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Captain Orin Thrix

Name Orin Thrix

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Orion
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 210.31 cm
Weight 121.10 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Orin is a big man by human standards. But rather normal for an Orion. He has a stare that is known to be intimating to most humanoids


Spouse None
Children None Known
Father Dalan Thrix
Mother Shala Korling (Deceased)
Brother(s) Malta Thrix (Deceased)
Kazam Thrix (Deceased)
Sister(s) Jana Thrix
Other Family Pharma Thrix (Deceased)
Omya Thrix (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Orin is a highly disciplined and focused individual. Not to mention private. He works best alone and always gets results. He is highly trained and never mixes business with pleasure.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Determined
+ Focused
+ Resourceful
- Loner
- works best alone
Ambitions Orin's ultimate goal is to kill his father.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts-(Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, Pancration, Klingon/Andorian/Vulcan forms of self defence, Kendo), Wrestling, Boxing, Music-(Piano, Guitar, Sitar, Drums, saxophone, Standup Bass, Singing), Cooking, Acupressure, Reading tarot cards, Botany, Ancient healing arts

Personal History When Dalan Thrix took over as the head of his Orion Pirate cartel and Admiral of his own fleet, he did it in the usual way. He killed his predecessor and father Pharma Thrix. He walked up, pulled a Ferengi phaser to his head and pulled the trigger. And under Orion law, Dalan Thrix was now the head of the clan. He left his mother Omya Thrix live because she swore allegiance to the new pirate king for one. second, she was believed to be a powerful mystic and was believed to be able to tell the future. Personally, Dalan did not believe in such things. But Orion's could be a superstitious people and she could be a powerful person to be linked to.

Dalan knew that he needed an heir. He knew that IF he wanted the Thrix Clan to survive, he needed to set up a line of succession. He went to the Orion slave market and looked for a specimen with genetic superiority to bear his children. He found this in Shala Korling. Shala was purchased and brought home for breading stalk for Dalan. She bore him 4 children in 4 years. ( 3 boys and 1 girl ). Shala was the homes beast of burden doing all the house work. while the raising of the children went to Dalan's mother, Omya Thrix. Omya was responsible for their early education. Dalan thought it was pointless, but never interfered with them learning forms of divination. So long as their other studies were taken care of. When they became old enough and were ready, they had private tutors. Dalan wanted his children to rule the Universe. So he got them nothing but the best instructors in all subjects. Dalan was rich, so money was NO object.

After 7 years of bearing Dalan no children, Shala Korling met with an unfortunate accident. ( or, at least that's what Dalan referred to it as. ) With her entire family watching she was put in an airlock and sucked into open space. Dalan told his children that it was because she let her family down. (Orin being the youngest was only 7 at the time.)

All the children had their own interests as far as their education. Malta Thrix, ( Orin's brother ) Loves mechanics and tinkering. while Kazam, ( Orin's other brother ) loved business and finance. Jana Thrix, (Orin's sister ) loved sciences and learning about phsics and math. Orin loved other pursuits. He was a great student, but he loved martial arts. He loved to get down and dirty. and he was good at it as well. Orin got to the point where he could take multiple opponents with ease. Another one of Orin's great loves was flying. He was a great pilot and could fly ANYTHING.

They were all in their late teens/early to mid twenties when Kazam made a fatal discovery. He was going over the cartel's finances. he found out that there were problems with the books. He took this information to Dalan who beat Kazam almost to death. This caused a rift in the family. They all agreed....Dalan HAD to go. The children made a plan. They knew that Dalan had ship commanders that would possibly side against Dalan IF they could. Malta contacted them. within a short time, they had a small battle fleet. Malta would lead this group. Kazam arranged a meeting with all of Dalan's ally's that might be sympathetic to a change. they were and pledged to help. They sent ships. Kazam and Jana lead this group. Orin was in charge of all fighter wings. They knew that they stood a chance.

