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Lieutenant Jamie Dougherty

Name Jamie Alexandra Dougherty

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 145
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jamie is physically fit, with a much higher metabolism than regular humans, and a higher need to eat than regular humans. She is curvy (34H-26-38), with very long, red, curly hair down to her waist, striking blue eyes, small nose, and full lips. Some people nicknamed her 'Princess Merida' when she got back to Earth, not a name she enjoyed, but somehow it stuck.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Patrick Dougherty
Mother Elizabeth Anne Dougherty

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jamie has a strong personality, is very loyal to her friends, loves figuring out how things work, and has a 'punny' sense of humor. She likes getting her hands dirty, and prefers doing things herself. She's an extroverted introvert, preferring her interactions with large groups in short bursts.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jamie's strengths are her eidetic memory, intuitive ability to see how things work, and find a solution, even if it's not 'textbook.' She is very loyal and can be protective of her friends when they get in trouble, which can sometimes lead to her getting into trouble.

Her weaknesses are her slight social anxiety due to her forced DNA alteration at the hands of the Orion syndicate, her tendency to hold a grudge, and her need to take pheromone blockers so that her body doesn't make excess pheromones or react to male pheromones as much, otherwise she would disrupt normal crew functions on the ship. She also has little modesty, which she sometimes needs to be reminded about.
Ambitions Jamie wants to design her own starships some day, and see them built. She has already designed her own Valley Forge class ship, and looks to return to her family farm one day in between working at Starfleet's Daystrom Institute after having served as a Chief Engineering Officer.
Hobbies & Interests Jamie's hobbies include hiking, martial arts, model making, old movies, holodeck programming (including sentai and mecha). She has a cat who's cute and fluffy which is also one of her interests, as she has a cat tree and other accoutrements for the little fluffball.

Personal History Jamie grew up near Doerun, GA, and worked on her farm growing up, staying active and learning the importance of hard work. She was the valedictorian for her school in 2385, and went to the academy for engineering as her specialty. She became friends which the officer now called Nicole Taggert, a junior, and after graduating, kept in touch when she was assigned to the USS Utopia. A year later, Jamie was on the same transfer shuttle as Taggert, when it was attacked by the Orions, who kidnapped over 3 dozen junior officers.

The Orions intended to take them to create infiltration agents, or honeypots, to steal classified Starfleet information or ensnare Starfleet admirals in compromising positions to 'persuade' them to do things for the Orions. Like the others, Jamie was awake while her body was altered, experiencing the pain and not allowed to pass out. She got the memory upgrade and battle training from the Orions, but before they could turn her, the USS Utopia rescued them, saving everyone but failing to capture the scientists responsible. To this day it's difficult for her to be around Orions, as they remind her of her torture on Bellringer Station.

After several months of therapy and counseling, Jamie was deemed fit for duty and assigned to the next available ship, the USS Leto
Service Record 2368-03-16: born in Doerun, GA
2386-08-17: joined Starfleet
2390: graduated Starfleet Academy
2391: joined the USS Utopia
2393: assigned to the USS Leto