General Items
Bridge   Primary operational control of the Norway Class is provided by the Main Bridge, located at the top of the primary hull.
Main Engineering   Located on Deck 7, Main Engineering is the ‘heart’ of the ship, comparable to the bridge as ‘brain’. It has access to almost all systems aboard the starship, and manages repairs, power flow, and general maintenance.
Tactical Department   This multi-room department is located in a restricted area on Deck 14. Within it are the entrances to the phaser range, the auxiliary weapon control room and to the Ship's Armory, as well as the office of the Chief of Security.
Conference Hall   Located nearest the senior VIP quarters on Deck 5, the Conference Hall is an important part of the Norway Class Vessel’s diplomatic arsenal. Outfitted to easily handle around a hundred delegates at any one time, the Conference Hall can be configured in a dais-to-audience format in the form of a raised stage built into the decking, or a roundtable configuration can be assembled in short order when necessary.
Event Coordinators Office   Located on Deck 5 with the VIP quarters, the ECO handles protocol and scheduling for diplomatic events held aboard the ship as well as all preparations from briefing the Senior Staff on a race or the event to liaising with Security and the Honor Guard.
Honor Guard Staging Area   Appearance is everything. The intricacies of Diplomacy depend on appearance and attention to detail.
Private Communications Facility   The communications equipment aboard the Norway Class carries higher gain and atypical encryption equipment to that used by normal ship operations.