When the battle came to be fought, it was Dalan and his fleet on one side. With a slightly smaller fleet lead by the siblings. they were all lined up waiting for a glorious battle. Dalan smiled. And, with a single word, changed Orin's life forever. "NOW". Dalan said. The ships from Dalan's fleet that sided with the siblings automatically mutinied. The commanders were killed and the officers on board still loyal to Dalan took over the respective ships Mata was captured. Kazam and Jana on the allied ships were taken prisoner. ( of course Dalan was tipped off by his ally's ) That left Orin. He managed to out fly his wing and escape into the depths of deep space. Through subspace communications directed out through general frequencies by Dalan he heard both his brother's executed. He was told his sister was to be sold as a slave.

Orin Thrix was now a criminal on the run in all Orion circles. with a bounty on his head. Thrix managed to get to a neutral star base and sell his Orion fighter. next, was to get to a place where he had some protection. Well, the Federation had no love for Orion pirates. so, he had enough to quietly book passage on board a Klingon freighter through the Neutral Zone to a Federation world.

Orin made it to an outer colony. He knew that it would attract very little attention to himself if he were to lay low there. Orin did. working odd jobs. making a meager living. After a little while, he was identified by the local crime boss. He was given a choice. to work for him, or given up to his father. Orin moved on. Orin was given passage aboard the SS Woden. An old ore freighter. It's Captain Elcid Mensk, gave Orin a very differnt option. Orin was told to think about joining Star Fleet. Orin first thought this was absurd. But, giving it further thought, it offered him education, protection, training, was perfect. So, with a recommendation from Captain Elcid Mensk Orin Thix joined Star Fleet Academy.

Orin's first year was hard for him. it was an adjustment to the life style. But eventually he turned into an adept student. After that, things got much better for him once he fully integrated.
Orin Thrix graduated Sulor Dictorian. Second in his class. and earned a commission in the Starfleet Marine Corps

Orin's first assignment was as a fighter pilot on the USS Roddenberry. He loved this assignment. and worked his way up to squad leader. Then, thinking he was up for a change, Orin decided to apply for a CAG position on a carrier. What he got offered was Asst CAG. Orin accepted. It was aboard the USS Victorious.

Orin served here during the Dominion War. The Victorious served of the Vulcan front. And during a battle, Orin was shot down. He was stranded on a Dominion occupied world for 4 months. He alone managed to disrupt Dominion activity on that world and survive. It was discovered that he alone was in the right place at the right time AND DID cause significant damage that effected the Dominion's ability to wage was effectively with the Federation. When he was rescued, he was wounded. He was convalescing when he was approached and recruited to a different type of assignment. It was to join a Spec Op's team.

Orin was promoted and trained in Special warfare Operations. It turned out, he was good at this. VERY good. He learned all aspects of Black Ops. And rose to command his own team. Orin was especially gifted at both gathering and interpreting intelligence.

When the Dominion War ended, Starfleet decided to reduce their Special Operations. They offered Orin a chance to go back to flying fighters. Orin accepted. He was offered a CAG position on the USS Admiral Graf Spee. With this position came another promotion

Orin Thrix loved this assignment. But, a position came across his desk he could NOT pass up. Marine Commanding Officer on the USS Leto. At first, he was NOT interested. But then, he read exactly where it was and saw it's mission. He thought about it. And applied. He was approved.
Service Record Joined Starfleet Academy. -Program Tactical
First Year- 89% GPA
Second Year- 98% GPA
Honor Roll
Third Year- 97% GPA
Honor Roll - Dean's List
Fourth Year- 96% GPA
Graduated Sulor Dictorian

Commissioned: Starfleet Marine Corp
Rank 2nd Lt

Assignment: USS Roddenberry
Position: Fighter Pilot

Assignment: USS Victorious
Position: Asst CAG/Flight Leader 1 Flight (Night Stalkers)
Promotion: Lt

Found: Planet AO342.
Decorated: Palm Oak with Cluster: For causing significant Dominion activity disturbance in the Dominion War
Decorated: Wounded in action
Promoted: Captain

Assignment: Starfleet Marines Special Forces.
Position: Team 6

Assignment: USS Admiral Graf Spee
Position: CAG

Assignment: USS Leto
Assignment: Marine Commanding Officer