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The Way of the Warrior.

Posted on Thu Oct 8th, 2020 @ 11:10pm by Master Sergeant Tovin Hex & Captain Orin Thrix
Edited on on Fri Oct 9th, 2020 @ 1:43pm

Mission: The Thorion Conundrum Mission Brief
Location: Deck 7 Holosuites
Timeline: Mission day 7

"The beauty is that through disappointment you gain clarity, and with clarity comes conviction and true originality."
-Conan O'Brien-


The elements of the 95th Rifles Regiment of the Starfleet Marine Corp was practicing. The were doing simulated combat drills in the holosuits. Of course it was heavily simulated and this should have been easy missions for them. But the one person they needed to impress was not. Marine Captain Orin Thrix looked to these men. He, along with his Master Sargent were trying to assess the readiness of these men. All in all, it was about 3 platoons. Roughly the size of a medium sized company of Marines. And all in all, Thrix was not impressed. He made notes of where he needed to bolster the training. And where he needed to increase the men's readiness. Master Sargent Tovin Hex was not impressed. He had been with these men for awhile. He seen them do better. But, they had been in a state of relaxed training for a bit. And it was clear that it was taking it's toll.

After of a full day of trying to take various objectives, and doing field training it was clear that the men had gotten sloppy. They were still Marines, and still proud. But they were showing their sloppiness. It was clear, they needed to be tightened up. Thrix ordered all 3 platoons to form a semi circle around him. He wanted to address the men. But, he knew that dressing them down would only counter productive. The men were sitting on the ground, waiting to be addressed by the Marine CO. Thrix stepped up. He was silent for a few moments. He looked them all in the eyes. He could see a group of Marines who lost their way. Who were missing their discipline. They lost the gel of teamwork. Thrix knew what his job was, and had a good idea of how to proceeded. He stepped up, and addressed his men.

"Who here is familiar with the Ancient West of Earth?" Thrix asked.

The men hummed and hawed. It was clear that history was not any of their strong suits.

"Well, when I was at The Academy, I studied History. After all, you can't know where your going unless you know where you been. And Earth has an interesting history. But, who hear has heard of a native Indian leader called Crazy Horse?" Thrix asked.

Again, the men hummed and hawed

"Well, he was fascinating. A fine Sioux warrior. Let me tell you.......When Crazy Horse was a baby, he nursed from the breast of every woman in the tribe. The Sioux used to raise their children that way. Every warrior called every woman in the tribe Mother. Every older warrior, they called him Grandfather. Now, the point here is, they fought as a family. Sergeants, take care of your men. Teach them to take care of each other. Because....when the battle starts, each other is all we are going to have."

Then Thrix walked away leaving Tovin Hex there with the men. Hex looked at the troops with a scowl. "IF any of you somebitches call me Grandpa, I'll kill ya." He said. And he was NOT kidding. He walked away and followed Orin

"What now Sir?" Asked Hex as the 2 men walked away.

Orin sighed. "Well, tomorrow we start again. but this time we start with team building exercises. I want them to re-gel as a unit. I want them to become a unit. not just a bunch of guys on the same team. After we get there, the real training can begin." Said Thrix.

"And, what exactly are we training for?" Asked Hex.

"My hope is to take them beyond their current training. Right now, they are infantry trained. I want to start to train these men more for Special Op's." Said Thrix. "Starfleet seems to agree with me that it just might be an advantage to have not JUST a company of Marines. But, possibly Marine Commando's on a ship with a mission of this nature."

"And you are the somebitch that gets to make that happen?" Asked Hex.

"Master Sargent, you do have a way with words." Said Thrix. "You are Commando trained, right?" He asked.

Hex smiled. "Yeah, 10 years and and 9 killograms ago."

"Well, I can always use you with reserve platoon. You will need to train just as hard. But when push comes to shove....." Orin never finished.

"Do I look like a fetch and carry bitch to you?" Asked Hex. "Sir, I've NEVER been in the rear with the gear in my life. I've always been in the shit. And the day I can't be in the shit is the day I retire."

"Outstanding." Said Orin. "Dismiss the men. Let them rest up. Because tomorrow we start to WORK."

Hex saluted as Thrix walked away. And returning to the men in a semi circle, Tovin Hex addressed the men.

"Alright my babies, you best live it up tonight. Because tomorrow is going to be the first day of the rest of you're lives."


Marine Captain Orin Thrix
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Leto NCC-80916


Master Sargent Tovin Hex
First Sargent
USS Leto NCC-80916


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