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Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Name Reagan James Warner Quinn

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Athletic build as she loves to work out and is in excellent shape. She has medium length brown hair, which is almost always pulled back so that it doesn't get in her way, and bright blue eyes. Her face is usually etched with either a look of determination or a smile. She has a tattoo on her left ankle, though most people don't notice it or know about it and she prefers to keep it that way.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Colonel James Cameron Quinn
Mother Commander Adele Elise Warner
Brother(s) Cameron Jefferson Warner Quinn

Personality & Traits

General Overview Typical of most Starfleet brats, Reagan is outgoing and friendly. A social skill which was developed from growing up constantly on the move. However, she doesn't find it difficult open up to/trust others or create close ties with people, another characteristic common among those that move often. However, those that get to know her well know that she deeply cares for her friends and family.

She has an almost internal instinct for engineering and she strives to keep her department in impeccable condition, even if that means working long hours. When on duty, the safety of her team and her drive for perfection comes above all else. RJ doesn't like excuses and she holds her team to a high standard, but also tries to be a patient and good mentor to those under her.

Reagan is a planner to the core. She constantly sets career and life goals for herself and works to attain them, sometimes holding herself to almost unrealistic expectations. Even though she often gives off a very laid back demeanor, she has to have a plan for everything.

She has close ties with her family and tries to visit them anytime their paths cross.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Friendly & Outgoing
+ Engineering Knowledge
- Sometimes too structured
- Difficulty trusting others
Ambitions In terms of her career, RJ aspires to do her best every day. Long term, she would love to obtain a CEO position.

In her personal life being in a committed relationship was never top on her list. However, as she grows older she finds that the desire to find a partner and have a family has increased.
Hobbies & Interests Thrill seeking and sports. Reagan is highly competitive and loves just about forum where she can exercise that personality trait. In her younger days she enjoyed playing the viola, but hasn't found the time to play as much in her adult life as she'd like. She enjoys hosting classic game nights her in quarters or getting a drink with her friends after work. In general, RJ is extroverted and loves spending time with friends and family in almost any capacity. She also loves studying propulsion systems/theory, ancient military aircraft and history.

Personal History Reagan was born in South Carolina on Earth, but was raised on various star ships that her parents were assigned to. She quickly gained a knack for engineering, something she picked up from her father and other ship's engineers. Her family is extremely important to her and growing up they spent a lot of time together. Surfing is one of the preferred family activities along with game nights and grilling by the pool at their home in SC.

The fun activities didn't always make home life carefree as both she and her brother were subjected to a strict regimen. Having a Marine for a father ensured that they towed a hard line on what was allowed and what wasn't and crossing over the line meant serious consequences. On one occasion, RJ snuck out of their house in her teen years to go night surfing with some local friends, which traditionally was an activity banned by 'the Colonel' without adult supervision. She spent the sunrise hours in a series of physical drills after being caught. The punishment ended four hours later, which her father ended with the words 'you can go out again when you can physically stand back on a board in the water.' It would be two weeks before her muscles recovered enough to do so.

Though there were occasional spouts of rebellion, for the most part, RJ was a model daughter. When she wasn't in school or doing family activities, she focused on sports, music, and home projects. She quickly became a fan of soccer, playing on various ship-wide rec leagues throughout her childhood. At home, she spent time working on engineering projects with her father. Her mother insisted on music lessons at a young age, in which RJ chose to learn the Viola. To this day, music is often where she will turn when she's having a hard time. Almost as a method of self-therapy since she dislikes the idea of talking to counselors and prefers to handle everything herself.

At the age of 18, she applied for Starfleet Academy and was accepted. She graduated at the age of 22 with a degree in Engineering and served her first tour on the USS Lexington for 4 years. Afterward, she took an assignment as the asst. chief engineer on the USS Lincoln for 2 years. The following year, RJ received an offer to take the CEO position on the USS Dreadnought and she accepted. Though an amazing and challenging position, their last mission took a heavy toll on her body and mind.

Reagan was captured and tortured for information on Starfleet's presence in the sector. To her testament, RJ never gave away information or allowed her captor to see how he had started to break her. She maintained a strong-willed demeanor, yet on the inside, she had started to crumble to the point where she almost welcomed death. As part of the process to extract information, Reagan's hand was stabbed and her arm and ankle were slashed. Though repairs were done after her rescue, she is still learning to fully use her hand again and her gait is slightly changed.
Service Record Born 2363
Entered Starfleet academy 2381
Graduated Starfleet Academy 2385 (Engineering officer)
2386 to 2390 served as warp field specialist and enginering officer on the USS Lexington.
2391 to 2393 served as Assistant chief of engineering on the USS Lincoln
2393 to 2394 served at the chief of engineering on the USS Dreadnought.
2395 to present assigned to USS Leto NCC-80916 as Assistant Chief Engineer.