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Master Sergeant Tovin Hex

Name Tovin Hex

Position First Sergeant

Rank Master Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Till (joined)
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 185.92 cm
Weight 122.46 kg
Hair Color Black/Grey
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tovin Hex is a man of average height. But he is heavier then he looks. He is in peak physical condition despite his years. And has the scars of being in the top of his profession.


Spouse None
Children None Known
Father Mallic Kriss
Mother Rohana Kriss
Brother(s) Romel Kriss
Sister(s) Shadia Kriss
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tovin Hex is a tough as nails Marine. His symboite is young. Tovin is it's the 3rd host.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Determined
+ Focused
+ Resourceful
+ Very well mentally disciplined.
Ambitions Tovin Hex wants to finish off his days as a career Marine. He says with pride that he is not officer material.
Hobbies & Interests Painting, Music (plays guitar, drums, and a few Trill instruments, and has been known to sing), cooking, martial arts (Krav Maga, Pancration, and Trill kendo), Marksmanship (championship level), boxing, swimming, diving, flying, electronics, and mechanics.

Personal History Tovin Hex was the oldest of 3 siblings born to Mallic Kriss and Rohana Kriss. Mallic, (a 3rd generation Haberdasher,) was hoping to see all his children go into the family business. But, was proud when Tovin was accepted to study and try for being joined. He would be the first in his family to receive that coveted honor.

Tovin was rejected when he first applied to become an initiate with the Symbiosis Commission. But was accepted on his second try. When it was time, his Field Supervisor was Desmin Goth. He was a General in the Trill Defense Force. It was here that Tovin learned to love the structure of a military type environment. But learned to have a distaste for Officers. Tovin swore he would never be one. After passing scrutiny from Desmin Goth, Tovin was accepted for a symbiont. He received the symbiont Hex. Hex was a fairly young symbiont. only having 3 other hosts.

It was a rocky joining. Both host and symbiont almost died in the process of joining. It was reviled why in therapy about a year after. Hex felt responsible for the death of it's last host. and did not want to be joined again because of the guilt it felt. This caused Tovin Hex to become insane. But, with therapy and treatment, Hex came to terms with the problem and found peace in the fact that it's last host died through no fault of it. Tovin Hex made a full recovery.

Tovin Hex knew he wanted to live in a Military type environment. And because of his Field Supervisor he was approached by the Trill Defense Force. He was offered a coveted position at the Trill Military Institute. This was an honor. But Tovin knew that he was expected to be an officer. And this did not sit well with him. And he did not want to go back to his father's haberdashery. Tovin wanted a new start. So, he decided to take a little vacation to decide what he wanted to do with his life.

Tovin Hex went to Vulcan, Bajor, Andoria, but was still undecided. It wasn't till he went to Earth that he found something. Tovin Hex saw a Starfleet Marine walking down the streets on San Francisco. At first, he was impressed. Tovin stopped that Marine, and asked some questions. The Marine was happy to answer them all. Tovin, after a week of thinking and exploring Earth then walked to the nearest recruiting office in New York City and enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corp. His recruiter practically begged him to become an officer. But Tovin was having non of that. He was on a shuttle for basic the next day.

Tovin Hex LOVED his basic training. He was the best recruit in the class. and graduated top of his class. He was proud the day he received his chevron and challenge coin. After 6 moths, he was promoted to Lance Cpl. He as assigned to the USS Steven Hawking and again was promoted to full Cpl. When his Sgt was reassigned, Tovin Hex was made acting Sgt. And that promotion was made official 4 months later.

When his assignment on the USS Steven Hawking came to an end, Sgt. Tovin Hex was assigned to the USS Victorious. and this is where Sgt. Tovin Hex started his service in the Dominion War. When the USS Victorious was almost destroyed, Sgt. Tovin Hex and his Marines managed to save most of the survivors from the incident. Tovin Hex was promoted to Staff Sgt. and received his own platoon. S Sgt. Tovin Hex was assigned to a Starfleet Marine Expeditionary Group. He and his platoon saw heavy action. Again, he was promoted to Gunnery Sgt. This was when the war ended. Gunny Tovin Hex was assigned to the Starfleet Marine training Depot. He was responsible for training Marines.

Tovin Hex loved this job, and he was GOOD at it. But after awhile he wanted to get back out into space. so, Gunny Tovin Hex was assigned to the USS Roddenberry. He served with distinction. And then was promoted to Master Sgt. and assigned to the USS Leto.

Past Hosts of Hex Symbiont:

1) Dr. Maizinda Hex- She was an engineer and warp technologist. Her research was of great inspiration for the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet in the field of warp sciences and engineering technology.

2) Raynek Hex- A music conductor and Head Chair of the Trill Institute of Music. Is considered to be a composer of significance in Trill culture. And a brilliant teacher of music. His music will be studied for ages.

3) Randalin Hex- Randalin Hex had a normal joining. But soon after it was discovered that she had a genetic condition that made her slowly go insane because of the joining. By the time it was recognized, the symbiote could not be removed without killing the host. It took years for her to go insane and die. And the simbiote felt responsible for this. That is why it tried to reject the joining of Tovin.

Service Record Entered Starfleet Marine Enlisted School- Infantry program
-Basic Training Course: 99%
-Basic Space Survival Course: 91%
-Basic Trades Training Course: 89%
-Basic Tactics and Operations: 100%

Graduated Private First Class
Assignment: 1 Section, 3 Platoon, 2 Company, 1 Battalion, 2 Regiment, 3 Division
Position: Rifleman
Promotion: Lance Corporal

Assignment: USS Steven Hawking
Position: Sr. Rifleman
Promotion: Corporal
Transfer: 1 Section 2 In Command
Promotion: Acting Sargent
Transfer: 2 Section Commander
Promotion: Sargent

Assignment: USS Victorious
Position: 2 Section Commander
Victorious decimated
Awarded citation of bravery from USS Victorious Executive Officer.

Transfer:1 Platoon, 1 Company, Starfleet Marine Expeditionary Group 3.
Promotion: Staff Sargent
Position: Platoon Commander
Awarded Silver Star with Cluster.
Promoted: Gunnery Sargent

Assignment: Starfleet Marine training Depot. Paris Island, Earth.

Assignment: USS Roddenberry
Position: Company Sargent

Promotion: Master Sargent
Assignment: USS Leto
Position: Company Sargent.