The Thorion Conundrum Mission Brief

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Eleven months ago star date 9309.12 The USS Tomcat a Federation starship under the command of Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers was patrolling along the Federation Orion border, when she received orders to intercept and capture Orion pirates who were raiding local star systems, intersteller trading ships and even taking hostages from prominent politicians. The leader of the Orion pirates in this sector was Captain Arwella of the Orion pirate ship Lemuria. She commanded an armada of 12 ships with special holographic and cloaking capabilities. She was busy destabilizing the local sector and amassing riches, especially from the Federation side of the border. It was thought that the Orion syndicate was based at Thorion 4. This proved to be inaccurate as the inhabitants of Thorion 4 led by a Bashar (Colonel) named Jola’n led a revolution against the syndicate during the Dominion war defeating them, and in the ensuing struggle Bashar Jola’n managed to wrestle control of the military sector from the syndicate and make a number of changes such as the abolishment of slavery, and corruption and the establishment of a feudal type of government. When the Tomcat ran the pirates out of the sector, Captain Arwella had no place to hide and was thought destroyed. The Tomcat had a small armada with them as backup. The planet Thorion 4 has a refurbished old style K-7 station in orbit around it, that had neutronium plating. It has over 60 Ballista’s (Manned warp capable Corvettes) and hundreds of Javelins (Automated Drones) for protection. Bashar Jola’n was very impressed with the Tomcat and its crew, their peaceful intention and there friendship overtures. Even after the Tomcat moved on Bashar Jola’n established treaties with the intention of either becoming an ally or actually by becoming a Federation member state. About 4 months ago, Pergium was discovered on Thorion-3. This caused pirate mining activity, along with an uptick in syndicate crime to rise in their space. Jola’n now a Prelate has requested that the United Federation of Planets establish an embassy on Thorion-4 and start formal relations.

Mission: To Commander Maia A. Sterling you are hereby requested and required to assume command of the USS Leto NCC-80916. Further you are ordered to proceed to the Thorion star system to establish a formal diplomatic embassy and diplomatic relations with the government and inhabitants of Thorion 4.

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