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Old Friends See Each Other One Last Time

Posted on Sun Nov 1st, 2020 @ 7:27am by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant Jamie Dougherty & Senior Chief Petty Officer Henry 'Hank' Keitel
Edited on on Sun Nov 1st, 2020 @ 10:53pm

Mission: The Thorion Conundrum Mission Brief
Location: USS Leto
Timeline: As Captain Somers is meeting the commander


On the starbase where the USS Leto was docked, Fleet Captain Somers had just landed, and Lt, JG Nicole Taggert, called 'Nicci' by her friends, had taken her bag ( to her temporary quarters. She had a short amount of time between missions herself, and the captain had decided to take her along, so she piloted the shuttle for her commanding officer.

On the base, after getting settled, she walked the promenade area of the starbase. She liked the look of the place, it reminded her of Starbase 17, where the Promenade had the feel of being planetside with all the plants growing, making it feel more normal and less of a sterile space station ( in a few parts along the ring of the station. Rather than walk in her uniform, she was in some comfortable clothes (, black jeans, and a white shirt, just taking in the sights.

Naroyan, Asheyan, and Itharkan souvenir shops with restaurants one level up, and on the other side, a Vulcan book shop, which she browsed for a little before moving on to another shop. As she moved her pulse quickened, and she felt herself start poking her t-shirt a little. To anyone looking, her crystal blue eyes began turning green. oO What's going on? Oo she thought to herself, as she found herself getting turned on with no clear reason. oO I just took an inhibitor before leaving the USS Tomcat. I should be good for a fortnight. Oo

Nicci found herself looking around, then saw someone she never thought she'd see again.

From the other end, Jamie Dougherty, the new Chief Engineer on the USS Leto exited through the docking port, having met with the Chief of Strategic Operations in her office, and then the captain. She decided she needed to get some seeds to grow while on the ship, and a few souvenirs to send back to her family in Georgia. She was in jeans and a white tank top (, with her long red hair swishing and bouncing as she did. Though she kept her eyes forward, she knew she turned heads. As she walked naturally a little quicker than most people, she bounced as she approached, and bounced as she left, and she used to like seeing the same thing when at the Academy. She had a tendency to pretend it didn't exist but sometimes she did like to mess with people a little just to get a reaction out of them.

She got a Brezel with some caramel from a German shop, resembling an old Earth favourite, Auntie Annie's, and enjoyed it as she browsed. A Klingon shop had a few histories and sagas, and she thought she could use a new book, so why not? She got the Saga of Kahless, in the original Klingon, in pIqaD, since it was her interstellar language while at the Academy, and to practice on the holodeck later. The Klingon merchant insulted her in Klingon, something about a tera'ngan be' suitable for nga'chuq and little else. She responded with an invective-laced tirade including petaQ Qu'vatlh, toDSaH, and a few other colourful metaphors that surprised the Klingon, whose hair was just as long and curly as Jamie's.

He let out a loud Klingon roaring laughter, and slapped her on the back, saying she cursed as well as any Klingon, and gave her a bottle of bloodwine, on the house, inviting her to drink with him any time.

When she finally exited the shop she got past a Vulcan shop and decided to stop in, and picked up a book by Surak on Logic, as her therapist back on Earth told her that if she spent time with Vulcans she could master her emotions and body without needing inhibitors. Jamie sometimes took the quickest route, regardless of consequences, especially after she threw a Vulcan into pon farr early, so she went with inhibitors so that she could get back to duty as quickly as possible. She wanted to be in space, she wanted to be in the thick of it in the heart of a ship, keeping its core thrumming and its engines glowing.

As she exited, she looked through the Vulcan, which was beautifully written, she dropped it in her bag, and she felt it grow before she saw the source of the feeling. She didn't smell it too much till it hit her. Her pulse quickened, and to any observer, her eyes started turning a vibrant green. She started tenting her shirt, but she wasn't paying attention to that. She was getting aroused and couldn't find a source until she saw it. That blonde, almost as tall as she was, across the wide promenade.

