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A New Chapter Begins......

Posted on Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 @ 2:33pm by Lieutenant Kasey Tanger

- ON -

"Computer begin recording personal log" Lt. Kasey Tanger asked of the computer.

There was the chime and the computer said "Personal Log Activated. Begin recording."

"I am on an express shuttle to meet up with the USS Leto. I have been assigned to the ship as the Head of the Diplomatic Department. The ship launched on their mission without a Diplomatic Liaison to begin the pomp and circumstances of sealing the treaty with the Thorions.

I am learning all I can to bring myself up on the situation. I know my Betazoid abilities were why I became a Diplomat. My father and mother were both diplomats in their day, I know they did not plan to have me and I was an accident and they raised me to be a diplomat to follow in their footsteps. I spent my youth constantly on the move from embassy to embassy and never really knowing my own heritage. I was schooled on many worlds in the Betazed Embassies on many Federation worlds. I grew up learning languages without the use of a translator and now with help of my telepathy, I can pick up on alien languages faster than my parents would have thought. I have learned Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Andorian, Tellarite, Ferengi, Federation Standard and Betazed Standard and a slew of others. I had learned almost 40 languages before I was 16. I then asked to attend Starfleet Academy and while my parents really would have preferred me to go to school on Betazed, I got them to let me go to the Academy.

At the academy, I found I really did have a knack for diplomacy. I also enjoyed the aspects of defensive tactics and combat techniques. I also learned engineering and took some medical classes. I turned my full focus to diplomacy but can make any away team survive with my knowledge of first aid and engineering.

I am following my late parents' footsteps and only wish they could have seen me graduate from the academy. They passed away on a stalled transport that was attacked by Orion pirates when the air supply ran out of oxygen. They had lived a long life and fulfilled many accomplishments in their careers.

I got assigned my first real diplomatic assignment to help with the completion of the Thorion Treaty. I hope to make my late parents proud and also the Federation and my new ship. I should be arriving within the next two hours as the USS Leto is already in the Thorion system."

"Computer End Recording." Tanger asked and the computer chimed and stopped recording the log.

- OFF -


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