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Sorting Things out in her head

Posted on Tue Jul 6th, 2021 @ 6:27pm by Lieutenant Angelina Brannon / Havri Belbre

Brannon was in her quarters sorting things out. She had been attacked, kidnapped, and rescued but there are still a lot of questions to be answered. One of the first is does she use the name Brannon from now on or does she use her Betazed name. The secret is now out and everyone on Betazed will be talking about her and when she plans to return.

Then there is the official duties she must do to take control of the House of Belbre. She is going to take the seat her house occupies on the Betazed council and will have a vote in all important matters in the government. She knows in her heart she will maintain her position in Starfleet. And will continue her duties as Chief of Seecurity. A position she takes great pride in. She also plans to continue to represent Betazed as a Diplomatic representive of Betazed as her house is responsible for.

Her main concern now is re-establishing the balance of power and stabilizing the Betazed government. Then seeing that they stay with Starfleet in the future. Though her house is not one of the top 20 houses it is still very important to the stability of Betazed. She just hopes the information she has can stop the Rixxian Caliphate and return the peace to Betazed like she has heard some much about.

She also hopes she is ready to take on the important duties she must take on as her birthright calls for her to do. She took a drink of her Betazed tea and the went to change so she could get some rest.


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