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Sylestia Laith

Name Sylestia Laith C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA

Position Counselor's Aide

Second Position Morale Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Thyla (pre-first change)
Age 1 (4)*

Physical Appearance

Height 75cm
Weight ‪45.58603‬kg‬‬
Hair Color (fur) Black & Tan Sable with black stripes on the hind quarters
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Sylestia is a large thylacinidae-like being with medium-length silver colored fur, green eyes and long pointy ears that stand straight up from her head. She has a long bushy tail, which is often seen wagging happily and playful. She has a pouch over her lower abdominal region tucked away between her hind quarters with a posterior facing opening.

Sylestia also has an artificial marking or “furtoo” on both of her flanks, it is a simple stylized image of a blazing sun. The markings remain a part of her coat without fading and grows back if she is trimmed or even shaved.


Father (Foster) Dr. Ayasha Tamara Laith
Mother (Foster) Dr. Ayasha Tamara Laith

Personality & Traits

General Overview Soon after Sylestia reached sexual maturity as per Barnum custom she was put up for adoption in order to learn about the world and other cultures. Tamara was one of the Beastinoids to respond. The kindly doctor was looking for a companion and someone who would agree to go through specialized training to help hir combat several issues. In short, she would be a therapy animal……
Strengths & Weaknesses
Ambitions To become closer to Mommy
Hobbies & Interests Play!

Personal History Languages Spoken: Thylacinid, Felinoid, Ailurian

Service Record Notes: Thyla sounds almost exactly like, “T'hy'la;” the Vulcan word for lover…