She locked eyes and knew it was Nicci. She hadn't seen her since they left for their separate assignments more than a year ago and only had sparse communication. Jamie had 'changed' before Taggert on that Orion Bellringer station, and she didn't have control of herself yet, so she hungrily took advantage before Taggert was 'gifted' a new body also. It took over an hour before the Orions could separate them. A pleasant memory in some ways, but in a bad situation.

Like opposites of a magnet, the two walked towards each other, their heartbeats seemingly beating together. Neither noticed that Captain Somers from the Tomcat, or Lt. Blake from the Leto, were on the Promenade at the time. They closed the distance and felt their pulses in each other's ears. Like the others of their kind, they were more sensitive to each other's pheromones, regardless of blockers, as their noses were generally more sensitive.

Jamie's voice took on a different timbre, as she said, "Hello Rapunzel. Long time no see."

Nicci's voice got the same breathy alto tone, as she replied, "Princess Merida, how are you?"

Around the two, the air was thick, as the mood of the promenade shifted. People all around them seemed to notice each other more.

Senior Chief Gunner's Mate Keitel was making his way through the Promenade back to the ship when he spotted a very unusual situation begin to unfold. He had no idea who the blonde woman was, but the redhead was Leto's new Chief Engineer.

Fleet Captain Somers looked around at the bustling shuttle bay, she felt taller that she actually was, probably because the shuttle bay was a lot smaller than the Akira class.

Off near the main deck of the promenade, a blonde Starfleet Commander (, Samantha Diedrich, a rescued former Borg, was catching up with her former Captain, now a Vice Admiral, Liorae Saeihr (OOC: Lexa Doig:, when they both sensed something. As a former Borg, Diedrich could sense and see EM fields and saw something as her vision in her artificial eye that was abnormal before she shifted back to the visual spectrum. Diedrich looked back at the Admiral and both got up and proceeded swiftly to where they saw what was happening - Nicci Taggert and Jamie Dougherty were approaching each other as if the other were the only person on the starbase.

Looking around "hello Admiral," the Fleet Captain said to the person approaching her.

Saeihr in a nicely accented English looked at the captain, "I remember recommending Ensign Taggert to you, but there's something very important I forgot to tell you."

Looking up "What was it, Admiral?" Somers asked her curiosity piqued.

"Don't cross the streams," replied the Admiral.

Giving the Admiral a raised eyebrow "Excuse me, Admiral, cross the Streams, with who?"

"It would be bad," the admiral replied.

Looking totally confused "I am sorry Admiral I have no idea what you are on about, a cryptogram puzzle is easier to understand than you are currently being at this moment!" Somers said patience fraying, this topic was random.

"Try to imagine all life on this promenade as you know it stopping instantaneously, and every alien going at each other all at once," the former Borg said as if this were common knowledge. Of course, that's how each of the rescued Borg seemed to act without trying to be rude.

Clearly puzzled "Excuse me Admiral, but could you please start from the start and put what you said into context as I have no idea what you are trying to tell me!?" Somers asked.

Admiral Saeihr smiled, and tucked some of her long black hair behind her pointed Romulan ears, sharing a knowing look with her former tactical officer, Commander Diedrich. "My crew spent a lot of time watching older Earth movies on some of our longer movies. One of them was very popular, called 'Ghostbusters.' Surprisingly it became Sammy's favourite, despite her being a former Borg. It's one of her favourite scenes where they find out mixing two proton packs' energy streams would cause an energy backlash. Same thing with these two women. Mix two Bellringers and even on suppressors, we could get people around them to be a little too frisky. It'd be embarrassing for more than a few people."

Finally understanding "Thank you for the clarification Admiral, it is much appreciated and if my cousin was here she would know what you were on about, now you have explained it, you are right is was funny, now if you will excuse me I have to go sort out my shuttle ready for Departure," Fleet Captain Somers said and headed off.

Senior Chief Keitel moved to help pull apart the two women apart from one another. He glanced about at the other bystanders and realized that the situation would get more embarrassing should security arrive. Neither officer needed a reprimand on their record for a failure to maintain discipline.

