log Star date 239403.17

Work continues on the Embassy and so far event have been relatively quiet. Lt Blake and his team are sending back regular reports. there has been some mischief but nothing that they couldn't handle. I have every confidence in his abilities to lead the survey mission. on a brighter note I have been informed by Star fleet command that my promotion to Captain has been granted and made permanent. We have increased security procedures to such an extent that we haven't had another attack or attempt on Lieutenant Brannon's life. Once the Embassy is fully online, we will continue on our mission, which I believe will be to Betazed. Whatever is on the amulet that is in Lt Brannon's possession seems critical to life and liberty and lieutenant Brannon's safety.

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