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Senior Chief Petty Officer Henry 'Hank' Keitel

Name Henry 'Hank' Keitel

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 55

Physical Appearance

Height 170cm/5'7"
Weight 70kg/154lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Henry, though short for the average human male, has a presence that can let a room full of people know who's in charge should he want too.


Spouse Daphne Keitel (nee Grant)
Children Stella
Other Family Numerous grandchildren

Personality & Traits

General Overview Henry is a crusty NCO. He has a great respect for officers, but he does not suffer fools of any rank very well.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong enlisted leader.
Expert mentor

Has a tendency to not sugar coat statements or remarks. The term 'political correction' does not exist in his personality make up.
Ambitions Henry has spent a life time serving in Starfleet. It has been his greatest ambition and honor.
Hobbies & Interests Bar activities (pool/billiards, darts, poker, tongo, dom jot)
Coaching athletic sports for teens and preteens

Personal History Born 13 May 2338
Service Record May 2345- Jun 2345: Enlisted Basic Training, Recruit Trainee

Jun 2345 - Aug 2345: Gunner's Mate 'A' School, Recruit Trainee

Aug 2345- Sep 2347: USS Hood, Apprentice Gunner's Mate/Able Gunner's Mate

Sep 2347 - Nov 2349: USS Ambassador, Able Gunner's Mate/Gunner's Mate Third Class

Nov 2349 - Sep 2351: Starbase Deep Space Five, Gunner's Mate Third Class/Gunner's Mate Second Class

Sep 2351 - Feb 2352: Drill Instructor's Academy, Drill Instructor Candidate

Feb 2352 - Jul 2354: Starfleet Enlisted Basic Training Academy, Drill Instructor

Jul 2354 - Aug 2360: USS Ulysses S. Grant, Gunner's Mate First Class

Aug 2360 - Jun 2364: Gunner's Mate 'A' School, Instructor/Senior Instructor

Jun 2364 - Jun 2365: Starfleet Special Warfare School, Special Warfare Candidate

Dec 2368 - May 2375: Starfleet Joint Special Warfare Operations Command, Special Warfare Operator

May 2375 - Dec 2376: Extended Medical Leave, Patient

Dec 2376 - Sep 2387: Starfleet Strategic Operations Command, various Division Leading Petty Officer and Leading Chief Petty Officer billets

Sep 2387 - Jul 2393: Starbase, Strategic Operations Department, Strategic Operations Department Enlisted Advisor

Jul 2393 - Present: USS Leto, Chief of the Boat aka 'COB'