Pulling the two apart, a Vulcan approached from his shop in his traditional robes and handed them some of his nasal numbing agents. Vulcans still used it when they had to be around humans, as all four of them pulled the two women apart while the Vulcan applied the nasal numbing agent to the two of them until their breathing slowed and their eyes changed colour from green back to blue.

Senior Chief Keitel started to lead Jamie away from the Promenade. He gave a shake of his head as he guided her to and put her on a turbolift. "Sickbay sir, right now...and I won't have to have a talk with Captain Sterling. Understood?"

Jamie reluctantly went with Keitel and tried touching his hand. If she did, she could pump pheromones into him and use subvocal oscillations to get him to let her go. But her rational side was slowly coming back to the fore, and she calmed herself down as he led her off to sickbay.

Despite protestations to the contrary, the two got to sickbay with Keitel's help.

The sickbay was similar to those found in older Constitution-class vessels in having a large ring of bio-beds, Nicci and Jamie being examined by the doctors, and getting a clean bill of health, aside from having a much higher level of arousal than he had seen before. Dr Kelley and Dr Ghata were surprised at that but were assured that was normal for those two.

Senior Chief Keitel sat out of the way as the medical staff examined and finally cleared the two women. He had given serious thought to calling the Master-at-Arms and having the visiting officer escorted off the ship. He got to his feet as the doctors gave the word both were fit for duty.

Jamie jumped off her bio-bed, her large endowments jiggling enticingly for any man looking as she walked to Nicci. Her eyes were green again.

Senior Chief Keitel sighed and rolled his eyes as both women started looking as if they were going to go at it there in the Sickbay. He cleared his throat in such a way that nobody present would mistake his next words. "You both have two hours in Lieutenant Dougherty's Quarters." He gestured at Nicci. "If this officer is still on the ship in two hours and one minute. Her next assignment will be in the brig awaiting transport to a penal facility. I suggest you both move out smartly before I change my mind." His expression did not look like he was open to debate the issue.

Captain Somers walked up to the Chief "Hello Chief, what is all this ruckus?" she simply asked.

Senior Chief Keitel came to attention when Fleet Captain Somers addressed him. "Just an old warhorse looking out for a pair of overly excited young officers sir." He remained ramrod straight.

"At ease chief, before the old warhorse sprains something," the Fleet Captain said with a smile "so what has gotten these young ones so riled up then?" she asked.

Senior Chief Keitel seemed a bit reluctant to go into much detail. He gave a sigh after a moment. "Both officers were held hostage at the Bellringer Station when it was occupied by a faction in the Orion Syndicate. Their physiology was modified to emit arousal pheromones. Evidently the pheromones work especially well on others with the same modifications. I brought them both to the Leto's Sickbay for treatment." He looked at the exit to Sickbay. "I thought it best for them to take their mutual interest in private for two hours instead of having them embarrass themselves in a less appropriate venue." He kept his expression as neutral as possible.

The Captain laughed "I have someone like that on my ship, you might know her Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert, I had a brush with her pheromones and I do not think that they are as bad as the two you mentioned, but they are quite potent" Somers said.

Senior Chief Keitel gave a nod. "She was one of the two officers involved." Keitel sighed. "I gave her and our officer two hours to get it out of their system before I was going to have to separate those two and get your officer off the ship."

"I understand, my pilot will be leaving without me anyway, I will find other means of transport back to the Tomcat, so if there is nothing untoward going on and you have everything under control I will take my leave of you and let you about your business Chief, I need to freshen up before my speech to the crew anyway, so have you a good day," the Fleet Captain said with a smile.

Senior Chief Keitel gave an understanding nod. "I will see you at the ceremony Captain. Good journey home if I don't have the opportunity to speak with you later.

With a final polite nod Fleet, Captain Jasmine Somers left the Chief to his own devices as she had some major preperation to do before her speech.


FCapt J Somers
CO USS Tomcat


SCPO Henry Keitel
USS Leto
Chief of the Boat


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