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Reaping the Glory

Posted on Sun Oct 11th, 2020 @ 1:53pm by Captain Orin Thrix

"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not the attainment, full effort is full victory."
-Mahatma Gandhi-


Marine Commander's Log:

Well, after a week of intense training, I think that my Marines have finally found the gel that makes them a unit again. It's been one HELL of a week. Almost all of my Marines, (myself included,) have visited sickbay in the past week for minor treatment. Everything from muscle strains to pulled ligaments. From broken fingers to hyper-extended joints. Yup, we were ALL on sick call. But, I will say this.....My Marines got the job done.

The most effective tool I found in the arsenal of training for My Marines was a holosuite program. The Character of Gunnery Sergeant Billy Sunday was instrumental is making my Marines gel as a unit again. It also allowed myself and Master Sergeant Tovin Hex to participate in the training as just ordinary marines. That alone went a long way in showing My Marines that their leaders are really ready to be there with them. In my opinion, it created trust between myself and the men. Knowing that I have their back just as much as they have mine.

When Master Sergeant Hex and I were brainstorming of ways to train the men, the idea of creating a character like Gunnery Sergeant Sunday was at first a joke. But then, we started looking into the problem. and the more we thought about it, the more it became a perfect solution. First off, Gunny Sunday himself is a compellation character. A mish mash of various Marines. His looks we got from a World War 2 photo of a Gunnery Sergeant. We kind of knew he had the perfect look. and that was important. Second, we wanted a personality that was slightly larger then life. So, we used the manuals and pumped in all the knowledge he would need to know about being a Marine. Then a Drill instructor. Then we put in all the training techniques that we could. And I mean techniques from EVERYWHERE, not just the Maines. Then, we used an algorithm to tell us which traits would suite the man needed for this knowledge. And, then we used a compellation personality matrix of several legendary Drill Instructors. and then after some tweaking, Gunny Sunday was born.

It was a road worth traveling. For now I can start with the real training. And that is to turn these Marines into Marine Commandos. I do have the assistance of Master Sergeant Hex. Who has gone through commando training. and was at one time a qualified instructor. We will need to get his training back up to par. (Personally I don't see that taking as long as some may think. After all, once Special Op's ALWAYS Special Op's. That never really leaves you.) And, I think that with a slight transfer of information, I could also have the assistance of my new special Training Officer.....Gunnery Sergeant Billy Sunday. As for this Marine, I need to take care of a bruised rib and a sprained ankle.


Marine Captain Orin Thrix
USS Leto NCC-80916
Marine Commanding Officer.


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