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House of Flying Daggers

Posted on Fri Nov 6th, 2020 @ 6:01pm by Lieutenant JG Samuel James

Mission: The Thorion Conundrum Mission Brief
Location: USS Leto
Timeline: Pre-Launch

The Leto spun on it's longitudinal axis, effectively rolling itself over as phaser blasts illuminated the bubble of shielding around the ship a blue hue, looking to have the impacts hit certain areas.

The Federation ship returned fire, but with two Orion Syndicate ships in close pursuit there was an element of futility unless they found some kind of cover.

Sharply dipping the nose to avoid a barrage of torpedoes headed the ship, she span again in order to have the dorsal phaser arrays facing the enemy.

Letting off a flurry of strikes, the orange beams shot through the black of space, all of them targeted at just one of the pursuers. The shields of the Orion enemy gave way and the phasers struck the hull of the ship, blowing a large gash into the vessel.

The other ship took the moment to strike. Firing a salvo of torpedoes at the Leto from above, where their shields were weaker from the battle, and the port nacelle took several direct hits.

With the design of the Norway-class ships having the pylons swept far back from the saucer main hull it left them open to attack. The torpedoes ripped through the pylon mid-way down until it finally gave way, severing the structure like a broken branch.

The nacelle drifted away as the remainder of the ship lurched to the right with the enemy ship closing behind to finish them off.

A chime was heard on the bridge, overriding the console blow outs and sparks surrounding Samuel at the helm, "Lieutenant James?" a voice spoke.

James huffed, the simulation hadn't been the success he'd hoped. "Computer, end program." He sighed. "Come in." James said, brushing the ‘combat’ ruffled brown hair of his fringe aside and straightening his jacket to smarten up his appearance.

A Trill Ensign in the red collar of the command and flight divisions entered the holodeck as the simulation dissolved around them. "Sorry for interrupting you sir but I can't get a hold of the department head." She explained, handing Sam a PADD.

"What do you mean you 'can't get a hold of' them?" the assistant chief flight control officer asked, puzzled.

"I've not been able to raise them on the comms, I think they may gone back to the Starbase quickly, but given it's so close to our launch I needed to run these calibrations I worked on with engineering by someone with more authority." The Ensign said as the more senior officer read.

Nodding an approval and handing the PADD back to his subordinate as they left the room, Samuel thanked the Trill pilot and called his time in the holodeck to an end.

The chief helmsman of the Leto had been an elusive character so far, and aside from an initial meeting and a review a day or two later, James hadn’t seen too much of his superior. However one person’s absence is another person’s opportunity in Starfleet, it has inadvertently given him the room to perform some of the role of the department head, an experience he was enjoying.

Knowing full well the Leto was due to depart, Sam knew his role would be on the bridge, the regular switching of staff on the bridge, for meetings or away teams or the like always meant there was to be a ‘spare’ pilot ready to jump in.

Not one to enjoy profiting from someone else’s missed opportunity, it did provide the chance though that he’d be able to pilot the ship out of space dock for it’s first voyage, an inconsequential place in it’s history, but one he still wanted to be a part of.

A twinge of guilt hit him knowing he’d be taking his chances, but a friendly attitude and combat simulations don’t get you noticed for the big jobs.


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