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2nd Lieutenant Joseph Bailey

Name Joseph Bailey

Position Marine

Rank 2nd Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 180cm
Weight 76kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description With very little by the way of distinguishing features, Joseph Bailey is what many species would call the 'stereotypical human'. Of average height and average build, he has brown hair and brown eyes, the most common of Caucasian appearances.


Father Commander Samuel Bailey
Mother Senior Chief Petty Officer Hannah Bailey
Brother(s) Chief Petty Officer Daniel Bailey
Sister(s) Lieutenant Junior Grade Sarah Bailey
Ensign Elaine Bailey

Personality & Traits

General Overview A reasonably apathetic person, Joseph has a laidback personality with an often aimlessly rambling sensibility to him.

Rarely driven by a set goal, he is quite content to take life as it comes and enjoy it while still in his younger years. With life expectancy for humankind now in triple figures, he sees no urgent rush to accomplish things in life at any urgent pace.

With a take-it-as-it-comes outlook on life, Joe has taken to making light of most situation and will try to find the positive side of any negative circumstances.
Strengths & Weaknesses With a relatively carefree perspective on life, Bailey has found himself a chipper character, regularly looking to lighten the mood of those around him if not just for his own amusement at himself, and is able to see past obvious negatives that may cloud a situation.

This has the opposite effect when it comes to drive however, often failing to grasp the gravity of a situation either by negligence of understanding or by choice. This has led to a rather casual life for the young man, who has always been surrounded by a family of particular ambition.
Ambitions With a passive viewpoint, Joseph has very little by the way of ambitions, with a goal of 'not dying in a terrible way that a life in space can sometimes cause' being one of his more prominent goals.

With rank and decoration not high on his life priorities, there is very much a feeling that if something of the like were to happen it would be please, however not a prerequisite for a happy existence.
Hobbies & Interests A moderately excitable fan of sports, Joe regularly follows shuttle racing, springball, football and velocity.

Whilst not being particularly adept at any of these, he always held interest in playing the sports at an amateur level, to varying degrees of capability.

Personal History Born in 2368 onboard the UUS Epimetheus to the then-Lieutenant Samuel Bailey, a helm officer of the ship, and Petty Officer Second Class Hannah Bailey, a ship's nurse.

The third of four children, it was over the birth of Joseph that the Bailey's fully appreciated the difficulties of bringing up numerous children whilst stationed onboard a starship.

Both requesting transfers to Earth and making a home for themselves just out of London, Samuel took a position as a shuttle pilot ferrying dignitaries, whilst Hannah's assignment had her stationed at a nearby medical centre. The family settled into this life reasonably well and were expecting their fourth child by the time that Joseph was 2 years old.

At a 7 year difference between the eldest child and Joe, by the time he was 11 the second generation of Baileys were beginning to join Starfleet. With a strong family history of service, every Bailey had severed the Federation in one capacity of another for over 100 years.

A move championed by their parents that were keen to uphold the family traditions, the second child, Sarah, enlisted in Starfleet officer training 3 years after her elder brother, when she reached the age to do so.

With a relaxed attitude to studies and his wider future, the teenage Joseph saw his parents' regimented demeanour, his older siblings' desire to go off and change the galaxy and felt nothing but apathy towards the idea. He was far more content with socialising and enjoying his team rather than looking to spend it constructively looking for the betterment of anything else.

Upon reaching the end of his mandatory school studies on Earth, Joseph felt a guilt in leaving his younger sister Elaine behind alone and the wrath of his parents for straying from the set course, but looked to take advantage of the economics of the Federation and go travelling for very little cost.

Spending a year on Alpha Centuri, followed by six months on Betazed and what would become a further two years on Risa, the young Bailey began working in bars, with the occasional moonlighting as a shuttle taxi during his time on Risa and led a very relaxed life.

in 2390 the USS Castletown stopped at Risa on a scheduled shore leave stop and unbeknownst to him but Joe was about to be visited by his older brother Daniel, by then a Petty Officer First Class.

After several days of enjoying his brother's company, along with the company of several of his shipmates, Joe received the brotherly conversation about his lift and prospects that he had been expecting the second he'd seen Daniel walk into his bar.

Having had strong words from family members and strangers alike, Bailey took the months following the Castletown's departure to contemplate their words on service.

Starfleet still did not appeal to him, he hadn't excelled in any particular area of academia, nor was he the most technically-minded. Whilst he made for an incredibly average shuttle taxi driver, he was no where near skilled enough to become a pilot.

It was actually the suggestion of one of the patrons at the bar he had been working out that put the ideas of the Marines into Joseph's head, with an old NCO holidaying to Risa telling him old stories in his time in service until Bailey made the decision to at least try and keep the family tradition.
Service Record 2392: Graduated ninth in class from Marine Corps Officer Training, given rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

2392: Posted to Starbase 50 as Platoon Commander-in-waiting, awaiting further assignment

2392: Assigned to USS Leto