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Ending the first Day

Posted on Fri Oct 23rd, 2020 @ 7:42pm by Lieutenant Jamie Dougherty

"Personal Log, stardate...enter that for me, computer," Jamie said, as she entered her quarters. She was in her uniform and had spent the last 18 hours working engineering. She liked things a particular way and downloaded her settings for many of the systems and panels, little tweak here and there to improve efficiencies where she could.

"It's been a long day," she said as she took off her jacket, and tossed it on the low-back chair. "Make a note, replace those low-back chairs with recliners. So much more comfortable than standard furniture."

"Anyway, long day," she said in her beautiful and almost melodic, but authoritative soprano voice. She unzipped her tunic, pulling it out of her uniform pants, wiggling it here and there, causing her large endowments to shift and jiggle as she did. "Eighteen hours going through ship systems, and verifying work done by the engineers here at the base. Good work. But they missed a few gel packs that were borderline, and I wanted the newer high-efficiency isolinear chips. A 9% performance gain and 12% more storage space may make the difference coming up. We're not a combat ship but hey, you never know what diplomatic protocols might be necessary to store, or holodeck programs someone might want to use to practice greeting a new species. It's a crowded galaxy these days."

Jamie unzipped her pants and wiggled out of them left and right, which if someone had been observing her from behind would've been quite enticing considering the perfectly spherical and shapely ass she had. It didn't blend into her legs, but stood out as perky as any rear end could be before being too much of a good thing. She also had a thing for thongs. Remnants of her Orion experience left Jamie with a decided lack of modesty and a subconscious desire to wear the least amount of fabric possible.

She tossed her boots off onto the floor and tossed her pants and tunic top onto the same chair, then undid her hair tie. She had a huge mass of red curls, thick enough but not too thick to be frizzy. Her hair reached down to her back dimples, and if it were straight, would reach down even further. She ran her fingers through her hair, with practiced femininity to unmat it a bit, as she'd been sweating and getting dirty.

"I'm going to do a run to try to work off some frustrations before using the holodeck to release my other frustrations I was given thanks to the Orions," Jamie said, saying 'Orion' with obvious disdain. "I hate them for what they did to me, but they did do some damn fine work," she said, as she hefted her breasts and jiggled them a little. They were h-cups, and perky with almost no sag whatsoever. She got a lot of looks, which she'd gotten used to by now.

"No use moping about it. Nicci does enough of that for all of us Bellringers," Jamie said, mentioning the officer over on the USS Tomcat. "She keeps pining for her old body, doesn't even wear dresses all that much. No big deal considering the benefits. I'm almost as strong as a Vulcan, I'm smarter than I used to be, and I really don't get sick. Then there's the other benefits, which I won't put in the log."

Jamie took off her uniform tank-top and bra, and went to get a sports bra, which was both extra large and extra strong, considering her unique physical appearance.

She put on some workout shorts, which were very short and skintight, which Jamie excelled at wearing, along with sneakers and her sportsbra.

"Enough for now. I'm going to take a run in the Appalachian program I brought with me. Extra heat, humidity, and gravity to make it more of a workout. Then tomorrow morning I'll run in the snow so I can make sure I'm well adapted to extreme environments at peak exertion," she said as she tied her laces. "End log."

Jamie left, and took the turbolift down to the holodeck. True to her word, she took a good, long run through the mountains, getting over 20 miles before she decided to stop. Luckily, as she walked off the trail, a wooden bridge went into a tunnel in the mountain near the peak of Blood Mountain, and as she walked through, the environment switched to the Bahamas, where the waters were crystal clear and perfectly blue. From this side, it appeared as if she had walked through a simple tiki hut.

She stripped again, taking her shoes and socks off, enjoying the feeling of her feet sinking into the sand, as she removed her sports bra, shorts, and underwear, and took a dive into the ocean off the long dock she had programmed into the ocean off the beach. She swam around for a good while, relaxing and using the ocean to cool off, before climbing out of the ocean, looking like the famous Bond girl, minus the swimsuit. Her hips swayed as her chest bounced in time with her steps. She took the towel and dried off before walking to the shower stall her program included on the beach with a copy of her shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash.

"Good way to end the day," she said to herself as she dried herself off, and put on her sleepwear, more modest than usual since she had to walk through the halls of the ship. Boy shorts and a tank top without a bra, which, given her perkiness, would be quite a show.


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