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Lieutenant Doctor Ayasha Laith

Name Doctor Ayasha Tamara Laith D.V.M., OB/Gyn, M.D.

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Transgendered/Intersex
Species Ailurian/Felinoid Hybrid
Age 9 (37)*

Physical Appearance

Height 2.0574m
Weight 64.4kg
Hair Color Red (head, neck, back), Black (torso, arms, legs), Alternating Red & Dark-red (Tail)
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description Ayasha is more accurately described as ‘dual-gendered’; unlike intersexed, s/he would have formally been considered a true hermaphrodite.

Ayasha is tall by the standards of humanoid species, standing on digitigrade legs, s/he surveys hir domain in sickbay from over the heads of other crewmembers. Hir front and limbs are covered by thick, black fur, transitioning to brown, and then red on hir back, head, and tail. Hir Bushy tail is ringed with bands of dark red, and the fur is soft, and voluminous, giving the appendage a pillow-like appearance, but underneath it remains long and sinuous, able to move with surprising speed and agility. Hir pointed, white-tipped ears flick this way and that as s/he takes in the sounds of the world, reading them carefully, and s/he scans everything around hir with golden slit-pupiled eyes. Hir body is lean and sinewy, kept in peak condition by a carefully optimized fitness regimen. Some of the fur on hir head grows out continuously, like human hair, s/he usually keeps this cut to a medium length, and styled in a businesslike fashion, but has been known to experiment at times.


Children (Adopted) Sylestia Laith

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ayasha is known for perfectionism in hir work, but just a strong a driving force in hir life is hir kindness. Sloppiness in sickbay leads to pain and even death, unacceptable outcomes, outdated equipment or methods won’t deliver optimal results. There’s no one ‘right way’ to do good though, and far from being a tyrant in sickbay, s/he simply holds hir staff to high standards, doing hir best to support them in achieving more. S/he finds a great deal of satisfaction in mastering a skill or subject, making hir an avid and active learner, s/he works always to stay up to date with the latest in medicine. But knowledge is useless without purpose, and so s/he funnels hir knowledge, skill, and standards into a field that improves lives, can do something for those in need, and contributes to the advancement of civilization. Serious and committed during hir working hours, s/he nonetheless makes sure to enjoy life’s pleasures, be that good food, laughing with friends, or getting lost in a new study topic.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Serious, studious, careful, high standards, kind, lively

Ayasha Is kind and helpful, hardworking and dedicated to doing good, s/he is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone. S/he is an expert in hir field and hir knowledge base is only growing, helping hir go to great lengths for those under hir care. In addition, S/he is careful, orderly, and methodical, and rarely makes mistakes as a result.

- Dedicated Altruist, Medical Expert, Careful

Ayasha is dedicated to hir work, certainly, but sometimes that drive pushes hir too far, and s/he works hirself more than is healthy. Hir kindness and inclination to be supportive, can also lead hir to be too trusting, a bad actor playing on hir emotions can easily manipulate hir. Altogether, s/he can at times be consumed my hir drive to do good, imagining hirself as some sort of chosen savior, growing self-important, and paining hirself with the notion that s/he must be responsible for doing more than anyone in hir position reasonably could.

- Overworker, Gullible, Superhero Complex
Ambitions Ayasha wants to improve the lives of those around hir, to ease, or end their pain and suffering, this drives hir forward. Hir grandest ambitions rest on this humble foundation, if s/he could, s/he would like to help as many people as possible, a whole city, or planet, or sector, or galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Science and technology, electronic music, surfing, reading

Languages Spoken: Felinoid, Ailurian, Federation Standard, Catian, Native al`Hmatti

Personal History Felinoids and Ailurians both are born in their ‘feral form,’ living the first decade or so of their lives much like animals. They then experience the ‘first change,’ and go through a period of change and growth called ‘adjustment’ where their new bipedal body grows into its adult form. Ayasha was a late bloomer in this regard, perhaps due to hir mixed parentage going through a time in hir adjustment where s/he was treated poorly by hir peers and felt uncomfortable in hir own body. Reading and study were retreats, and s/he developed strong learning habits during this time. As these studies began to pay off with growing mastery, and hir development caught up with, and surpassed hir peers, hir love of learning, and hunger for knowledge were cemented into hir character. Continuing to work hard, s/he excelled in hir studies, graduating at the top of hir class from hir settlement’s school. S/he then chose to go on to Starfleet as a sort of ‘ultimate test,’ they faced the greatest challenges in the known universe and came out on top.
Service Record Cadet, Starfleet Academy: 2377-2381
Medical Cadet, Starfleet Medical Academy: 2381-2383
Medical Intern, U.S.S. Adroit: 2383-2385
Lieutenant (j. g.), U.S.S. Devonshire: 2386-2388
Lieutenant (s. g.), U.S.S. Leto: 2389-

*Though traditionally Barnum Prime uses a different calendar then the Federation Standard, there have only been 9 Leap-days between 2352 and 2389; therefor Laith likes to consider that s/he is only 9-years-old, since s/he has only been able to celebrate hir birthday on the date of hir birth nine times.